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How To Contact Kenmore Customer Service

Kenmore is the number one company in the appliance industry.Kenmore Appliances are owned by Sears and sold in Sears Stores. 1-888-536-6673


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  1. I just had our Kenmore upright freezer go out on 7/17/18 and all my home grown vegetables etc -approximately $1000.00 or more are gone!!! Can’t replace this late in the year. The freezer is less than a year old so still under manufactures warranty. The problem was a $22.00 thermostat that went out!!! I called Kenmore to ask if possibly any of the food would be covered under the warranty and I was informed about 5-6 times tha NO food was covered even though it was their fault for the loss!! So no more Kenmore products for me or anybody else I know. Randy & Debbie Carr

  2. Advertising today is just a lie. the only way to get a reliable product is to actually find an authentic review or a personal referral. Most of all buy

    something on sale. Buy a real sale item though. the current scam on sale items is to either sell defective items and sell them at a sale price, which is listed as a new price 3x the actual amount. you will find this in every product except, some companies that actually take pride in their product and it is made to last and at a price per value. Not a price made by the greedy corrupt, lazy, incompetent ceo’s who use slave labor to make a product overseas. It doesn’t matter if it costs 400 which is way to much for an appliance which is going to last a couple of years, opposed to 1950 american made appliances that last 20 to 30 for 1/3 to 1/4 the price.

    Why say all of this. My mother bought to new appliances from sears 2-3 years ago. Both appliances went out simultaneously. The circuit breakers are fine. That tells me there is something defective in the wiring of these appliances. A good appliance will still work if the circuit shuts off. The washer will not drain at all.

    Now my poor mother who is 80 some years old has to hall her laundry to the washeteria if sears or kenmore don’t pony up and take responsibility for their lousy products. More over there will be further suffering to her for these lousy products. She will have to fork out another 1000 dollars if they do not take responsibility for their products. It is a crime in my opinion. She has an appointment with sears sometime next week. They better not waste her time and just replace them is all I have to say if they have any ethics, morals, or principles in this company. In addition one can’t just go to sears and call them and get good customer service. They may or may not be open. There may or may not be somebody there who knows the product. No wonder they have to keep closing stores.

  3. I purchased a Kenmore 13043 – same model except stainless – in early 2013. (BTW, it’s made by Whirlpool.) It replaced a contractor-grade Hotpoint that was 23 years old, needing only a $12 water fill valve to be repaired…but my wife wanted something newer. A little over two years in, the bloody thing leaks! Water is dripping off the diverter motor, but it might be coming from the sump-to-pump elbow or the sump gasket itself. Yeah, I can fix it…but why? Two freakin’ years….

  4. We bought a Kenmore stove and microwave that was installed above it. A year and a half later the microwave doesn’t work. It doesn’t take the “numbers”. We complained to customer service and was told a service call was $249! We paid over $300 for the microwave, $150 to install it and then another $149 to install it properly. We have now spent over $600 for this appliance. We went back to Sears and spoke to the salesman and he conferred with the manager who didn’t bother to come out to see us but repeated the same information. We have called various customer service phone numbers and it’s a waste of time. Jeers for Sears.

  5. I bought a Kenmore electric stove on 12/1/2015 since then they have been out 3 times to try and fix this stove. This stove is a lemon. Now the stove reset every 2 minutes and it beeps I have to listen to this for two weeks or else shut it off at the fuse box. but while you cook it keeps beeping . I will never buy another thing from sears or Kenmore. We are going to buy another stove this one will go on our truck with lemons around it. I then will make a sign when it was purchased and it was junk from day one. at the end of the day it will go to the junk yard where it belongs….. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS. Oh yes buy the Kmart will lose my prescriptions also.

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