Snapchat is the popular photo sharing site for Android and iPhones. They do not offer a customer service phone number. However, they do have online support.
SnapChat Corporate
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Pacific Palisades, CA 90272-4470

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  1. Ive been locked out of my account. I tried to rest my password and send it via sms and haven’t received anything. Can ywe u unlock my account ? I don’t use third party’s or nothing else. This is down right ridiculous

  2. I tried logging into snapchat and I forgot my password and my email associated with snapchat is not valid is there anyway I can still get my password if I don’t have the email? I need to talk to support and see if they can reset it for me

  3. Snapchat- I don’t know why this happened but my friends account was permanently locked. We woke up and she went on her phone and saw that she got a notification that said she was locked. We don’t know what had happened but we looked on the snpachat website and saw that “tweak” or “third-party” apps can cause this to happen. So she deleted her “third- party” app she had. We waited an hour, and still nothing. Can you please fix this issue.

  4. I don’t have access to my previous phone where I had once been logged in to my snap chat. I’m trying to look in from a different device. I don’t want to start over. Is there anyway it can send me an email instead? I just want to log in on a new device without using my old phone. I never got the chance to make a recovery code either.

  5. Apparently I’ve been permanently locked out of my account because my friend wanted to go and change my birthday I am old enough to be able to use Snapchat

  6. my phone was stolen and my verifivation code was saved to my phone so now i can not get the new code because it keeps sending it to my old number which again i say is gone please help its making me really mad

  7. I am locked out of my snapchat because i got a new phone and no longer have access to the number on my snapchat to do the verify code please help ;(

  8. how can I log in to my snapchat. I know my password nd usernme but its trying to send me code to my old phone number I’m no longer access to it.

  9. I don’t know my password to my snapchat nor my email, but I do know my username how can I get back into my Snapchat . I believe that email that was a link to my Snapchat I deactivated the email. please help me!

  10. I am having trouble resetting my password because I forgot it the first Time and I lost that acount so I made a new one with a fake email so I could have another snap and when I went to log in cause my phone got reset I forgot my password but I couldn’t do the reset ur password thing cause I used a fake email and I can’t get it back and I need help

  11. So I am being blackmailed by a person I snapchtat who is threatening to post a pic of me on ig and tell everyone that some undresseds are myn and but my face up to. I need help I blocked him but he will post them. I want him gone I want his accounts gone so ppl can feel I can feel safe I don’t know what to do I don’t want ppl think ing these are myn cuz there not!

  12. Hello, I’m having troubles with my snapchat. I went to change my password but I have no clue what it was so then I tried changing it through email and I entered a fake email because I did not know my real one at the time. And in order to change my email, I have to know my password which I do not. And I logged out and can not get back in. I had over 200 people on there and I want to see if there is any way to get it back. I did have my cell number in my snapchat tho. Someone, please help

  13. I forgot my snapchat password and I tried to reset it but my school email got deleted so it sent the email to that but I can’t reset it bc the email doesn’t exist anymore. I really want my snapchat back please.

  14. Why did you take the face off the ghost? This upsets me and many others. I would like to recommend that you change the character to a hedgehog.

    Thanks, A.J.

  15. My snapchat says it’s waiting like it’s updating and it has been saying that for the past 5-6 hours. I have tried to restart my phone and it still didn’t work after that.

  16. I tried a long time ago to sign up for snapchat and picked a user name and password with my gmail email address, but couldn’t get it to work. So I TRIED AGAIN to sign up using a different user name and password and its got me all confused!! I JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO DELETE ALL MY ACCTS UNDER MY NAME and START COMPLETELY OVER!!! I can’t find out where to do that and every password I try to use, it says I can’t or its wrong or something. PLEASE LET ME START ALL OVER!!! It’s under the address but I want to use my address please. PLEASE HELP!!! 🙁 Thank you

  17. I believe someone has hacked my daughters snap chat account. This person is sending unfavorable emails to her contacts from my daughter. Is there anything that can be cone about this?

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