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  1. You will be wise to stay clear of the dealership.

    I called a couple weeks ago to make a appointment to have a vent fan and 2 vent covers installed as I was going to use the web site as it is cheaper than the store. The lady I spoke with did a great job in convincing me she could order and match prices and I agreed and we set up a installation appointment. Was call later to say they had the parts in stock and I could come early. I made the appointment for today at 8:30 am. I’m at the gate before they open, while being checked in was told there would be a extra $300 fee to locate a power source since my vent had no fan. After about a hour was called back to service and told my roof showed signs of a water problem and they needed approval to proceed after signing a waiver I went back to waiting. At 10:56 was called to verify the location to install covers. At 12:30 went to service desk and found the following 1.Wrong Vent was installed 2. Only 1 vent cover installed 3. Didn’t have the proper cover and could order. That alone would be frustrating but I drove 90 miles, sleep in Cracker Barrel parking lot so I could be on time sat in the waiting room until 1:30 and finally got To leave around 2pm. Only 1vent fan installed, would not install tire pressure monitoring values (sell similar in store).

    Had I been told about the fee for wiring, I would have gone with plan B.

    I think the trick is to get you there and find as much as they can to drive up your bill. To make it worse, no one and I mean no one cared!!

    I don’t know how they stay open. My only tool or stick is to try and shame them. Will see what all the social media and Marcus can make of this mess.

    5/16/18 Drove 87 miles to keep a appointment set by CW to have a vent fan and two vent covers installed. When fan and covers were ordered was given a ball park price for parts and labor $400-$450.

    First work order at check in was $900 dollars. After refusing that and all there explanations as to why I was not told this or that I agreed for them to proceed with as estimated cost of $700 . We are talking about 1 Vent fan and two vent covers. After hours of waiting, ask to see the finished product. Vent fan cover was smoke/black NOT white as ordered, the new vent had no cover only 1 cover installed over bedroom. After a lot of cussing and shaking of heads on there part was sent to pay a $596 bill. Lot of emails to corporate office, a call from corporate person assuring me he would get this before a person who can fix the situation. Got a call yesterday from supposedly the service and part managers and it did not go well. 1. According to work order they did what was requested. 2. Since I had signed a $700 work order and only paid $595 sounds like the already took care of the problem. 3. Both these gentlemen had the most condescending, arrogant attitude. I understand they were craped because they got a email from corporate and had to call. They finally offered to match online prices that they had agreed to do from the beginning and a $50 gift card! I may be off base but i refused!!!! 1. I think I should pay only prices agreed to on initial order 2. Think I should pay a reasonable rate for hooking up a power source (not $190) there was a light 18 inches away from opening. Thor says there is a wiring harnesses there already. 3. Compensated for gas (would not have made the trip had i known they would not have all the parts)

    Please tell me and Camping World Hope Mills who is wright.

  2. We took our RV to camping world service Dept in Chattanooga, TN on Aug. 22nd told them we had a trip planned in Sept. we were told they were one and one half to two weeks behind that was fine we said.

    Well here it is seven weeks (7weeks )later and they still haven’t fixed our RV we went by there and saw it parked on the back row about two weeks ago so they got it out and started to work on it. We got a call last Mon. that it was repaired drove the two hours on Tues. to get there to only discover it wasn’t repaired. They said they ordered the parts to fix it that day and only one part came in in 5 days and the other part came in on Friday did they work on our RV when the part came in NO we called today and it wasn’t repaired even though the part came in Friday. NEVER again will we do business with them and we have did a lot of business with them

  3. I have called 4 times for new cards to be sent. I was told this time they were never sent out and they would arrive in 10 days. All the customer service agents were rude and short. I have used the road service for my vehicle 2 times. Both times the service providers were pleasant and helpful. Maybe the customer service people could take some training from them. I am giving it a two because of the customer service. I would give it a 4 if based on the service providers.

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