WalMart Customer Service

Walmart Customer Service Phone Number for Support and Help.

Walmart Boasts Low Prices on Top Brands in Computers, TVs, Toys, GPS, Video Games, DVDs, Music, Apparel, Housewares, iPod, Photo, and Groceries.

Walmart started with one discount store in Arkansas owned by Sam Walton. Since that time, Walmart has grow to be the largest retailer in the world. 

Worldwide Walmart operates as Asada in the UK, Seiyu Group in Japan, and Best Price in India. Walmart also operates in Canada, Mexico, South America, and South Africa.

More Walmart Phone Numbers

Customer Feedback: 1-800-925-6278

Walmart Credit Card: 1-877-294-7880

Walmart Discover Card: 1-866-611-1148

Walmart MoneyCard: 1-877-937-4098

Walmart Visa Gift Card: 1-866-633-9096

Sam’s Club: 1-800-964-1917

Investor Relations: 1-479-273-6463

Walmart is a traditional retailer that has embraced online shopping and social media. Listed below are their social media accounts. Walmart customer service is rated very high for their stores and they pride themselves on great customer service. Let them know in our comment section or on Social media.

Walmart Social Media

Walmart on Twitter

Walmart on Facebook

Walmart on Instagram

Walmart has expanded into other brands. Brands like Allswell, Bonobos, Hayneedle, Jet, Modcloth, MooseJaw, Sam’s Club,, Ozark Trail and VUDU.


Walmart Customer Service
Walmart Customer Service

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  1. Reading the’comments’ section….WALMART SUCKS at customer service!! SUCKS BIG-TIME!!


    After COUNTLESS efforts to fix a heck up that WALMART caused, the continued to heck me over and I AM stupidG TIRED OF IT!!! stupidG TIRED!!


    WalMart on-line has FAILED to CANCEL a ‘cancelled’ computer order, AND THEY continued to use my credit card information AS A PIGGY BANK for themselves! I WANT MY MONEY BACK and you can come and get your stupid computer! I have written COUNTLESS TIMES on your ‘site’, even offering to take it to your Escondido Store!! NOT ANY MORE!! COME AND GET IT!! And if you do not do it immediately, I will contact my bank and have them conduct a FRAUD INVESTIGATION on you. AND I WILL WIN because I HAVE COPIES OF EVERY SINGLE EMAIL TO YOU!! Come and get this computer and BRING MY MONEY TO ME!! Or I will contact my bank AND YOU WILL LOSE!!

  2. Worst place in the world to shop. My husband refuses to go there. Sunday morning and only 2 checkers, REALLY!!! When you spend over $500.00 per month in a place you expect a little more. Yes when the old man was alive it was a lot different. Now you have the greedy kids that don’t care about anybody but themselves. OK we will just pay a little more and get a lot better treatment somewhere else but will not go back there unless nothing else in town is open and it is a dire emergency!!!!!!!

  3. I am an 80 yr. lady who has no fancy phone and I was happy to receive small amounts in refund and have registered a few ref.#’s until today I have no ref.# on the receipt. Sorry to say, not very surprised at the answer When I called the store to learn that the only way you will award a credit on the purchase is that I scan it w/the phone. Very considerate to people who do not want to be “wedded” to a phone or any electronic gadget or are

    past the age or under the income to be able to own one. SELFISH is the word that comes to mind and you all ought to be ashamed. I am wondering what Mr. Sam would have to say about this shameful store now. Many things that I have bought for years and expected to be able to keep getting at Wmt. can no longer be found. I lived in the area which he started this store and I am sure he would not be happy. Crowding out all the good stores and now making this one look like it has no concerns for the people who were faithful from the beginning.

    To bad for the people who work hard for you,too.

  4. From a small Business Owner would you :

    Please Help or Direct me to someone who can.

    Sequence of events.

    On 2-10-15 I ordered an Apple I -pad air 32 gb price 449.00 for my wifes valentine present.

    On 2-20-15 I received a package containing an AT&T phone in lieu of the i-pad that I ordered.

    The order number is 2677205-579320 and the Tracking # was 9101901012462712634670

    I work out of town and I ordered this product from work so I haven’t seen the phone – I only have the description given to me by my wife – regardless of that I did not order a phone..

    Since the mess- up I had my sister go the nearest wal – mart store ( Dothan Al. ) with all the above info. and they told her that they couldn’t help and that I would have to thru. internet sales so she purchased (at this store) the same i-pad that I had ordered ,where my wife could receive her Valentine gift.

    Here’s my problem I have paid for 2 Apple i-pads and have one in hand ? I would like to return your AT&T phone, in it’s original packing for credit ,and I would like for you to credit my business debit card for the purchase that I never received.

    I humbly await your advice and I must say this was my first on-line purchase with Wal-Mart and thus far it hasn’t been a pleasant one.


