WalMart Customer Service

Walmart Customer Service Phone Number for Support and Help.

Walmart Boasts Low Prices on Top Brands in Computers, TVs, Toys, GPS, Video Games, DVDs, Music, Apparel, Housewares, iPod, Photo, and Groceries.

Walmart started with one discount store in Arkansas owned by Sam Walton. Since that time, Walmart has grow to be the largest retailer in the world. 

Worldwide Walmart operates as Asada in the UK, Seiyu Group in Japan, and Best Price in India. Walmart also operates in Canada, Mexico, South America, and South Africa.

More Walmart Phone Numbers

Customer Feedback: 1-800-925-6278

Walmart Credit Card: 1-877-294-7880

Walmart Discover Card: 1-866-611-1148

Walmart MoneyCard: 1-877-937-4098

Walmart Visa Gift Card: 1-866-633-9096

Sam’s Club: 1-800-964-1917

Investor Relations: 1-479-273-6463

Walmart is a traditional retailer that has embraced online shopping and social media. Listed below are their social media accounts. Walmart customer service is rated very high for their stores and they pride themselves on great customer service. Let them know in our comment section or on Social media.

Walmart Social Media

Walmart on Twitter

Walmart on Facebook

Walmart on Instagram

Walmart has expanded into other brands. Brands like Allswell, Bonobos, Hayneedle, Jet, Modcloth, MooseJaw, Sam’s Club, Shoes.com, Ozark Trail and VUDU.


Walmart Customer Service
Walmart Customer Service

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178 Replies to “WalMart Customer Service”

  1. I am really upset with wall mart!!!! I ordered a coat on BLACK FRIDAY!!! Yes, correct BLAck FRIDAY!! I have been given 4 deliver dates and still have not received!! It IS a CHRISTMAS gift…..I looked on line and you are still selling the coat???? So you can sale them BUT can’t deliver??? I think this is AWFUL of the company!!! I had an email stating deliver last Monday so Tuesday I called you ……only to be told no it would be the 24 the…..called back only to be told no ship out day is 24 to so forget Christmas gift is what I was told!!!! I worked for Wall Mart for 5 years….years ago and before poor management!!! I wish this was your moms present!!! I do expect to hear from you SOON!!

  2. I shop Walmart 1985 located in Laurel and I can not understand ” why or how” they can continuously have

    wrong shelve prices and in addition, some shelves have items with no price at all!! I have made it a consistent

    habit to either write the prices on the merchandise I am purchasing or try to remember the shelve price ( only

    when purchasing small items). I was under the impression that price accuracy is very important and the government has regulations re such. However, 85% of the time that I shop, one or more items does not

    scan the shelve price. While the staffer check for the correct price, the check out line is backing up and

    other customers are giving me some dirty looks ( even though it’s not my fault for the delay). The price integrity

    for Walmart 1985 is questionable and needs improvement. On a more positive note, most of the staffers are pleasant and the store is clean.

  3. regarding walMart # 00542 on mlk jr blvd . This is the worst store. Many times items or misplaced, or in multiple places with different prices. Friendly customer is a miracle when it happens. Evidently friendly customer service and customer satisfaction was burred with Mr. Sam when he passed. God bless him. I have seen customer service go downhill since Mr. Sam passed. No one is going to get me to believe that Mr. Sam’s passing has nothing to do with the way WalMarts are being run today.

    I spoke to someone at the cooperate office today about a problem I had yesterday. I’m anxiously and positively waiting to see how this problem will be solved at the store level.

  4. I have the “Shipping Pass” I placed an order of which all 5 items were available via shipping pass. When the order processed my credit card it reverted to site to store none shipped to my home, I finally 2 days later got a rep via the phone, I was told the site made a mistake I should live with it. I thought the online reps idea was bad until I spoke to his supervisor Charles who hung up on me while supposedly transferring me to corporate. He said the best way for him to help me was for me to pay for my order a 2nd time then it would hopefully ship to my home and when I didn’t pick the items up at the store my other money which they already took from my bank — it would get refunded eventually!! Now I LOL – he felt I was being mean — no matter how i tried to explain that made no sense he rushed to end the call – anyone else think this was good customer service. Now since I gave the order # they hang up once I call!

