Jeep is the legendary US maker of 4×4 suvs, and trucks. Jeep is now part of the Chrysler Group.

JEEP USA Corporate Office Headquarters< 1-800-992-1997


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  • We are a Jeep family. My daughter purchased a Jeep Grand Cherokee In October 2015. I have a Jeep Wrangler 2010 and bought it new. We both went to the same dealership. My beef is–why does the dealership have a “PARTS” department when they never have any parts? Every single time the Wrangler needs a part, no matter what part it is-they never, ever have the part. Parts always have to be ordered. So again I ask-whyt is there a “PARTS” department with employees being paid-when there are virtually no parts?? I need a horn [pad in order for the car to pass inspection. I called to see if the part came in yet, I was told no, it is on back order. I was also told I am not the only person waiting for the same exact part. Now, it is a holiday weekend and I am stuck without a vehicle because they do NOT have the part!! That annoys me beyond belief!! I have a family to feed as well as medical problems and I am here with NO vehicle to use. Do they care? NO! Something needs to be done about these issues with their ‘PARTS DEPARTMENT’!!!! I was thinking on buying another Jeep, but after all of these problems with their “PARTS”- I will be buying another brand vehicle who keeps their parts department stocked with PARTS- not just employees sitting around on the internet doing their shopping.!!!! There are so many other makes of SUV’S that I can purchase and not have the aggravation with parts–see ya round Jeep!!

  • I own a 2004 Grand Cherokee that I have had several electrical problems over the years that I have had the car.

    Most recently while driving the car the alarm went off. I had to pull over turn off the engine, and restart it again in

    order to shut-off the alarm. Today I took the car to the local dealership here in Las Vegas, to have the matter fixed.

    Upon inspection I was advised that the PDC Assembly needed to be replaced. This part is no longer available!

    I left the dealership without the problem fixed! So where do we go from here? Need your help!

    We are concerned about the number electrical issues we have had to deal with. Wondering when the next problem

    will again come about!

  • Recently my wife and I both picked up new 2014 jeeps mine is the grand cherokee limited so far things are perfect knock on wood and hers is the cherokee limited. She is very disappointed with this vehicle. So far she had to have the transmission relearned to memory so it will shift properly because it is a 9 speedand there has been problems. She is not convinced it is still the way it should be . The brake peddle makes a loud clicking sound when it is released that is annoying her and the steering wheel makes a rubbing / friction noise when turned to the left or right . We have owned many vehicles over the past 40 years and never had this many problems in a new vehicle. My wife travels 25 to 30 thousand miles a year and is spending a lot of time in this vehicle and is very unhappy at this point . Has anyone out there been having any of these problems?

  • i bought a 06 grand cherokee at a jeep dealer last dec. it has been back at there shop 6 times for repairs 3 times for stalling out when i turn right 2 days ago i was turning right on to a us highway and stalled i was almost hit by a truck trying to restart i will be going to fill lemon law suit this time unless the jeep dealer replaces with a different jeep there is no excuse for this after 6 times i could have been killed this last time.

  • I love my 2012 Jeep Wrangler.. But when the heater core went out they wouldn’t help me out at all. Considering it was bad from the time of purchase, I just didn’t know it, until antifreeze leaked all over my floor, and the smell was so bad I couldn’t stand it. They said they couldn’t do anything to help me with the $1135 that it cost to fix it… That’s $890 in labor, and that’s all I wanted back… It took 10 hours to fix…. No sympathy from their service person, no concern…. Just sorry, have a nice day…. I will not buy another Jeep again after this experience. They don’t care for their customers at all. I needed help because the $1100 I used for the heater core was set aside for new tires… Guess I will drive on bad tires, until I can save up enough again.

  • I suspect no one at Jeep reads these comments but I will feel better after a little rant.

    First off, we are loyal Jeep owners and currently have an 06′ Liberty Diesel and an ’03 GC Overland. I have been anxiously waiting to see the new Cherokee and yesterday went to buy a Limited as a replacement for the Liberty. What a disappointment the seats are so uncomfortable without the shoulder support of previous models and the storage area is to small for our golf clubs.

