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  1. Apple customer service sucks, and I actually spoke with a supervisor, i lost my charger and according to the warranty or insurance (what they called when they marketed to sell me); idk if it was the sales person that tricked me with wrong info to buy but when I actually called them after a year the supervisor responses- “ma’am just because you lost a part we cannot give out free stuffs”. I could not believe that, it cost me $220 for the warranty and I never called them before because I was so secure and relaxed I had paid for some insurance. Very disappointed and I love apple products, seems like they are now too big to care about customers individual reviews or concerns. They don’t even deserve this one star. I spent 1000s of dollars on apple products and they made me feel like a crap for A CHARGER. Way to go apple !!

  2. Am jamal from Nigeria, am using an iphone7 that has been disabled because i forget me apple ID password and my ID in need help please straubocean

  3. My IPhone 6splus got black screen, suddenly, tecnicalidade assistance scanner and said that te problem and phone contact with the screen, the phone charges normal,vibrantes,hás not scratches, nor broken, was purchased on 12/01/2015 – This os defectivo of fabrication-VICIO- requestada exchange of the devise – Solange – Brasil -Para-Belem

  4. I get an update notification on my mac, i go thru all the bs of email adress and password and i get the lovly message that says:mUpdate Unavailable with this Apple ID.

    Which ID must i use, THAT IS MY APPLE ID!!!!!!!

  5. Can you please check out my I tunes account as I had bought 20 iTunes card and used but seems to be a mistake as you have charged my account as well please check this out and email me back at

  6. hi m steven from zimbabwe my iphone 5 was stollen …is it possible to relocate it since i ddint activated find my phone

  7. All I wanted to do was tell Apple ID that their map system has me located in Arizona. I have never even visited Arizona but every time I do anything that requires me to sign in to Apple and use my Password, I am informed that someone in Arizona is trying to sign in to my account. I know it’s me here in Maine so I accept it but I have to tell you it’s starting to really irritate me. I am NOT changing my email address to resolve this either. I have had this address for over twenty years and technology screwed up, not me. Please fix it. I have lived in the State of Maine my entire 60 years, 6 months and 7 days. Our home is in Osborn Township and a great deal of our time is spent on in Etna, Maine 04434. Thank you for your attention to this annoying issue.

  8. Hi Apple

    You have charged my credit card US$99.99 for premium Tunein which I did not authorise. Please reimburse my care

  9. I’m using iphone 5s. It was using ios7 then the ios11 opdate appeared. so I started to opdate it untill it was varifying, then the phone turned off itself. since yesterday, I;v been trying to switch it on but it would on the screen and nothing else comes again, only the screen starting, so i need your help please!

    1. hey,am lawrence from Tanzania,am using your product apple-iPad,the problem is my device has being disabled and its need to connectto itunes but I don”t know how to connect to such itunes,I need your help plz

  10. Apple, i bought my iphone 6+ from south Korea and used it for a year using KT network services. When i came back to Uganda i inserted MTN number but it could not read the Sim card instead it could show a message;

    The SIM card that you currently have installed in this iPhone s from a carrier that is not Supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation server. This is not a hardware issue with the iPhone. Please insert another SIM card from a supported carrier or request that this iPhone be unlocked by your carrier. Please contact Apple for more information.4

    That;s when i got to know that the phone was network blocked. I need your help on how i can unlock my phone. Thanks

  11. I bought second handed IPAD 2 WIFI from USA and it is blocked by icloud, and right now i am in Africa precisely in Cameroon and I don not know the previous owners address. please wish to reset it as a new user but I do not know how to proceed, please I need your help. thanks.

  12. I bought an Iphone 6s two days ago and just recieved it. The previous owner said the phone was dropped in water 10 minutes before selling it. When I got the phone in the mail, I thought to turn it on and it would be fine becuase she put it in rice and she got it to flicker. Any suggestions? I have the phone in rice now.

  13. I forgot my passcode for my phone and the customer service representative whose name is Jean was awesome. She restore my system and I didn’t lose anything. Case#100000331303.

  14. I have downloaded (and been charged for songs and audiobooks from apple iTunes store and they have disappeared from my iPhone.


  16. Apple is a HERO for looking out their customers to re: opposing a judge’s order to help the FBI break into the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino, California, shooters, calling the directive “an overreach by the U.S. government.” Apple has always placed a priority on protecting customers’ personal data, and they don’t collect or maintain a mountain of personal details about their customers in the first place. There are certain categories of information which they do not provide to law enforcement or any other group because apple chooses not to retain it. —THANK YOU!!!!


  17. Please do something about your customer service people! Everyone I have talked to since buying my IPad

    does not speak understandable English! I end up going to one of your stores to get help. That shouldn’t

    have to happen! This is a problem for many of your customers, Fix it!

  18. I have an Apple I phone that was given to me, the person that gave it to me can’t remember his Apple password that was put in when he bought it and doesn’t remember what store in Colorado he got it from,can I put the serial number can you tell me when and where it was bought.

  19. Please do something about your customer service people! Everyone I have talked to since buying my IPad

    does not speak understandable English! I end up going to one of your stores to get help. That shouldn’t

    have to happen! This is a problem for many of your customers, Fix it!

  20. In NYC, the apple store at Grand Central will not provide Genius Bar help on an I phone that does not work for three days. Obscene when you have such a successful product…

    Brand loyalty of the people waiting in line for 20 minutes for an appointment 3 days later was universal that they had it with apple. As soon as Microsoft or Google has a competitive product, or when their contract runs out, they will shift their loyalty.

    Something is wrong when a service/ warranty contract means 3 days delay. You should advise people that you cannot provide service for days…no matter how urgent.

  21. sir m very disappointed about coustmer helpline support .sir i forgot my apple id and password and some block my phone through find my fine . m trying to solve but i cant plz help me for this

  22. I have an Ipad 3 64GB which was working fine but recently when i turn it on, a “Hello and Slide to set up” screen shows. After sliding, I choose English then United Arab Emirates as the residence country then I chose the WiFi network the it says “it may take a few minutes to activate your ipad” till the ipad restarts back to the first step with the screen Hello and Slide to set up.

    Why is this happening and what should i do?

    Note: I tried through iTunes which gave me a message saying: “We’re sorry, we are unable to continue with your activation at this time”

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