  5. My husband Charles Miller purchased a Roku 3 from Walmart. He had trouble getting it to connect to our tv. On the screen, it gave him a number to call. Unfortunately, I don’t have that number now to report it to you. Evidently somehow Roku 3 system was hacked and the rep he talked to from number given on tv screen told him what keys to press on computer to get Roku 3 to connect and when they couldn’t find a solution was trying to tell him our system was completely corrupted and that they needed to connect him to another person that would fix it and save him a lot of money. They also wanted to know what all we had connected to this system. My husband grew suspicious and told him we’d get someone out here to check it out and hung up. This person called back and still insisted he could save him a lot of money. My husband again told him he would get someone out here and that he was suspicious of the call. After my husband hung up again and went to his computer it wouldn’t let him online and evidently all the keys this person told him to click did corrupt his computer. It was a new computer with no problems previously. He had to take his computer into a local computer shop and have it repaired. They told him this was the fourth computer that had been hacked and that they had to repair caused by this number he had called; and they have reported it.. We don’t hold you in any way responsible but feel you should know about it to keep other customers from having this nightmare of a problem. We later did try connecting Roku 3 again to our tv and the connection went through without any problems. We hadn’t given any personal information or credit card numbers nor passwords, etc; so we figured we were okay with trying to connect the unit up again. On box: Serial #: 4E6546038419 Model #: 4230RW Lot #: 5200139303 I hope you can get this cleared up and corrected and mostly find out who did this dishonest thing and have them dealt with. We are very happy with the system; but it seems to have a glitch sometimes with the sound for a few seconds.

  6. Very disappointed today to find your 1259 store out of Equate overnight incontinence pads. These are a necessity for me and apparently either they were out of stock or you just aren’t carrying them anymore. Also this store has stopped carrying cat grass. The London store carries both so far as I know but is a 20 mile round trip for me. However, if I have to go there to get those two items, I might as well get everything else I need while I am in London. Also, I spent over $80 today and did not get a survey receipt. Though this store is most convenient for me since I live in Corbin, I hope you will see fit to start stocking the two items I’ve mentioned again.

  7. I recently ordered a computer from Walmart.com, I was tol that this computer was refurbished but has the same warranty as a new one. The computer came from a company named VIP outlet not WALMART. I opened the computer and set it up but it has not operated properly since day one so I called HP tech support and they have had me on the phone several hours at 3 different times and they are supposed to call me again [from the phillipines] this evening. I would like them to issue a pick-up on this order and send me a shipping box so they can issue me a refund since they cannot seem to get it to work properly!

  8. Went to Walmart in Pflugerville, Texas on Sunday morning to get eight items around 8:30 a.m. I got to the check out counter and there were only two checkout lanes open but each were lined up with 3 shoppers each with full carts. I proceeded to the self-check out counters and started to check out but noticed there was no bar code on one of the items I wanted. I had to take my items and go find another item with a bar code. I returned to the self-check. Since I was buying spray paint, the message indicated I had to wait until the self-check clerk finished with another customer before she came to authorize the paint. She had a look of annoyance on her face. After getting the paint through the check out, a problem occurred with the self check and said to remove an item from the checkout area. Again the machine had to have the clerk come back to clear the self-check out. I waited for 2-3 minutes and then realized I could go down the street to Target or Home Depot and get the items I needed. I really hated to do so but I left everything behind and left the store. Walmart is not succeeding because of their lack of good customer service and care for customers.

  9. last month I order some baby things for my new granddaughter everything went through so recently I tried ordering things for my other kids I get an email that the order is being processed then 10 minutes later they send me another email cancelling my order due to incorrect information on my credit card, I called the card company and THEY SAID EVERYTHING WAS FINE, so what the hell is the problem I called Walmart few weeks ago they said they would fix it and now I am having the same issue what drama with Walmart.

  10. Absolutely terrible. Totally incompetent. Also – why do companies like Walmart assign telephone duties to people who use English as a second language? Maddening

  11. Good morning, The website for ordering on Walmart.com has become more difficult

    To shop on and impossible to order. I hope it will be corrected soon. I thought

    It was a valuable service and I appreciate it. Please let me know if this I a temporary

