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  1. I entered your store excited to buy a pack of white owl white grape cigarellos but I was sadly surprised that I was sold a swisher by mistake. Mistakes happen but when I went in to tell the sales lady what had occurred, she cut me off in the middle of my sentence very rudely before I had a chance to even ask a question and told me to have a nice day before i even asked anything. You have lost a customer and will probably lose more if your cashiers do not find some manners.

  2. I have an Admiral JSJ20453. I am trying to attach it to my VIZIO tv. It was attached and worked perfectly on a different VIZIO tv in a different room.

    Picture and color are not good. Can you advise or send an instruction booklet to:

    PS: Your contact phone number has been busy for more than 24 hours.

    Thank you.

  3. I contacted Admiral about my washing machine . The hard plastic drum is actually falling apart and shredding my clothes. They refused to do anything about it. I also emailed them.. I live alone, am on disability, and do TWO loads of wash every two weeks . It is only six years old . How the bleep does that happen? That is hard plastic and I do not understand how it can shred and fall part. The phone number, 1-866-698-2538 is useless if you want an explanation about why something like this can happen. Don’t bother contacting them because they read from a “script” too.

  4. I purchased an admiral washer and dryer on March 2, 2015. I have had two incidences with the washer 9 months after purchase and 3 days ago. A service call was made when I had the first issue and no one came to service. The washer will not fill to wash – water comes and before it fills the water drains out. I have to keep pushing button to fill sometimes it fills and sometimes is doesn’t. When it does fill the clothes wash but it never spins the water only drains out. Admiral appliances are not good and I am very disappointed with this product. When I did research on the washer and dryer they have been discontinued. I would not recommend the purchase any Admiral appliance.

  5. I just heard a terribly loud noise from my Admiral washing machine that I purchased in June, 2007. I removed my laundry as it was at the end of the final spin cycle. To my amazement, the tub was cracked in half!!! I have never seen anything like that in all my 50 years of doing laundry for my family of seven children.

    This machine is located at my summer home where I spend approximately 10 weeks a year. My children are grown and come seldom so there is little wash except for sheets and towels after company leave as well as my personal laundry.

    I expect there could be mechanical problems but there have been none to date. Never did I believe that the tub could or would break in half. Unbelievable and unacceptable!

    Customer Service was of no help inasmuch as it was beyond the one-year warranty period. I cannot believe a tub comes under that one-year limitation or any limitation for that matter!

  6. This washer is something was purchase a years ago costmer service is full of trick and game will tell you that it cover under warranty and send a contract service at the door only to say I charge you $84.00 for my service and charge for parts to.

  7. Admiral Refrigirators, an Icon to remember as the best refrigerators in the world, I have a Admiral 18.6 cu ft, I have had it now for 30 years, and im the second owner, who know how many years had it. so it may be at least around 40 years old, and had never had to fix it, It’s running and running, as cold as ever, Will it ever stop running ? I just purchased a new General electric, and Im ready to give it away for the right owner ? or should I contact whirlpool, the new people that own admiral, and stick it in their museum ????

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