PayPal Customer Service


Paypal Customer Service Phone Number for Support and Help.

Paypal is the revolutionary internet payment system. Paypal started with Ebay users and has since been purchased and added to the Ebay family of companies.

Paypal USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address

2211 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95131
Corporate Phone Number: 1-402-935-2050

Paypal Phone Numbers

Customer Service: 1-866-528-3733

International: 1-402-935-2050

Paypal Credit: 1-866-528-3733

Paypal Hours

5AM-8PM PT, Monday through Friday and 6AM-6PM PT, Saturday and Sunday

Paypal Contact Website

Paypal’s Contact Us Page Click Here is not associated with Paypal. Our website is for information and review purposes only. Please do not leave personal information in your rating or review.

Paypal Customer Service
Paypal Customer Service Phone Number

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354 Replies to “PayPal Customer Service”

  1. I’ve tried numerous times to transfer my bank accounts in PayPal because I’m closing one. Paypal is still debiting the old account and now I’ve got overdraft charges. Paypal asks irrelevant questions regarding the transfer and won’t let you talk to a real person to get it straightened out. I’m not using Paypal any more!

  2. PAYPAL is a JOKE!!! I returned an item purchased using PAYPAL, it was broken. I used the vendor’s return UPS label, downloaded the “proof of signature” and STILL PAYPAL RULED IN THE VENDOR’S FAVOR!!

  3. To get a refund is RIDICULOUS. Thought PayPal was suppose to support the buyer. Made a purchase using PayPal, returned product via UPS so have proof of shipping & return. As of this date still have no refund and no product. Been calling PayPal for resolution. They keep telling me they are waiting for sellers response. I have the tracking # and signature as proof of return merchandise, yet paypal still can do nothing. LAST TIME I USE PAYPAL FOR ANYTHING.

  4. I want this account closed immediately! If you people take any more money from my account, I’m suing you butts! Now cancel it ASAP!

  5. It is a faece trying to make a payment by computer. First you cant find the proper site. I never did find it. So I found a telephone number for customer service and got a computer. First it gave a balance. First it gave a balance that was clearly wrong. Then was asked again if I wanted to make a payment, again it gave a balance that was incorrect. I finally made the payment but have no idea if it will be posted or not. Thing about canceling my account.

  6. can I use pay pal for getting donations from individuals to have an operation?, how does it works; please e-mail me or call me at. should I create a wedpage and domain first?

  7. Received paypal master card today it had my address and another persons name on it, it aso had his routing number and bank account information ! After getting disconnected twice i finally talked to someone i will send card back tommorrow. Ido not want to deal with them any more , if i got this mans information what will happen to mine?

  8. Pay pal sucks……… I try to use my credit card and all I get is they can’t recognize it yet I used the same card before by computer got a virus. Bought new one and can’t use the same card. This is the only card I have…

  9. Paypal Owes me money for “a” sale about $49.95 minus charges. I have not received the money and I am getting queries about my Bank Tracking Nos. and other items that I have already advised you of. I do want to keep an account wih you but how to I rectify matters in any but a robotic environment which gets me nowhere

    My Tel No. is, E-Mail: My Name is Gary

  10. Fraud:This is a company fraud,I sold some stuffs on eBay,but PAYPAL never make deposits at the bank,but they block my eBay account,just for around 4.50 USD. I owe,and we can’t talk with no life person never,always automatic machine answer,so heck PAYPAL

  11. Fraud alert!!!

    Today I found that Paypal Credit is a different connect from Paypal Smart connect. Both have my information I have been paying Smart connect more than regular, But Paypal Credit says I am three payments behind, Different companies, Buyer Beware. Scam time, One sends you statement by mail. the other email. Not happy with either.

  12. Avoid watchrepairsofamerica. Last Summer I sent them my Swiss Army watch for repair. The estimate came in at $125 appr,plus s&h. It would have cost the original price to fix my watch. T told them I was unsure so they told offered to hold the watch ’till I made up my mind.

    Move ahead to June4,2014. I had contacted WatchRepairs and released my Swiss Army for repair and paid with my cc. The next day I received an invoice for repairs to a WENGER CHRNO. I signed off on the Wenger mistakingly thinking it was mine.

    So my bank won’t stand with me, and Ebay say’s not much.

  13. I have been locked out of my account for security reasons.

    ‘WE DO NOT RECOGNIZE YOUR DEVICE” then they give me a “choice” to accept a text message or voice mail to a cell phone. What if I NO LONGER HAVE THE CELL PHONE? I am being forced to go out AND PURCHASE A CELL PHONE IN ORDER TO ACCESS MY OWN GOD DAMNED ACCOUNT!

    This IS ME. This is MY computer. What gives? Even fedbook is requiring members provide a cell phone number. Hotmail is also doing the same thing. We suspected that the powers that be and technology would do this. They will find a way to track consumers. RFID chips will be next. Invasion of privacy for the false reasons.


  14. I want to change my account from paying through savings to paying through checking. Some banks have a monthly limit to transactions involving paying out with savings. Other companies I deal with give you the option to edit your account. Not PayPal! It is impossible to make this simple change. I don’t appreciate being led to a forum that answers questions similar to yours and hoping to find an answer. I will just go back to using my credit card which probably offers less security.

  15. I called this morning about a charge that I did not understand on a receipt and spoke to someone immediately who clarified my confusion. Good customer service. The key is when the automated menu comes on just keep saying “representative” and you’ll get to speak to a person.

  16. There is no easy way to access customer service and receive instant chat or a way to resolve issues. Read the comments – most center on this same frustration. the concept is great – the reality is not so great.

  17. Don’t use paypal just purchase on line for an item that i never received. paypal took money out of my account but, i never received my item. can someone please report paypal to the FBI!!!!!!!! FOR RIPPING OFF PEOPLE.

  18. Thanks! I didn’t have much faith in paypal either based on past experience.And after what i read today about

    other peoples experiences ( all negative ) I won’t be doing any business with them at all. Thanks again for your

    help and saving me from a lot of anguish.

  19. There are three monthly charges on my account for $8.95 for October,November and December to a web site called clouds.

    Is there any way to get my money back?

    Please remove this account from my PayPal Account.


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