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How To Contact Kate Spade Customer Service

Kate Spade New York has thirty-six shops across the united states, and is sold in every time zone and on every continent. Kate Spade is famous for handbags and accessories.


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  1. I ordered a grey purse online and 4 weeks later a smashed and ripped up box from China arrived with a WHITE purse. I contacted Kate Spade thru email for a return form because I did not order a WHITE purse. After several back and forth emails they suggested I sell the purse to someone else and they would give me a better return. I refused and they won’t respond. This is terrible service. I have told all my friends to never buy from Kate Spade!!!!

  2. Awful . They sent the wrong card to my maid of honor – the one asking her to be my maid of honor in my wedding! They sent her a get well card from someone named Leslie! I called the customer service and they didn’t care- they offered me 15% off on the same order and express shipping. Like that doesn’t help me at all! She’s already received my gift w the wrong card. Never buying from them again!

  3. I went to a kate spade outlet in tinton falls and they limited my purchase to 10 items and 2 of each kind. That would have been ok but the girl was very snotty and dismissive and told me “its a global thing. People purchase in bulk and then sell out products on ebay or overseas? What??? Are you kidding me? of course i buy a lot because i have a lot of nieces in the philippines and they love kate spade. Whenever i go visit or send a package, it is full of kate spade stuff! Just to let you know, i dont have time to sell purses. And it is very typical of filipinos like me to shop in bulk because we have big extended families and we are very generous people. Anyways, I went to a kate spade new york store in short hills mall and the girls there particularly nina was very very nice. I cant help but buy a pair of shoes from her. But not after i spent my money on the tory burch store. I hope you teach that girl from tinton falls how to deal with people. She just does not have people skills and seriously you lost a lot of sales today. As in a lot.

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