    Problem. Sincerely M. Lyons

  12. This is the 5th time I miss work, I miss a paycheck, I went to Walmart store number location is 3290 Sheridan Dr, Amherst New York at 23:31:15, I had to stand in line with almost a hundred customers were waiting, there was only 1 cashier, then it took about 45 minutes for a second register to open and the you scan closed at 11:oopm, I have experience this too much, I even have a video from last month when it was the same way. They never ever have enough cashiers at this location, service is awful, and there were guest with children and as for me I miss another night of work with the Niagara falls reserve unit, I got written up, even though I was 3 hours to get to work. I am so sick of this, I feel like I am own the wages I miss and for you all to see the video I took last month with only 1 cashier around the same time. Something has to be done about this, people were really getting irate and children were asleep in the cart and then there were three women that had to take insulin for their diabetes. You can see videos from the store at that night 23 March 2016, I kept my receipt was going to video tape again , but my phone die. I would like either a gift card or a check for my loss wages, its such a shame that customer service was close as well. The girl that appear after everyone was complaining was rude and do not like her job , plus no pleasantries, to make us feel better, I could not even get a extra bag to tie my other bags up, I want this resolve

  13. Last night I went into Walmart in Santa Maria, CA. to buy a windproof lighter that they no longer carry , so I found some other stuff that I could use. After spending an unexpected $80 on other stuff, like I usually do there, because I shop there daily and see several familiar faces who are employees and periodically conversewith them. I see an item there iI just bought a few weeks before that has been marked down $20 dollars and is on sale with a “rollback” sticker. I look above that item and see another that is priced the same but even higher quality so I ask the clerk about it and he agrees to it saying it’s a great price and sale. So, being that the register in that area is now closed because the store is closing soon and about 30-45 minutes to closing , he says he has to bring to thesstorefront for me to purchase. I get to the counter to pay, and the price is incorrect to the sale price. He takes the item back to the sporting goods area after the clerk States to me they will honor it’s sale price but the clerk takes it back anyway. I’m left therewithout my itemand after all that, iI pay for the item after a really nice woman named april gets a manager override to adjust the price. I pay for all my things and head home. At the door several people walk out and I am stoppedand singled out by a larger older woman staff there iI see everyone I shop there but this time she asks for my receipt seeing my arms are full of the stuff she just watched me purchase demanding my receipt. I show her the receipts and I’m accused by her and another black older woman I have seen there for years daily , of steeling the item. I have never been so upset, embarrassed, and disappointed that I was treated this way and I’m considering never going in again because I was humiliated and accused of stealing!!!!! What’s going on over there at Walmart in Santa Maria????!!!!?!!? ITS NOT COSTCO where you agree to let them inspect your purchase when becoming a member, but it looks like Walmart is trying to adopt it or use it to single out someone they want to accuse or theft even though she watched me BUY my things. What a tragedy that I could be a daily customer there since they opened and the employees treat me this way. embarrassed, disrespectful, unprofessional, discrimination, and so much more……. WALMART!!!; GET YOUR PEOPLE OVER THERE TOGETHER

  14. SUB.: Ematic Product Review

    Recently, on last thanksgiving day (26th November 2015) I bought your EWT932 TABLET from Fry’s Electronic store. I am a senior citizen and am trying to learn using your Tablet/Laptop. I like it for following features.

    1. Tablet-stuff-Laptop

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    4. I feel it will turn out a good product and will definitely recommend as value-for-money product

  15. I went to Walmart with instructions to buy an artificial tree that was advertised online for 29.88 regs. price 40.00 and when I questioned why it was not 29.88 was told that that is a clearance price and they could not adjust online clearance prices with merchandise in store but that I could order it online for that price and pick it up in 4 hours. What the heck, I don’t have time to be running around and ordering to come back and pick it up later. I need to have tree up in four hours due to company coming and not having any other time to do this. I work retail too and this is crazy, a retail establishment that will price match someone else but not their own ad. I cannot believe it. Thanks for you not so wonderful service Walmart.

  16. I am a grown woman, legally blind and use a guide dog. Our Walmart is located in Redding, California. Our experience while trying to shop at this Walmart is always tenuous at best due to the fact that this store allows any dog into their store regardless of its ability to provide a legal service to the owner. Due to the total lack of ADA law, along with California law pertaining to the same, this store has put my guide dog and me in harms way multiple times by allowing pets into the store. My guide dog has been attacked twice now by owners pets along with being barked at and rushed by people’s pets that are not service dogs. When does it end and how far do the threats have to go before Walmart takes responsibility by asking the appropriate questions of each guest who arrives at their door with a dog? According to ADA law any place of business is allowed to ask two (2) questions: The first being, is your dog a service dog? and the second, What is service does your dog perform for you? Neither question is often NOT Asked and if you are asked “Is your dog a service dog” and the person says yes, then that is their passport to entry, even if it is so obvious that the dog is NOT a service dog. Many times the dog is barking, pulling on the leash, dirty and totally untrained. How obvious does it have to be? What I get when I speak to a manager is, “We don’t want to insult our guests” if the dog is truly a service dog, the owner won’t be insulted but happy that their rights in using a service dog are not being violated by others. False actions like these make it difficult others who truly need a service dog. Come on Walmart, stop doing the wrong thing and start stepping up to the plate by protecting those who truly need to use a service dog. Start Asking the right and appropriate questions and sending the message to those who violate the law will be punished or at least refused entry to your store.

