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Walmart Customer Service Phone Number for Support and Help.

Walmart Boasts Low Prices on Top Brands in Computers, TVs, Toys, GPS, Video Games, DVDs, Music, Apparel, Housewares, iPod, Photo, and Groceries.

Walmart started with one discount store in Arkansas owned by Sam Walton. Since that time, Walmart has grow to be the largest retailer in the world. 

Worldwide Walmart operates as Asada in the UK, Seiyu Group in Japan, and Best Price in India. Walmart also operates in Canada, Mexico, South America, and South Africa.

More Walmart Phone Numbers

Customer Feedback: 1-800-925-6278

Walmart Credit Card: 1-877-294-7880

Walmart Discover Card: 1-866-611-1148

Walmart MoneyCard: 1-877-937-4098

Walmart Visa Gift Card: 1-866-633-9096

Sam’s Club: 1-800-964-1917

Investor Relations: 1-479-273-6463

Walmart is a traditional retailer that has embraced online shopping and social media. Listed below are their social media accounts. Walmart customer service is rated very high for their stores and they pride themselves on great customer service. Let them know in our comment section or on Social media.

Walmart Social Media

Walmart on Twitter

Walmart on Facebook

Walmart on Instagram

Walmart has expanded into other brands. Brands like Allswell, Bonobos, Hayneedle, Jet, Modcloth, MooseJaw, Sam’s Club, Shoes.com, Ozark Trail and VUDU.


Walmart Customer Service
Walmart Customer Service

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  1. I live in Silver City, NM and can no longer enter your store. You have installed a “WalMart Radio” sound system that is intolerable. The volume is very loud and the sound unpleasant. Everyone I have commented to about the sound level find it very uncomfortable and unpleasant to be in the store. I was told by an employee when it first went in that it was based on a survey that more people enjoyed music than those that did not. If this is the case please keep in mind that people who like music can and will still shop in your store without it and even they may not enjoy what you are playing and at that volume. There are many of us, due to hearing related health problems, who CANNOT enter the store. I did most of my shopping, even had my car serviced there but can no longer. This is a handicap that is not addressed in most places and we are rather isolated but to not be able to shop in the only large store in the area is sure making life difficult. Migraine sufferers, seizure disorder triggered by sound, missophonia, hyperacustics, and tinnitus are restricted from going many places. Thank goodness there are libraries!

  2. I purchased 6 35 gallon sterilite tubs which the store had no tops for. I filled all the tubs only to find out that none of the tops fit. So I went back to the store and was told you have no top for them. How can you have no tops for them?????? I was told to empty the tubs bring them back and buy ones that have tops. If I take them back I am not buying them at walmart again this is an inconvenient for me I am watching 6 children and an trying to back up a house. I do a lot of shopping at walmwart thinking about going some where else

  3. I live outside Crossville TN and do my shopping at the Crossville location, I have done the grocery shopping for my family for the past 35 years, I do a lot of shopping through sporting good and other departments, over the past year it seems that you guys are always short two to three items every time , I get discouraged when I go town and have to leave Wal-Mart to go to another store to pick up items, I get discouraged when I have to ask an associate to check for merchandise and have to wait around, some of your employees will scan to check, some will just nudge their shoulder and say: if its not there we don’t have it, I spoke with a customer service manager Yesterday morning and, she really did not show a true interest in my complaint acted like she was in a hurry and couldn’t wait to go another direction, I spend a lot of my hard earned money at Wal-Mart and I do work and have a job, I can do better with my budget there but will start checking out Kroger , Food City and Dunham’s to find what I need and even pay more for a better service if needed.PS: I WAS REALLY UPSET YESTERDAY BECAUSE OF BEING ON CRUTCES AND HAVING MY SON TO PUSH MY BUGGIE AND TO GO TO THE AUTOMOTIVE DEPARTMENT ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORE TO GET THE TYPE OF OIL I ALWAYS USE, TO FIND OUT YOU ALL WERE OUT,SO ALONE WITH NOT HAVING THE SWEET AND SOUR MIX AND THE OIL, THERE ARE YOUR TWO ITEMS THIS WEEK, THIS HAS WENT ON EVERY OTHER WEEK THROUGH OUT THE PAST YEAR, I GET PAID BYWEEKLY,I CAN’T WAIT TILL CROSSVILLE GETS A TARGET AND SOME OTHER FOOD CHAINS SO THEN MAYBE YOUR ACCOSIATES WOULD HAVE APPRICIATED THE CUSTOMERS THEY ONCE HAD!

  4. I live in Richmond, Va and I wanted to share what I think about the Walmart on Walmart Way in Richmond, VA. I am a Walmart lover so this really bothers me. This store is such a mess.They never seem to have the stuff that other Walmart has. The selection for scrubs is little to none. The store has gone downhill in the past 6-8 months. Shoe department is always very limited. If I travel to the Forest Hill location or the Hull Street they have plenty of everything. They have things I have never seen at the Walmart Way location. The store needs to be reviewed by higher management. This Walmart is the closes to me and I would love to have the merchandise that other Walmart has.

