PayPal Customer Service

Paypal Customer Service Phone Number for Support and Help.

Paypal is the revolutionary internet payment system. Paypal started with Ebay users and has since been purchased and added to the Ebay family of companies.

Paypal Phone Numbers

Customer Service: 1-866-528-3733

International: 1-402-935-2050

Paypal Credit: 1-866-528-3733

Paypal Hours

5AM-8PM PT, Monday through Friday and 6AM-6PM PT, Saturday and Sunday

Paypal Contact Website

Paypal’s Contact Us Page Click Here is not associated with Paypal. Our website is for information and review purposes only. Please do not leave personal information in your rating or review.

Paypal Customer Service
Paypal Customer Service Phone Number

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  1. i don’t know know what happen to my paypal account,it says access denied..every month my british bf send me money thru paypal,sad to say now they said access can i transfer the money in the bank account if i can’t access paypal account.i need your help now,

  2. same story!!!! have been trying to get hold of s.o or some instructions to change my phone nber since 10 days!!! hours of nonsense instructions, endless out of date customers service phone nbers, my password not working anymore (& I’m sure of it!!) being the beginning of the nerve breaking story!!! HOW DO WE CHANGE A PHONE NBER WHEN THE WEB SITE LEAVES NO OPTION TO DO SO, & WHEN THERE SEEMS TO BE ABSOLUTELY NO EXISTING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! seriously!!!

  3. they r a bunch of nuts, who the hell keeps the same numberwhen changing jobs and things or getting a new phone cause scammers have bombarded ur old number w pestering junk… so when u try to log on and u have forgot ur password than want to send u a text to a number u no longer even have…then customer service was suppose to send a code for resetting and it’s been 24 hours, gawd with so many ways to send money i don’t see how they r even in business, it is a so frustrating as i was trying to help someone purchase books for school…PAYPAL ur insane, btw, thanks for driving me insane too cause yeah, i wanted to b in ur club

  4. Worst Customer Service – no wait, there is NO customer service. Tried to call but waited on hold for over an hour, but the auto attend said it was a 17 minute wait. I am cancelling my account and never using Pay Pal again.

  5. I needed a reversal of payment on an order and PayPal completed this within 10 minutes.

  6. would never use paypal again they do not back you on shady deals from companys on internet

  7. I have been paying with monthly statements and all of a sudden money was being taken out of the bank for some of the purchases, well I got hat taken care of and now they want to bill me for one purchase that should be on my next statement. This makes me paying two bills a month to them which I don’t understand. I thought when I singed up for PayPal that it would be monthly statements. I’m getting a little bit tired of this back and forth payment crap.

  8. PayPal gave me a $4800 line of credit but won’t let me use “bill me later” option. I ALWAYS pay on time…oh, right, that’s the problem! I pay it off before they can collect interest. Bait and switch. Disgusting!

  9. Hi. I’m trying and trying to get the PayPal customer service number here in the Philippines for almost 2hrs, can you please help me .why if I shop online in the states I can not use my paypal?… I even added one more card to be some but still nothing happen. And this 4pm Manila time I received a tx message that my order 205269448 is cancelled. I don’t know why. Can PayPal customer service help me regarding this situation. It been happening to me for almost 3 days that’s why yesterday I add one more credit card of mine. Kindly help me. I’ve been trying to contact by phone but no answer and it’s not even ringing. I’m really so so desperate of what’s happenning to my Paypal. I did check yesterday, but my Paypal is zero balance so that means I can use it. I didn’t even exceed to my credit limit. Please I really need your help. And this PayPal is getting me crazy. So please HELP.

  10. I am canceling my new PayPal account due to their support of the Democrap agenda. God bless NC! Shame on you PayPal and I am calling/emailing everyone I know to ask them to cancel the use of your service. Be a business and make money but keep your politics out of my life.

  11. I wanted to Cancel my existing card that I no longer want and add another card.

    There seem to be no facility to allow me to do that.

  12. I forgot my password and it won’t let me put a new phone number in.

    Will not accept any code I put in

  13. Have a query on my credit card statement. wish to talk to a live customer service agent. need a phone number

  14. Why is it when I buy something on EBAY using PAYPAL payment is received instant, But I SELL something and PAYPAL is HOLDING MY FUNDS for 21 days or longer..EXPLAIN PLEASE

  15. My name is Karen E BARNETT.I


  16. I have had fine service with Pay Pal. However, I am writing to congratulate them on pulling out of North Carolina. If they had not made this move I would have discontinued my use of their services.

  17. Paypal is nightmare. I changed my debit card number. Now I can’t log in to find out why pay pal isn’t releasing the money. They have all the wrong info and no way to correct it. After an hour I got a human being. Might as well have been a recording. Knew nothing. Couldn’t understand plain English. Told me to go to my bank. My bank had told me to contact Pay Pal. Hopeless mess. Endless aggravation. If I say here what I think of Pay Pal the system will censor it. And that’s probably the only problem Pay Pal is insightful enough and competent enough and concerned enough about to anticipate. Jim

  18. It is not equal rights for some perverted man to use the bathroom with my daughters. Shame on Paypal for supporting deviancy!

    Way to go North Carolina. Stand up for common decency.

  19. i had my bank account hooked up to my paypal and was able to transfer paypal money to my bank account with no issues and then one day i tried to transfer money and it said i had to connect my paypal account to my bank account which i obviously already had done so i tried to connect it again and i keep getting a message saying they are unable to connect my account and to try again later and its been over a month now!!! i have money on my paypal account that i desperately need!

  20. PayPal apparently has changed their protocol in How We Do Things . I Just Need To Change My Credit Card Info And Add A New Card , But I Have Now Been Transferred To Three Different Persons, And I Am About Ready To Cancel My Pay Pal Account, Because Of The Hassle. If Someone There Can Change My Personal Information Very Soon , I Will Try And get Over Being Upset And Wait A Few Minutes . Otherwise I Will Just Cancel My Pay Pal Account , For I Don’t Need Or Use PayPal That Often.

  21. I have not used my PayPal account for a long time. If you have had any recent activity at all my account has been used by a hacker or whatever so please close my account.

    Thank you,

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