  17. Customer service is the worst. I order items I needed right away on Walmart.com and the site stated I would have them the same day, it is now three days later and I have not received the items. I called the Customer Service Department and asked for a Supervisor, this idiot asked me if I called the store to ask if the items were in stock, NOT MY FRIGGIN JOB, you take my money and promise me same day service and do not deliver them blame me for not calling the store. Will not be shopping at this or any Wall suck store anymore. They can make billions but not take care of their customers, bite my butt!! I will take my money to someone who appreciates me spending in their store. Oh and Customer Service promised to call back and never did. YOU SUCK WALMART!!

  18. my daughter ordered a 12 volt Dodge truck for her sons birthday with it being sent to her house. Put the payment on her credit card. The order went through and we got a order number. The order showed processing. They said they would send a shipment text notice when it shipped. Well no notice was sent and his birthday was coming. On the order it still showed processing. She called customer service and all they could tell her is what she all ready knew. They were looking at the same screen. He said he didn’t know what was happening, to wait 2 or 3 day. This now is after the birthday. She ask about canceling the order and he told her she could but he could not do anything with the order so it could still show up and she would be charged. We had to rush to get other things for his birthday and now was told to just wait and see what happens. This is the second time this has happened to us ordering on line. If Walmart can not do a better job fixing a problem, why have customer service????? The other question is if Walmart can not do a better job with there on line products, maybe they should quit. My son was going to order a truck for his daughter the same way and we told him to forget it. Thanks for a not happy birthday!!!!

  19. I visited with Clark and he was extremely helpful.

    He listened to my situation and took care of what

    needed to be done. So thankful for his courtesy.

  20. Good morning, The website for ordering on Walmart.com has become more difficult

    To shop on and impossible to order. I hope it will be corrected soon. I thought

    It was a valuable service and I appreciate it. Please let me know if this I a temporary

    Problem. Sincerely M. Lyons

  21. Bowing down to leftist will get you nowhere, stand up to them.Bring back handgun sales. And don’t quit selling rifles and shotguns.

  22. i paid a bounced check to you 3 years ago and i am still having problems with it i am not paying it twice 146 please clear me thank you

  23. The Coal Twp., PA Walmart pharmacy dept. did something to my pharmacy on-line account. They claimed I opened a second account, which is not only not true but can’t be done under the same e-mail address. They said they merged my 2 accounts. Since then, I can’t access my account at all. I can’t even refill rx’s under my husbands account (under another e-mail address). My account says “due to a temp. tech. error…..”and I must contact my local pharmacy. I TRIED THAT SEVERAL TIMES. Everyone there looks at me like I’m talking another language. They say they have no idea what I’m talking about because THEY DON’T DO THAT. I phoned c/s and the first thing “John” said was that he would transfer me to my local pharmacy. I told him my problem and he said he would send a ticket to the tech. dept. and I would be able to access my account within 24-48 hours. SIX DAYS LATER I STILL CAN’T ACCESS ACC’T. Their c/s is worthless and that’s a compliment. I thought I could disable my account and start a new one. I can’t because I must access the account in order to disable it. WHAT A JOKE…..Walmart is NOT customer friendly.

  24. On Wednesday, I was shopping at Wal Mart mart store in Mt. Olive NC 28365. I dropped a bottle of vinegar and the glass shattered. There was no one on that particular aisle at that moment so I went to the deli area to ask an employee to please find someone to clean the area. I was afraid someone would get hurt. Just as I got to the deli area__I felt something on my foot I looked down and I was standing in a puddle of blood. I think a little shard of glass punctured a vein. Then I called for help for myself. Bob, an assistant manager in the store came running as well as several other employees who brought bandages and paper towels. Bob tightly wound paper towels and bandages around my foot and applied pressure. We live close to the store __I called my husband and daughter and by the time they arrived, Bob had the bleeding in check. Bob asked if I would like for him to call the rescue, but I declined.

    All the people who helped me were wonderful and I just wanted you to know. Thank you.

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