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3/16/2016 - No email or chat customer service options function
No email or chat customer service options function on the Newegg website. All options end up with javascript void(0) and nothing happens when you click on any contact functions. I spent 3 hours disabling & enabling popup blockers, firewalls, privacy options, security options, Internet Explorer 11 add-ons, verfied Java add on etc. etc. it's awesome. They don't have customer service that I could discover on their website. Just decrypting their email with the download link took me 45 mintues working with the email off-line (as a sysadmin, becasue an ordinary user did not have the privliges to do it). Spend money at Newegg at your own risk. I only work online, everything I do, banking, shopping etc. I've never seen anything like it. I will never deal with Newegg again. Good luck!

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4/3/2012 - I think Newegg must have been sold to another
I think Newegg must have been sold to another group who is dishonest. I have ordered from Newegg for years and spent THOUSANDS and never had a problem. I just ordered an Asus Eeepad which was advertised as "combo with docking station keyboard, limited offer" in green letters for $369. I only bought it because I wanted the docking station keyboard.
It was a special quick draw 24 hour sale, so it would not be available if not ordered then.
Only a tablet arrived. When I called CS said I would have to have "ordered" a keyboard separately. When clicking on that green link nothing happened so I knew that was a lie.
When he said to click on the "item no" guess what. The green letters were GONE. This was outright fraud. The green letters were there when I ordered 3 days before and now gone.
They control what is on the website. The CS rep continued to argue and argue. He even admitted there were green letters a few days before but they were "removed" because it was out of stock. When they sent the invoice the item was identified by number and description only. This is bait and switch, false advertising and outright fraud.
I am going to challenge this on my credit card and NEVER BUY ANOTHER THING FROM THEM.
Either newegg sold out to shady characters or they changed management to shady characters

11/4/2011 - I ordered an external DVD drive laast week but
I ordered an external DVD drive laast week but can't find an ordder number. The item has not been billed to my credit card yet. Can you determine the status of my order? Thank you..frank

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10/12/2011 - I just ordered my first item from newegg. It is
I just ordered my first item from newegg. It is still processing even though the
credit card payment was authorized. It has been processing for 5 days. This will be
my last purchase from this company. I sent them an email to either ship or cancel,
no response. I am calling them today and if they do not respond properly, I am going
to the federal trade commission.

I do not like companies like this at all. I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY

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2/14/2011 - Dear Sir/Madam,Yours is obviously, on the
Dear Sir/Madam,

Yours is obviously, on the preponderance of commentary, a highly reputable company. On this basis I ventured to make my first online purchase. Through no fault of yours, I ordered an LG 37LE5300 LED tv but disappointingly received one which is generally regarded as having an inferior non IPS panel) to others of the same model in circulation. So we are essentially dealing with a differentiated product in this respect. Is it possible for me to be assured, on reordering, that I get the more desirable and superior panel with which this product is affixed (the so-called IPS panel which has a "W" in the last string of alpha characters in the product code? Your comments are eagerly awaited.


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12/3/2010 - Their online chat doesn't work (loops back to the
Their online chat doesn't work (loops back to the submit web-page).....
Their phone circuits are busy.....
They seem to be perpetually out-of-stock of IDE PATA SSD's (at least the one's without poor read/write performance).

I'm confused as to what happened to this company?? they used to have great service.

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10/31/2010 - i have a german phone number it doesnt give me
i have a german phone number it doesnt give me enough numbers to enter it in so i cant purchase anything

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