PayPal Customer Service


Paypal Customer Service Phone Number for Support and Help.

Paypal is the revolutionary internet payment system. Paypal started with Ebay users and has since been purchased and added to the Ebay family of companies.

Paypal USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address

2211 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95131
Corporate Phone Number: 1-402-935-2050

Paypal Phone Numbers

Customer Service: 1-866-528-3733

International: 1-402-935-2050

Paypal Credit: 1-866-528-3733

Paypal Hours

5AM-8PM PT, Monday through Friday and 6AM-6PM PT, Saturday and Sunday

Paypal Contact Website

Paypal’s Contact Us Page Click Here is not associated with Paypal. Our website is for information and review purposes only. Please do not leave personal information in your rating or review.

Paypal Customer Service
Paypal Customer Service Phone Number

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354 Replies to “PayPal Customer Service”

  1. when I signed up, it was because you were connected to Coinstar. You stopped that service. I find that you also

    refuse to accept my debit card. I’m told I have to go thru other channels to use my account. No, I do not have to

    do anything. I just need to drop you. You have been nothing but a disappointment.

  2. I am getting dozens of recorded messages that have nothing to do with why I’m calling. How do I simply ask what I have to tell people they need to do in order to transfer funds to my account? Surely, all your customers need to know that at some point.

  3. Pay pal take advantage on the promotion , by not applying any extra payment after sastyfying the minimum payment, so a client pay Interest anyway, Promotion is simple way to get us!!!!

  4. Tried Calling Six Times and never talked to a human. Not sure if they are using Aliens. The most advanced

    company of ignoring customers. They solved their problems by not using foreign phone agents!

  5. I ran the maze several times in the last house. It appears that no humans work for this company. I plan to cancel you as soon as I can. Your customer service sucks. I do not have time to spend to follow the directions that lead nowhere and use only computers which do not help.

  6. PayPal/EBay allowed vender to charge my account BEFORE disclosing shipping and handling costs. Now I am expected to pay a very shipping and handling fee which makes the purchase much too costly.

    How do I handle this problem? Surely this type of transaction is not characteristic of EBay/PayPal.

  7. I want you to know I did not order anything from a wine co and I have called my bank and told them not to pa

    any charge for 89 dollars

  8. I ask to change a password and then when I do it doesn’t accept it. I have had a paypal account for sometime. When I do to use it, it will refuse it.

  9. I am in receipt of correspondence through e-mail informing me that there is an error with my account and until it is cleared by my contacting `PayPal at the following e-mail address ( PayPay has stopped all of my transactions regarding payments pending currently accordingly to this e-mail. Firstly, I do not have any issues with PayPal as I have not used the system for years i.e. 5 years approximately.

    I am of the opinion that this is a scam and am therefore informing you of this correspondence so you can investigate the matter further.

    I am based in the UK so hopefully the office involved with this matter will receive this communication and action what needs implemented to confirm the validity of this correspondence. I personally have no current dealings with anyone dealing with purchases’ or payments on my behalf to any third party. Regards Adrian D Ross.

  10. I have called to reset my password. It does not work. I want to review my account and cannot do it. Please just reset or give me a new password that works. I cant “play” on the computer all day trying to reset my password. Please call my home with a real person to resolve this problem.

  11. Lots of trouble with your organization! Left 2 times! About to do so again! Bank tried to transfer funds to Pay Pal–You REFUSED?????????????????Owe seller ribergeron for a .25 OS Max .25 rc engine-$31.25. ID 7FW719141W059680M, dated 5/10/15. I have 3 degrees, long time gold customer rating, oil/gas wells & am 67 yrs. old, scratch/plan builder, retired draftsman/teacher, ran model aviation classes at schools & churches! What’s in your wallet/legacy when you pass from this life? Please clear this issue up. Thank you, Roy

  12. I don’t have any comments yet coz it is my first time that I will use it for paying bills but I guess this should be great coz it a has security and one could scam or get the card No. by anyone.

  13. I have generally been satisfied with service from PayPal EXCEPT when I need to speak to someone about a charge. I do not want to file a fraud claim I just want to have a conversation with someone who knows what is going on!

    I have requested a phone number for “Click Bank” so I can contact them…not received so far. At the moment I have six (6) charges I want to check 3 of them are with Click Bank; two are with ActBlue; and the sixth is just PayPal.

  14. I’ve been trying to get thru to put money on my acct, but I’m, put on hold please help so I don’t lose my merchandise.

    Hoberta Sommerville

  15. I am a recent widow and have a jeep wrangled for sale and have been contacted by a potential buyer who wants to pay per PayPal. He sounds suspicious and I would like to know how I find out if he has an account or even any funds to pay for this vehicle. I have called my bank and they advised a c cashier’s check would be best and they would call his bank to verify funds in that account. Is it safe to take his payment from his PayPal account. Please advise and thank you

  16. paypal held on to my money, my bank account number, also my credit card number and didn’t release them even though i didn’t want them to keep them. they asked for so much identification i thought i was signing up for welfare or something and I don’t owe them one (1) thin dime and I have always paid them, I had been dealing wit them for about 9 to 7 years it has been a really horrible experience I’ll never deal with nor will i recommend another person to them my brother-in-law and all of us bout 5 people have had really bad experience with them.


  17. Live person: follow the prompts

    Threw: Through

    Can’t get person: follow directions

    Card fraud: you were hacked between your last purchase and preceding the date of your problem

    Solution: Get the program “herdProtect’ for free. It amalgamates 68 of the best anti-virus, keyloggers, Trojan horses and other anti-hacking tools. C-Net is a fully trustworthy source, and vigorously tests and tries to crack everything they offer. In 13 years I have NEVER gotten a raw deal. Use photocopies of any thing that demonstrates that you were not at the physical or IP site when the deal was made. Also that your past payment and purchases do not fall into the categories of the things you normally buy. Also, get statements from the vendors of the physical or e-mail address the service or merchandise was delivered to. This is absolute proof that will stand in any court.

    PayPal: your site is a little convoluted, and could be made more intuitive while remaining logical. Otherwise, you’re doing well for me.

  18. I have a paypal account and your system will accept my LOG-IN —-I than went to apply for a new account with a new credit card and password—and again your system will NOT ACCEPT either. I USED ALL 4 OF MY CREDIT CARDS AND NONE WILL BE ACCEPTED—-WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ???????????????????

    IS THIS A SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CALL ME AT = DON I WANT TO SPEAK TO A LIVE PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. bought lawn mower cover, way too big – need to return and get smaller one if available, or return and get refund. How do I talk to a person and not a recorder????

  20. Dear sirs,

    I opened my e:mail and you congratulated someone by the name of Nicole Foster for becoming a part of pay pal with my e:mail address. I don’t know a Nicole Foster, I hope this was an error on either her or your part. I do not know how this individual got my e:mail but I do not know this person. I’m not real happy they are using my e:mail to get in contact with you. If this indeed some kind of fraud, I do hope that your company will take care of this immediately.

    I hope you can fix this issue quickly.


    Kim Bates

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