PayPal Customer Service

Paypal Customer Service Phone Number for Support and Help.

Paypal is the revolutionary internet payment system. Paypal started with Ebay users and has since been purchased and added to the Ebay family of companies.

Paypal Phone Numbers

Customer Service: 1-866-528-3733

International: 1-402-935-2050

Paypal Credit: 1-866-528-3733

Paypal Hours

5AM-8PM PT, Monday through Friday and 6AM-6PM PT, Saturday and Sunday

Paypal Contact Website

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Paypal Customer Service
Paypal Customer Service Phone Number

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  1. Trying to reach a paypal rep in the united states just can’t happen apparently! I told them more then once I want to speak to someone here, and to transfer me. All they do is transfer to another person in the Philippines. They claim “we are trained too answer all questions” Really? They are trained to read from a piece of a paper and to not think for themselves. Oh wait! Maybe they were not “trained” to transfer or don’t understand what the United States means! Too bad a company such as paypal has to go outside the USA for their customer service support.

  2. I can’t get into PP after many attempts at changing my password, which says “it’s too simple” when it’s as complicated as can be. The phone # doesn’t work. So, like others, I’m stuck not being able to monitor my account. Any suggestions?

  3. why don’t you have a person people can talk to ? Can’t get a person to talk to. You phone system it to protect you people. Why do you make it so hard ? MONEY !!! I bought something on Ebay with the card that you people will not recognize. Do you even read what I write ? Look at all the problems people have and you only take money and give no SERVICE . Thank you Here is my email. Ok, webmaster HELP

  4. I purchased Mother of the Bride dresses from the company JJsHouse. The first dress that did not fit and the return policy indicated within 7 days for approval- I was way over that timeframe due to my job and the bride’s approval. They would not take back the $250 dress. I did purchase 2 others in the meantime to send one of them back. They would not take back the 2nd dress despite I followed the return policy. I do not need 3 Mother of the Bride dresses and want my money back for 2 of them. I am getting no where with the company!

  5. I received a Korean Karaoke machine, The item No# 191571824123,Taijin Media TKR365HK from E-bay on July 28 2015, I want to buy complete system with 2 wireless Microphone and a big song selector price will $760, 00,

    returning $474,00 Machine only, Because, when I sing a song It make noise like cat scratching wall, I think the transmit is not marching each other between US made microphone and this machine, Korean seller refused open box is not returnable, please help me by PayPal 180 day customer protection Plan, I am happy to have a complete system

  6. 8/30/2015 Paypal tech support SUCKS!!!!!! I was w/ PayPal customer support today for what seemed to be over an hour ..they kept transferring me to different countries for support then to voicemail. Some of the PayPal reps could see my acct, others couldn’t, I asked to be transferred to a LIVE person; sometimes they did and that live person transferred me to voicemail,or sometimes the reps transferred me to voicemail themselves despite my telling them I was on the phone for over an hour being transferred from one place to the other. Other reps could see my acct and my related credit cards; others said they couldn’t. I was identified 5 or more times then put through to a voicemail that kept asking me to re-identify myself over and over again. Absolutely infuriating!

  7. Some entity has hacked into our computer. We urgently need to change to different passwords for our many accounts, especially PayPal. I also need to update my debit card info, change address to our new one, and change our e-mail address to our new one… but your system won’t let me do those critical things. You’re as bad as the criminal who hacked into our system, since you’re not helping me to rectify this dangerous situation. I have subsequently tried to delete all information from my account in hope of disabling it, but that wasn’t successful either. I now have seen your warning that my futile attempt to abort everything I was trying to do has probably messed up two large purchases that I made today. I need your help to untangle and resolve this mess. I’m now a prime target for thieves! I’m so angry with your website system! Who do you think you are telling me I can’t change or remove my primary data, such as password, card updates/removals, billing address, etc.. I should be able to easily manage the info that I put into my own account! I heard that you people are crooks, and now I’m a believer. Please prove me wrong. Have a live, American English- speaking agent telephone Catherine, S.T.A.T. !, to straighten out this dreadful vulnerable situation you’ve left us in.

  8. PAYPAL CASH card… Sounds easy and safe… And, convenient. Wait in line, put cash on card, pay… What, 5-10 minutes max. to do that? Then I thought wow, I can pay for things online safely without involving any ties to my bank accounts… Well, it’s not a cash pay and use it card. (if you don’t already have a PayPal account). You must sign-up and get an account with PayPal and get ready to do a dance and hop on one foot for the next day or so, while PayPal checks to see that you’re not a terrorist, drug dealer, money launderer, or a homeless person with too much money… And, you must prove that you live where you live and your not living in a place without utilities or stealing them… The only thing they didn’t ask for, was a pap smear. All this just to use YOUR money that you must deposit it in their PAYPAL account, that took you less than 10 mins to purchase… Now, my money has been “detained” for two days, I’ve decided to requesting a refund for the $200.00 I put on that card. The next morning, after that card is now void in the system, they have OK’d me to use MY money with any future cards. (the request for refund, sends you a check 10 days later and voids the card you were trying to use in the beginning.) Thanks, PayPal. “You’re my hero.”

