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How To Contact Frigidaire Customer Service

Frigidaire is committed to designing high-performing, time-saving, easy-to-use appliances that help you get the job done right. So you?re freed up to enjoy the things you love. 1-800-374-4432


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  1. Purchased our Fridge less than 9 months. Ice Maker hasn’t worked in a month. Sent repairman out 3 times and coming back out again tomorrow!! Called Frigidaire and all they can say is “sorry”! When asked if I will be compensated for having to go home early from work for the 4th time in a row, the supervisors response was “don’t you have a friend or relative that come over?”, seriously?????? Worst customer service ever! Not to mention on hold for 29 minutes!

    At least I know NOT to buy this brand washer and dryer in a couple months! Customer service sucks!

  2. Bought a new fridge through the Home Depot website, they delivered it on Wednesday morning, we left for an out of town funeral one hour later, got home four days later to a house that smelled like a landfill. at least 300$ worth of groceries rotted. Fridge/freezser never cooled down, didn’t work right out of the box. Home depot wouldn’t take it back as it was not within 48 hours. Had a repair guy come out, he said all seals, compressor and evaporator need to be cut out and replaced with new ones. SO I have just paid for a refurbished fridge, and fridgidaire won’t just give me a new unit. Unbelievalbe. And I have to wait 7-10 business days to get the parts in before he can even attempt to fix it, so no fridge for at least two weeks? Really? And the customer service experience is the worst. Where is their outgoing inspection of their product? Why should a brand new appliance not working and having to have all the guts replaced be acceptable to that company? Never ever ever will buy anything related to frdgidaire again, and I will make it my mission to tell everyone I know the same thing. Junk.

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