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Verizon is the largest provider of mobile phone services and home internet services in the USA. Their competitors include AT&T and Sprint.

Verizon services include Fios, Wireless, and Residential Phone Services.

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  • Okay so I sent my reply. I was greeted with a response on my comments. They said my input has to be moderated. Why?This is basically the service that I expressed in my previous comment. No response. No skilled help.

  • I am so unhappy with the the service I get from tech support and in store help. They do not seem to have any knowledge of the phone devices. Often time (tech support) seem to be reading a manual as they try to answer my questions. It is not uncommon to be on the for an hour plus. It’s not uncommon to be sent back and forth between store and tech support by each service.
    I stay because of the coverage service.
    If I find any service that is comparable I will jump ship.
    I’ve expressed these feelings in the past. Basically every dreaded time I need help.
    No response or improvements are ever offered.
    I share this view whenever it’s appropriate in conversation.

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