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  1. I am very disappointed! I purchased Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails. A waste of money. I applied two coats,then found it peeling less than two hours later! I made the purchase due to breaking nails, your product was recommended by several people. I won’t be recommending your products.

  2. Do not buy this nail polish. I bought one and it would not dry at all, so I called, I got two coupons sent to me, I tried the insta dry nail polish. Not only did it not dry but when I tried to take the rest of it off ( it smudged on my clothes) I couldnt get it all off. I called and was given instructions to “soak your fingers in nail polish remover for at least an hour that should take it off, Then I was told ” oh use toothpaste with a whitener in it (go out and buy MORE stuff) and that should fix it…nope…Ive scrubbed to the point where I have SORES on on my cuticles..and what does Sally Hansen say. OH we are so sorry we will send you out MORE coupons. LOL Like Id buy ANYMORE of their stuff. I demanded my money back and they said “well you have to do our survey first and send back the product before we will reimburse you. Like Im going to give you something thats faulty BACK without compensation? HA HA HA not on your life. SO I demanded compensation and now Im getting the run around…DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!

  3. My customer service rep was wonderful, professional,pleasant and is researching my request which I think is way above what other companies do for their customers!!!! I’m very impressed with service I have received, kudos to her and you for hiring her????My rating was for 5 stars so I think I did not do it correctly. TY

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