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How To Contact TRICARE For Life Phone Number Customer Service

Tricare For Life Phone Number and Contact Information. Contact Tricare Life Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below. 1-866-773-0404


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  1. I have had Tricare for life for 12 years and starting this year I am being charged about 55$ a month for my prescriptions. WHY

  2. I need a good phone number. So a hosp can send Tricare for Life a bill for my husband. He was in military 26 years and he passed away Jan 5, 2018. They are now charging him 100 dollars.

  3. I would like to know if I can submit claim through the internet? I’m having difficulty trying to get through the phone. (866-773-0404)

  4. When a Doctor’s office tried to verify Tri-Care for life coverage on my wife 5/24/18 and she has a valid ID card expiring in the year 2020

    she was told her coverage was invalid and that we had other insurance (Blue Cross) that needed to be taken off the record if the coverage was not valid any longer. When I called Tricare for Life I was told her coverage was valid and the blue Cross coverage was removed in January 2018.

    TriCare for life was second payer in August and November 2017 and payed this same Doctor $20 and change but for some unknown reason today her coverage is not valid. Not a happy camper and my wife had to reschedule her appointment today until this problem is resolved. I would like to speak to a Manager if necessary to get this resolved.

  5. I have Medicare A & B and I would like to use my Tri-Care for life as my coverage of Medical Doctor’s and prescriptions.
    An Air-Force told me that’s what he does and I would like to do the same.

  6. Am having trouble getting my refills for medication. Have been told that the approval of the Xarelto cannot be approved because the numbers?? don’t match??? Is something going on with system!?? Have been getting this medication all along with no problem…now this???? What gives???????

  7. I am a spouse of a deceased sponsor and am currently getting Tricare Prime. I will turn 65 soon and want to be sure that I will get Tricare for Life automatically at that time.

  8. Both number give me the same circular response. I want to speak to a human about the lack of payment on a outpatient bill. Tricare paid only part of the bill after medicare picked up their share.

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