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How to Contact eDreams Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-646-328-4545

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  1. I know the feeling well.having booked flights etc have problems trying to contact them.cost me a fortune.never again.

  2. Cant contact customer service…..the phone no on the web page is not recognised..& all attempts to contact them have failed….all i want is to cancel long haul flight due to Lufthansa stikes…..

  3. I was to take my flight to Manchester ref 359kyf on june 31 at 1.15 but the airport didn’t let me on the flight my visa wasn t complete so I went to the Turkish flight office to change the dates but as It was nt clear as to why my visa was wrong. that was 3mounths now so I decided to ask my husband to cancel the ticket I have been very upset about the visa they haven’t got back to me my husband is robert robinson bank is Barclays card number 4658593891802010 I will want a flight at some time but I don’t know how lone away that is

  4. I can’t believe still allowed operate..I have a pending status and want to cancel as got the ticket at flight agent..dreams has by crit card info ..if they charge I will have double bookings and must contact my bank to refuse…worst experience ever

  5. why have you charge me 80 pound for a flight from Bangkok to ubon when theflight is only 1 875 oo thb

  6. Sorry this company is going to fold if they don’t give better service. Tried to get a hotel stay, filled out all necessary information & wanted an e-mail confirmation. Never got it. Several hours later was able to get hold of them by phone (they only use airline response) finally got a person told them the problem of not getting a written confirmation. They wanted all the information again. Gave as much information as written except they wanted my credit card again,,said I would not give it over phone & if they had no record then forget it I did not want to do business with them & would make my reservation with someone that could give me a confirmation right away..

    I used another company to make my booking & a confirmation came immediately. This morning see a confirmation from edream after I had talked with them & had already made another reservation as they knew I would..

  7. absolute garbage, cant log on to my account , received e mails to verify my account and when I do it wont accept

    my e mail address even tho they send me emails about crap. contacted customer service and they give me a phone number for booking .com who I have not used and have no connection with e dreams. total fob off. never use e dreams again . no English contact which means bull crap

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