Jagex Phone Number Customer Service


How To Contact Jagex Phone Number Customer Service

Jagex intends to become a significant online operator in all the major gaming markets worldwide, developing and commercialising highly compelling online games that appeal to as wide an audience as possible, based on cutting edge technologies developed in-house.

Email Jagex Billing Support< 44.87022083


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  1. I got scammed about a month ago I thought I could handle it myself but it got to where I cant get to my account I would appreciate if u would look into it since I have been a loyal player for the past 10 years. I am rjry1 and my password was 24hillcrest it hasn’t changed till I started having trouble and I tried to get it back if u would look into it I would be grateful ty.

  2. my Runescape account was literally reset? all my skills are down to 1 and im at a fresh start in the game when last time I played my account was level 98 (old school level scale) with high skills and everything I have no clue what happened. I could really use some help.

  3. so yesterday I was on rune scape playing as normal I aslo played earlier today as well the I try to log into my account not 30 min ago and it says my account has been locked what the **** jagex. I have been playing runescape for as long as I can remember I had an email set up and every thing for my account. then I go to recover it and it says my ****ing account dose not have an email set . well that is absolute ****ing bullcrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because I set it my self my account name is Tjc266 do something about this.

  4. I have been falsely banned for macroing and dealing gp. I am now currently still being subscribed subscription. I seen the transaction of my account on Runescape.com and says United Kingdom. You see the problem here or am I crazy? The U.S. is not the U.K. I want my account back with everything I had in it (dual drygore maces, virtus wand and book, dual ccbows, C staff ect.). I also want a months refund because I have not been on since I was banned (obviously). If you do not fix this mess then cancel my subscription, if you do not comply I will be reporting Jagex with theft.


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