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People Magazine Customer Service Contact Phone Number to Call for Support and Help

People Magazine is a celebrity and lifestyle magazine that has the highest readership of any U.S. magazine. People’s largest competitor is US Weekly.

People Magazine Corporate Offices

1716 Locust Street,

Des Moines, IA 50309-3023

805 Third Avenue

New York, NY 10022

Corporate Phone Number: 1-515-284-3000

NY Office Corporate: 1- 212-499-2000

Customer Service: 1-866-365-1620

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People Magazine Customer Service

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167 Replies to “People Magazine Customer Service”

  1. I sent a renual the middle of December. I did not hear anything. Then I received a letter and followed the instructions. There still is no renual. I think something is wrong.

  2. I need to talk to customer service
    The number is always busy I have been a subscriber for
    30 years and the last magazine I have received was dated 12-17-18
    Please call me and send my past magazines to me
    #03785 might be account number.

  3. I need to talk to customer service, please. They say I have an outstanding bill. I DO NOT. For some reason I have 2 accounts ?? All these phone numbers that are listed do not work. I have 2 addresses for PEOPLE magazine. What is going on ??

  4. On November 26, 2018, I paid $54.50 for my People Magazine subscription. I have not received a magazine since. When I attempt to login in to People to tell them that I have missed issues, the website says that I do not exist. Basically, People stole $54.50 from me and won’t reply to my emails I have sent to Customer Service. Total disgrace!

  5. In OCTOBER I sent a check for 36 dollars to People magazine.
    It was a special for a year subscription of PEOPLE and IN STYLE
    I received them for a few months but none in December
    Please honor my subscription or tell me why they have stopped.Thank you
    Dr Jack Melmed

  6. I took advantage of a people magazine offer I sent money to them on October 25 and have still not received a magazine. Did I get ripped off?

  7. I just received my December issue, and it is torn to pieces. Impossible to read except for a few pages. I called the post office, they said their scanning machine sometimes shreds the magazines, I’ve never had this happen to this degree before. They told me to call People magazine to get a new copy, Post

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