    I have money in my bank to survive until I get that $200.00 refund.

    This statement, is for the person that has kids. Someone with a bunch of kids or barely getting by… This would be detrimental for them.

    They do get one (1) star. For responding to my emails or questions quickly when I sent them.

    Other then that… It’s a commy-plot just to get your info and use it against you or for them to get lines of credit.

    For every so many customer a company can prove they have (by your bank account numbers and info) they can get LINES of CREDIT.

  9. I am simply trying to obtain a new PayPal PASSWORD, but the system you present is so convoluted I need YOUR help in making it happen.

    Stuart Carlson


  10. I am trying to get an number the beddinginn co. to make a order by phone and their number is 0086-10-56225210 I’m from us. and can’t make that call, is their another number 1-800 njmber?

  11. I purchased Mother of the Bride dresses from the company JJsHouse. The first dress that did not fit and the return policy indicated within 7 days for approval- I was way over that timeframe due to my job and the bride’s approval. They would not take back the $250 dress. I did purchase 2 others in the meantime to send one of them back. They would not take back the 2nd dress despite I followed the return policy. I do not need 3 Mother of the Bride dresses and want my money back for 2 of them. I am getting no where with the company!

  12. Let me tell you what’s so great about Pay Pal, I have been a customer for an easy 15 years and now they will not change my name I asked that they not save my debit info and they disabled it so now I cannot use that card at all.Really this is the WORST online service I have ever used!!!! The worst part is I couldn’t understand my customer service rep, does anyone work in the USA anymore? The worst part is this was all for a lousy 10 dollar book. I will not recommend PayPal to anyone ever!

  13. Perhaps the correct phone number for customer service is difficult to determine and that’s why so many unhappy customers (but the customer doesn’t know any different). I apparently called the wrong customer service number but fairly quickly was transferred to a wonderful customer service agent, Nyree, who whizzed through my questions and totally fixed my problem in a matter of moments. The only reason our phone call lasted maybe two minutes was because I told her I appreciated how professional and courteous she was being; she then took time to thank me for reminding her of why she enjoys her job. I was calling an incorrect customer service line but was unaware.

    PayPal, please consider streamling your customer service contact numbers so customers know exactly who to call. Nyree explained to me that you are affiliated with numerous credit-type accounts and often customers can be seeking help through a department they need not be talking to…we only need ONE phone number for customer service as pertains to our accounts.

    Thank you Nyree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. As I write this, I am on with a CS rep who has had me on hold for 25 minutes. Doing what? Damned if I know. Don’t know if he will ever come back.

    Oh, there we go. He either hung up on me or we got disconnected. Nice, huh.

  15. When PayPal voided my credit card (no reason given) I established a new account.

    I had not used the account for a little while and I forgot my password. Going through the necessary

    procedure to change my password the established credit card wasn’t allowed to be entered.

  16. HAVING TO Link my bank acct to your system makes me extremely nervous and will not do so. I loved the convenience of Bill Me Later, which was recently sucked up by PayPal. I’ve been trying to get a customer representative so I can mail a check to PP, but no luck! I just want to finish my business with them and drop them! Any suggestions?

  17. I was sent an email say there was a suspicous transaction on an account. If I have ever used paypal it has been years then I was told to enter my card number so they could check to see if it was right , do they think that I’m crazy . I tried to call pay pal but was told I didn’t have a phone number on file.

  18. I put $15.00 in my acct.. They cannot find my acct. Thank God it was only 15 I had started to put 50 but didn’t. I had wanted to receive calls from an inmate.

  19. i recently ordered something from ebay and paid through paypal (i thought) found out later that the payment came out of my personal checking account which was not what I wanted. thought i could use paypal and take 90 days to pay. don’t know what happened!!!

  20. I just requested the cancellation of my Paypal account. Unable to resolve an issue by the internet – my account is now published in FRENCH! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? PLEASE CANCEL.

  21. I am thankful to Paypal for e mailing me that someone was trying to get money from my account. The email said that I had paid Jolie or Jollie Santana $49.99 for some item that I did not purchase. I was able to get through to a person on Paypal phone line by hitting 0 several times. Finally got through. I was able to cancel that transaction but now I need to change my password.

    Wondering how safe my money is …. hope I don’t have to change my account at the bank!!

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