    Rick Cooper

  5. Back ten or twenty years ago was a great place to go and get your grocery, going to the pharmacy dropping-off your prescriptions’ and coming back to picking-up your medication, and other items that you may needed. Walmart who had helped the customers if they needed now their employees does careless mistakes on purpose. The Walmart has lost their touch working with arrogant people that feeds on the negativity towards their staff & customers due to the fact, their interactions with the employees the same way. It needs to be in a Good Samaritan which is the best way for good conducting themselves as descent men & women.

  6. called CS to fix online order site to store. somehow it was shipping to a store no where near me. I was on my account placing the order. One would assume they would ship to the location nearest me, one I have used several times before. but no, not this website. so I called CS to correct the delivery location. But no, I have to cancel the order…then reorder between 24 to 48 hours later. How stupid it that?!?!?!

  7. The Walton family have established very bad customer service at their stores. There are very long lines. The stores have each 25 cash registers but only two are open. That is the greed of this family. They like to use people as slaves. But we do not have to buy from Walmart. I only wait two minutes at a cash register. If I do not get service, I leave the cart full of shopping right there and leave. There are other options. I am skipping Walmart all the way now and shop at many other places. My family and friends do the same.

  8. I ordered Spaghetti sauce and paper goods and personal hygiene products. They jammed loose jars of sauce in the box and used the rest of my order as packing! Who does that??

    FedEx delivered it and when I got home I had a box dripping with spaghetti sauce and everything was ruined!!!

    Amazon would never to that. Plus you can reach them easily where as Walmart…the people that have me on hold right now for twenty minutes so far, makes sure they make it so hard to call them that a person gives up.

    I have tried emailing them and it took four days for someone to answer me! Never again Walmart, what lousy company. I’m ordering from Amazon from now on.

  9. I purchased 3 cat pans on line. Two came without handles, the third was fine I called walmart and got a wonderful young lady who was very sweet to me and very helpful. She went on line, got the name of the co. plus their phone no. I called the no. and every thing will be taken care of thanks to her. Thank you Walmart customer service…

  10. waiting for reply on my purchase of zenith lighted medicine cabinet order # 6101650700946 cabinet came with broken mirrors and other damage– you said to mail back to sender I will-not purchased from/through you now you take care of my problem!

  11. I have always been happy with my local Walmart store however, I had an unusual experience a week ago. As the weather has been extremely hot, I went to Walmart to do my grocery shopping around 4a.m. Everything was fine till checkout time. There was one register open and it was a quick check…okay, no problem..except the clerk was very rude when I was unloading my cart…she said I needed to stop stacking items so high..okay, so I told her I had water in the cart..she said she would get to it when she was ready…so I told her she was very rude and we did not speak again..however, as I was leaving the store I hear someone yelling “lady, woman, stop you have my gun!” That scared me because I thought someone had a gun…she yelled again and then two women come racing towards me yelling that I had their gun…I asked what gun? Then they said it was the price gun, she had put in down in my cart when she priced the water…..I was so scared that someone would come running with a gun pointed at me! Please tell you employees to stop calling that a gun! In the atmosphere around the world today, that is a very dangerous word…….call it a pricer or anything, but not a gun! I don’t know if I will go back that early in the day again as that was just to weird and scary.

  12. I shop at Walmart several times a week.Today 8/24/2014 .I bought 50 $ in merchandise and asked for 20$ in cash back from my debit card. i askedc that it be in two ten dollar bills. The cashier said she wasn’t allowed to give change.I went to the service desk where the employee told me also that she isn’ t allowed to give out change.So I HAD TO MAKE A TRIP TO THE BANK.iM EXTREMELY UNHAPPY WITH WALMART.

  13. I was in the new walmart in my area my shoe broke while I was in the store shopping the customer service person stated that she has to talk to the manager the manager then stated that for the shoes to be exchanged I would have to not worn the shoes. Okay then while I was checking out the lady asked me if I was going to pay for the shoes they were in customer service and this upset me very much. I have had two altercations at this walmart I never will be shopping there again.

  14. Dear Walmart,

    I am so tired of standing in checkout lines!! Also, empty shelves, dented cans, sliced open boxes. Give me a break,!!! Hire some help!!! Pay’em ten bucks an hour. I did shop in Punta Gorda Fl, Jones Loop Rd. I stay out of that store even if it cost me 10 bucks more at another store. Not worth the aggravation, plus if you grocery shop you still have to go to another store because the shelves are empty. Or you never carry the the same items week to week. I for one am done with Walmart

  15. I am trying to locate someone from Walmart who can lead me to how a preauthoized amount is being deducted from my account.


  16. On Friday me and my daughter was at a party and on the way home we stopped at WalMart. And their was a guy I don’t know if he worked there but he was smoking in the building. And no one said anything I have asma and that was bad. And my daughter had to get to the car because of that guy and WalMart workers never said anything

  17. Customer service? What customer service? I ordered an item last night, after “4 hours” (more like all of the overnight!) still no email with confirmation came, the 800 number hangs up immediately, the media relations number “cannot complete the call, goodbye” and the 800 ethics number is a sex line “I’m sorry honey but your number has been blocked, call us at…”. What a dump.