    So, OK, it’s a bit small so I will step up to a GC Limited. Since I had an ’06 GC Limited I figured this would be an improved model. Wrong, same seats and even in the Grand it wouldn’t take our golf clubs. I even parked my ’03 Overland next to it and compared features and the ’03 was superior in many ways.

    Moral of the story, I can’t buy a new Jeep and don’t want a “normal” vehicle so I’m really screwed. I think the next stop will be a Mercedes (had those before and like them OK) but still feel depressed that I may be out of the Jeep family when my last two become serviceable.

  • I have an ’05 Jeep Liberty. I bought it brand new. It now has 350,000 miles on it. I LOVE this vehicle!!!

  • To whom it may concern

    I have been told by your SIt (1855-778-8326) case 24772209. That I will have to wait for 6 weeks to get a right rear quarter 68078792AD?

    Are you kidding?My family owns two jeeps the second has become a nightmare. It appears that you are at the mercy of your suppliers and so are your customers.It appears you have no leverage with these people to get a part.You sell millions of jeeps and can’t get the parts ,I would hope this is.

    Not your long term business plan.Take a look hope you find it equally disappointing.

    Thank You for Your Concideration

  • Does anyone with Jeep or Chrysler read these comments? I have had a Jeep Commander for just over a year. It is a 2007 year model. The beginning of April, while on vacation we had to get our transmission replaced (There are only 80,000 miles on this car). Well, ever since we have had a strong vibration and when I phoned the dealership in our hometown, that in itself is a nightmare. They have just chased rabbits instead of looking at what they have been told to look at. I would think that the dealership here would talk to the dealership where I had the transmission replaced. How on earth do the motor mounts get cracked and a transmission mount get cracked and how do I have a vacuum leak and the dealership who replaced my transmission not see this??? Now, since the dealership in my hometown only wants to chase rabbits do you think they would call the other dealership? No, they won’t and I will more than likely have to pay more money out on this issue. Boy, I wish I would have researched Jeeps before I ever bought one. I will never buy another Jeep or any auto with Jeep, Chrysler, and what ever other cars that fall under this category. The customer service, etc. at our local dealership really stinks as well. Never again!!!! I only hope someone from corporate reads this and contacts me. I also plan to write letters to the managers, etc. of both dealerships that I have dealt with.

  • I ordered a jeep Cherokee in mid March with a delivery date in 6 weeks. It has now been nearly 3 months and the vehicle is still in the “Final Inspection” stage which it has been in for 6 weeks now! This is my first new car purchase as I am 22 and I haven’t even received the car yet, but I feel that it will be my last Jeep! No one can tell me why it is taking so long and the dealer cant find one with the same options anywhere. They offered to upgrade me, but not at the same price!!! What is that , bate and switch? If this is their idea of customer service I am sorry that I went with Jeep. The way I see it is I will probably buy at least 5 new cars in my lifetime and based on how this is being handled, I don’t see any customer loyalty coming from me…

  • Dear Jeep I am highly craped off I had my Jeep in the service center in December 2013 with a transmission temp light warning. they told me they could not find anything wrong with it. it cost me almost $400.00 in football tickets since i could not get to the game. Yesterday I spent the better part of two hours at variou times sitting at the side of the interstate. I called Gillie Hyde where I bought the Jeep and the would not ever offer to tow it in they said I had to get it in the best why i could before 5 to get it looked at. Since this is the second time this has happened I feel that the dealship is not trying to get it fixed. It is still under warrentary. I wonder if they are just jacking me around because I am a woman I need a dependable vehicle to get back and forth to work. I would just like to get the money bank on the Jeep since they can not or will not fix it. I do not expect to see this commit because it will probalby not be approved.

  • 300,000 Miles Plus on my 1997 Jeep Cherokee

    My name is Michael McDonald and I am trying to find a way to share my story with you guys. When we first bought the Jeep there were 7 miles on it. We bought the Jeep from Coopers dealership in Monroe, Louisiana. It has about 95% of its original parts still own it. One owner and same engine under the hood. First 100,000 happened off of 98 by Hulburt Field in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Then 200,000 was by Navarre High School in Navarre, Florida. January the 17th 300,000 happened at Twin Hills Park in Crestview, Florida.

    It goes to show that if you take care of your vehicle (Jeep) it will take care of you.

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