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How To Contact CNA Insurance Customer Service

Since 1897, CNA has been providing outstanding service and an ongoing commitment to building long-term relationships, earning us a reputation for being a carrier that inspires trust. At CNA, we take pride in our ability to offer innovative products and services that meet the evolving needs of our customers and business partners alike.



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  1. Hey gt can you give me the number to the insurance commission I would like to file a complaint on them also they are a horrible company

  2. On bank draft. This month premium went up over $26. No notice, nothing. Why?

    I have filed no claims. Unable to find a phone number to call.

  3. Could you tell me what my CNA LTC premium was in 2015? I need it for my income tax submission.

    Policy Number ABC-123-UKME.

  4. Horrible company my father paid for him and my mother for over 20 years she passed away and he had to be put in a nursing home in sept 2013 have been fighting with them ever since long waits on the phone always an ex sucks for why the claim didn’t go thru after all this time and hiring a lawyer and preparing to file a law suite against them they agreed to start covering him as of February 2014 of course with a 90 day wait period which means they are not paying for 9 month worth of his stay all I can say is never invest your money with this company and if you read this and feel the same then contact me at if there’s enough of us I will find the proper authorities to file whatever I can to get these thieves of the market or just a class action law suite to let them know people are tired of investing there money in this company who doesn’t pay out this company is a rip off stay away.

  5. These people are the ENEMY. Work comp. Won’t return phone calls. Or emails. They pleaded guilty. And want to argue. Very tired of calling my attys….I don’t even know who my case worker is, they change so often….ughhhh….

  6. Help, I have been struggling for months now to get my mom’s policy to pay for an aide for her and eventually cover an assisted living facility. All I have been getting is the run around a delay tactic’s. Does anyone have any suggestions? This is a horrible way to treat people that are in need of medical/ care assistance. Mom actually had to spend a night in the ER because she became so up set with the people at CNA and how rude they were to her. As a result I have taken over this process from her and am still getting such a run around.

  7. Try to change your address! They haven’t got it right in over 3 years. I have called and corrected 12 times and it never happens. If you see the name CNA run don’t walk to the nearest exit.

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