  5. I am so disgusted! Have been shopping Walmart a long time and was signed in, and had an automatic check-out.

    Bought a lot of things……know how to check out. Lately I put things in my cart, and no matter what I do I go to checkout and it will NOT GO THROUGH NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES I try! So frustrating, and no reason. I want to buy from Walmart but may have to go elsewhere….so tired of this glitch, and no reason for it!

  6. I went to the Walmart in Douglas, GA today for a yard of fabric. After waiting to get it cut for 10 minutes, I went to the electronics department to have someone paged. Another fifteen minutes went by with no help, so I called the store to have someone paged. After two pages, still no help. I have now been standing there waiting for 35 minutes. An associate walked by and ignored me. I asked the second associate to walk by if she could please find someone to cut some fabric. She offered to see if she could find someone to page someone, and that’s when I walked out, drove over half an hour to the Walmart in Hazlehurst, GA and was waited on immediately. Douglas Walmart is a hole and the associates are not at all friendly. Someone needs to make a surprise visit and see for themselves. We spend at least $200 a week at Walmart, but not at Douglas anymore if we can help it.

  7. had an oil change at the princeton. illinois store. men done the work in less than a half hour just as they told me, so i went shoping for 25 minutyesand they told me the oil change was to be audited by management. i waited for 20 minutes and asked the service tech to call again and tell management i was wanting to go. he did call management again, another 15 minutes a low and behold a rebecca harrison arrived and went to my vehicle and checked absolutely nothing. never raised the hood, absolutely nothing, then walked away going right by meand never said a word to me like sorry it took me so long to get here. i called the store and asked for dave, the manager at 1:30 this afternoon, rebecca answered, i requested that dave should call me. it is now 4:00 and no call from dave.

  8. I tried calling two different stores for seeing about a product. The first store, located in Sun Prairie, WI, never answered. The second store, I was put on hold and finally hung up without getting an answer. I am not pleased.

  9. He tratado de realizar en varias ocasiones compra por internet y me ha sido imposible debido que me sale una compania que debo pagarle $ 49.00 por un ano para realizar dicha compra trato buscar en los distintos establecimientos de Walmart y me ha sido negado tal ayuda ,informando que Ellos no lo pueden hacer,nada Yo cancele Mi tarjeta de Walmart asi como que trato de comparal lo menos posible en dicho estableciento ,pueden verificar mis compras anteriores asi como la cancelacion de la tarjeta.

  10. I purchased a pair of house shoes last week and I washed them on Thursday and the top of both of them unraveled. I went to the customer service desk yesterday and was told she couldn’t help me. It was my lost. I have a Walmart credit card and several months ago I paid it off. I have recently started using it again, but after she was no help I feel like I should stop shopping at Walmart all together. All I was asking for was an exchange of a $12 pair of house shoes that fell apart after just a week. It wasn’t like I was trying to steal, or even ask for my money back. Every month I spend at least $600-$700 in your stores. If this is the way you treat your loyal customers, I can do without the trouble and hatefulness of your employees.

  11. If you had a 0 star I would press it. I have been trying for over and hour to order a replacement part for my nearly now tent. I have even tried to call the corporate office. I have never been able to contact anyone about ordering replacement parts. I press the same numbers at all the numbers listed and get absolutely no where. If it wasn’t for the fact that the only place to shop where I live without driving nearly 100 miles (one way) to get service I would never go back to a Wal-Mart store. I spend over a $1,000 dollars in you store a month. It would be nice to get a simple thing like a replacement part for one of your own products with out having to buy a whole new tent.

  12. I am upset that beef marrow bones will no longer Bo sold at your cary nc Kildare farm store. They were alway fresh with good dates and I bought 2 to 3 packs a week. Please reconsider your decisions

  13. I have tried repeatedly to return a TV that arrived broken from an on line order. I get several different stories. You need a shipping label — you don’t need a shipping label. Canpar comes to pick it up and the letter that walmart sent referring to the pickup had no bar code or label on it so again we wait and waste everyones time. Going to the store is good – on line is another story.