  18. This is an e-mail of complaint.

    I went into the Dunkirk, MD Wal-Mart tonight, 12.28 at 5:45pm with the sole intention of getting 1 bag of birdseed and 1 bag of chicken nuggets.

    While in the pet section, I saw that there were 2 rows of seed (about 12 bags) of birdseed on the shelf with a 2.73 price label, so i picked up 2 bags believing they were on sale.

    When I got to the register, they rang up at 8.87. I was not the only one that saw the shelf price, as my granddaughter was with me and there was an associate in the pet section aisle.

    We explained to the cashier that there was 2 stacks of birdseed directly over the 2.73, so the cashier had someone do a price check, however the girl that came – her name is Stephanie – was a different girl.

    She informed me “whatever the price rang up is what it is, I cant give you that price, they must have fallen over on the shelf”

    I remarked “even though they were neatly stacked up?” and she walked away…

    Had I thought about it, I would have taken a picture. they did not fall over, they were neatly stacked over a 2.73 price label, with nothing to the right of the stack. additionally, there was no 8.87 shelf price. The empty spot has a 7. shelf price…

    I shop this store all the time, as the Price Frederick store is further away…. I am not happy about the way this was handled, I should have been charged the shelf price.

    It is not the responsibility of the consumer to make sure product is stocked correctly or has the correct price label to reflect correct prices.

    I do expect a remedy to the issue, or I will not shop at the Dunkirk Store

    Thank You

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  19. I purchased a trampoline online through for my grand daughters December 6, 2016.(Order # 6121652-569330) Unfortunately, my son and daughter-in-law did not think the girls were old enough yet and requested I return it. I tried to return the item which was in it’s original carton and had not been opened to my local Walmart store. I was told they could not accept the item there and that the item had to be returned to BEST CHOICE PRODUCTS. I was given their phone number (844-948-8400). I was told that I would need a RETURN ATHOURIZATION NUMBER from their customer service department before I could return the item. I have called their customer service depart several times and have been place on hold by an automated system for over 30 minutes each time. I NEED HELP. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED THAT WALMART.COM WOULD EVEN HAVE BUSINESS TIES WITH A COMPANY THAT TREATS CUSTOMERS IN SUCH A WAY.

  20. I bought a sentry personal safe from Walmart, It didn’t come with any instructions, I threw away the box, The paper work that was supposed to be in the box was not in there, So All I have is a key, I cant use the electronic key pad because there was no dostuffentation in the box, I called sentry and they said to exchange it it but I don’t have the recept or the box what do I do?


  22. On 4-25-14 I purchased a HP laptop computer at the Wal Mart in Fort Stockton, TX. I arrived home, set it up, turned it on and guess what – it wanted a password. Thia was sold as a “new” computer. New ones do not require a password when first turned on. I then called HP and they ran the serial number. It seems that this computer has been out of warranty for two yeas – the sales person said it was brand new – pretty steep price for an old computer. This almost borders on fraud! Wal Mart’s retail methods are disgusting. You pull this scam on me and others, make big money, but pay slave labor wages to your employees. Now – what to do? First, the sales clerk is NOT to blame for this! YOU ARE and you should make it right. I want a new HP Laptop with equal or better specs. I want it or a choice of several brought to the ranch, Why should I spend the money on gas for your screw up. By the way did I mention that I have Parkinson’s and this incident is not what the doctor ordered. This will end when I have a NEW WIFI LAPTOP COMPUTWER. Otherwise Angie’s List, The Better Business Bureau and several other entities will be contacted. HP is also aware of the situation. 04/26/2014


  23. I purchased 2 19 in RCA televisions and 1 50 inch Element (from the 1 hour guarantee)

    one of the 19 in had to go back because the color kept fading in and out on it. We exchanged it at a Columbus Ohio store with minimal backlash

    The 50 Inch Element had a bad pixal on it, I called the HIlliard Ohio Store and the Manager Lesley was very accommodating. We were able to actually get another one that was comparable maybe even better to exchange.

    Customer Service attendant Chell was very very helpful and listened to what the problem was and made sure we were taken care of right away, Chris in electronics brought out 3 different televisions for us to choose from.

    Thanks Lesley, Chell and Chris

    Sue from Galloway Ohio

  24. I have read most of the negative comments and maybe I’m just lucky or live in an area where the service is good. I started using WalMart with the shipping pass now for 6 months and I am VERY happy with the timeliness and prices that they offer . I did have a little problem getting some tires ordered as their system was down but the customer service person was Awesom and did everything she could do help me . To this date, WalMart is the best thing that I have found for products and availablity. The Shipping Pass is a great deal.

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