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  1. I called today regarding the status of an order. The first time I was on hold for 7 minutes so I hung up. I’m on hold again after 13 minutes and still waiting to talk to someone. Horrible service

  2. “Z Gallerie, The Mercato, Naples FL –Z customer is not coming back! Refusing customers access to rest room facilities is an outrage!

    Last Thursday, Sept. 9, I took my wife and her visiting sister on a shopping trip. The store of choice for these loyal retail patrons, The Z Gallerie. After relativity short driving time, appox 30 mins., we arrived. Well, need I say more… When I approached the store manager and asked the location of the facilities I was told it was against company policy to allow customers access to the restroom. The manager then directed me to ask to use the rest rooms at the store across the street! Wow! Well I did, not that there was really any choice in the matter. Outrageous!

    I should mention as an ‘oh by the way’, the ladies did find just the right merchandise to purchase; from a brand new favorite retailer! Needless to say, these treasures did not come from the Z-Gallerie collection.

    To all to whom these letters should greet be advised if your expecting a reasonable level of customer service at the Z-Gallerie Naples store, or for that matter even common human courtesy, you will simply have to hold your water.

    C & J Nothdurf

    Copy: News Press / Naples Daily News

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