  14. your gift card service sucks because there IS NONE! I have a problem with the card..because for some reason Walmart gift card is holding my money pending when there is no order and I cannot use the money nor can I even speak with anyone.the phone number on the back of the card and all over the internet are automated…

    this is now costing me $100.extra because I am not able to order the item that is $100.less tonight and back on regular price tomorrow…so thank you Walmart…

    I usually buy a lot of these visa gift cards and last year had a problem and after hours of calls etc..etc..I finally reached a person ..but they couldn’t help…I had to wait 48 hours for the problem to go away…so who is going to pay be the extra $100. I am losing tonight because Walmart gift card is holding my money HOSTAGE…so I cannot make my purchase and save $100. this is absolutely ridiculous I am not able to even EMAIL ANYONE because the contacts are the automated service or mail Walmart a letter..wow..tell me how that helps me tonight…..

    your program sucks…your lack of setting up any kind of live customer service this day and age is absolutely absurd…a big company like Walmart cant have a live operator to support the gift cards you sell…well guess who isn’t going to buy any more gift cards and tell everyone else I know not to waste the 4.95 to use walmarts cards…because they don’t care they have no support and this now cost me an extra 100. because I wasn’t able to use money that I put on the card specifically for MY PURCHASE TONIGHT…are you going to send me a separate gift card with the $100. …

  15. hello, I ordered some of my Christmas items from walmart, some of the items was market place items, I tried to return 3 of the items at one time, but the return person, said one of the items wasn’t on the order list, so I returned just 2 of the items, thinking maybe, I bought it from another store, I came home looked at my walmart orders, I realize i did order this item from walmart, so I went back to return the item, same problem, they couldn’t use the order number to pull up the item, finally one of the return employees, put a number in and said it must be a market place item, all the while the other workers making me look like I didn’t order the item from walmart, being smart alec and making me look stupid, you need to give your employees some training on helping people with returning market place items, I didn’t see any info about how to return to a market place seller. this is sad, I am the customer, trying to return an item that I didn’t realize it was a market place item, the item wasn’t included in the order in the store, but it was included with my email confirmation, the workers acted like walmart didn’t have anything to do with the order, you are still ordering off the walmart website, you must have some rules for the people ordering market place items, your workers totally dis associated themselves with the order, I like shopping at waltmart online and in store, but I will avoid buying market place items. after saying the order wasn’t there, they gave me a gift card for partial refund, because the item wasn’t a walmart item, but they didn’t give me any info on returning a market place item.

  16. My husband was trying to price match with Albertson’s. He clearly had the correct package but they would not let him price match. He then asked what product did he need to get in order to comply and they said that they did not sell it. I was country ribs. They sell big packs and small packs like everyone else, they just did not want to do it. The Nashville, AR store is the worst store we have ever been to. They are rude and will not help you. Wal mart advertises price match but then the stores do not want to do it. I can not express how unfair and how upset I am. DO NOT GO TO WALMART IN NASHVILLE, AR!!!!!! I will be telling everyone I know and that will listen!

  17. I purchased a 60.00 data plan from Walmart along with a new jet pak. When I arrived home the card was not in the bag. I called and ask if they had found it at the register and was told no but if i came down they would replace it in customer service. When I came to customer service having driven now 40 milres to do this the gave me a big run around.accused me of stealing the data card and one employee told me that was a bad store and they had bad employees that did this type thing on purpose. A manager was very patronizing but also said I would have to prove i didnt get it . This is the third and last strike. The 2nd strike was when my wife did not get her cash back and when ask for it said they gave it to her. She insisted on viewing the tape and finally was given her money. Shame on you Walmart.j

  18. I ordered 4 tires before I left for work today, with the intention of picking them up during lunchtime. The order was confirmed with a pickup time after 9:20 am today. At 11:30 (2 hours AFTER pickup was supposed to be available) I receive an email stating that the order is DELAYED until the 11th of next month! My bank was already charged for these tires this morning, and there were other people DEPENDING on me, to bring tires to them, today, but Walmart says that I have to wait TWO weeks, without offering ANY options!

    I could have ordered tires online from California, and received them in 3 days!

    There are at least 100 stores here in Memphis which sell tires, but since Walmart already took my money without having the product, I have little option today, but to spend ANOTHER $300 of MY money, and wait until they get done playing foolish games, to get my money refunded!

    NEVER AGAIN… I am THROUGH with WalMart!

  19. Yesterday I received the RCA Microwave Oven I had ordered on line. This evening I baked one potato in it and the outside of the oven got too hot for me to touch. I quickly unplugged the oven and I need to know what you can do about this matter.

    I’m 88 years old so lugging it back to my store is not possible.

  20. wal-mart auto service personnel not at all truthful. Stating wrong information about when a person can get service. Taking people before you. While never try wal-mart again.

  21. Took my car in for an oil change. Two days later everything is leaking. Turns out they were messing with the transmission and transfer case… Took it back, was told I need to go to a full service garage ‘ A Real Garage” with Real Mechanics” They said it was not their fault, that the parts were not the proper parts on the jeep… DO NOT GET YOUR CAR SERVICED AT WALMART! they will fu** it up

  22. South bend Ireland road. Store has water coolers out of order for 4 months multi-million dollar corp can’t do minor repairs was reported to store mgr no comment

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