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1-800-266-8228 Customer Service Contact Phone Number for Support and Help is the website of the world’s largest retailer, WalMart. Walmart has embraced online shopping. Their largest competitor is Amazon

Walmart Phone Numbers

Walmart Online Customer Service: 1-800-966-6546

Walmart Stores: 1-800-925-6278

Walmart Credit Card: 1-877-294-7880

Walmart Discover Card: 1-866-611-1148

Walmart MoneyCard: 1-877-937-4098

Walmart Visa Gift Card: 1-866-633-9096

Sam’s Club: 1-800-964-1917

Investor Relations: 1-479-273-6463 Official Websites and Social Media Support Website on Twitter on Facebook

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  • I spoke with a supervisor at, his name is Mark. I do not know how to give him high marks to his supervisor, I can only say that my debit card number was stolen by a money store in Walmart employee after I made a deposit load on my card. The absolute any time my card was not in my possession was when the Walmart employee swiped it n therefore that employee k ew I just loaded money. I knew date n time n transaction number. So the fraud section of Walmart.coms purchasing dept flagged these 2 charges equaling almost a thousand dollars. I did not have online viewing of my card but knew I had a certain amount and I gave my card to realtor and it was declined this was 3 weeks after I loaded and that money was needed for our home purchase. I was told by Walmart they released the authorized hold back to me that they did not ship those orders. My credit card wants to hold my money for 30 days but thanks to Mark the fraud dept will send a fax to my credit card saying that the charges were not and will not be taken from my account. I’ve been dealing with my card and everyone in between. I finally got an employee that went way above and beyond to help me resolve this by requesting a fax to the dostuffent center with my card. Thank you Mark, your the bomb.

  • “They answered promptly and tried to resolve my issue. My issue was that the item was shipped by FedEx and FedEx said Walmart required a signature and I work and was not home. Therefore, FedEx said I had to drive to another town to pick up the item. I wanted the item shipped to Walmart to pick up but the Walmart representative said that was not an option.

    Vendors sell through the Walmart site and decide what the shipping options are. I will be careful not to do this again. Walmart rep/ was nice and polite. I asked her to note to Walmart they should not use vendors that make it so inconvenient to get something shipped through their website.”

  • I think it depends on where you live as to the kind of customer service you get. When I lived in Colorado Springs, the Walmart located on N. Academy Blvd had very good customer service. Walmart in Rochester, NY on Chili Ave. has bad customer service. I don’t know where they find their employees but they need to have better hiring practices and give their employees training in how to treat customers. I like shopping at Walmart as they do have cheaper prices than other stores for the same item.

  • Walmart here in Houston, 2391 S Wayside Houston Tx 77023 Store Manager Susana Disla and Asst. Mgr. Freddie is two of the worst managers one can be assigned to such a large store. They have no respect for customers nor compassion. I am disabled. I order a TV on cyber Monday of this year. I called many times to this store on Dec.10, 2015. I was placed on hold many times. The records will reflect I started making calls at or around 12:45 pm I finally got a Chris who claimed he was a manager at 2:00 pm. I GAVE THE PEOPLE WHO WOULD EVENTUALLY WOULD ANSWER THE PHONE MY NAME, MY PHONE NUMBER, MY ORDER NUMBER. ONE TOLD ME THEY COULD NOT FIND MY ORDER. IN CONCLUSION, I YET TO GET MY 70 INCH TV I HAVE paid FOR. SUSANA DISLA, STORE MANAGER, NEVER CAME TO THE PHONE. I WAS INFORMED BY A CHRIS THAT SHE WAS IN A MEEING. TESE MANAGERS ARE LEAVING THEIR EMPLOYEES TO CATCH ALL THE PROBLEMS. THEY WILL NOT COME TO THE PHONE BECAUSE THEY ARE TO BUSY. THOSES MEETINGS MANAGERS CLAIM TO BE IN AND DO NOT REPOND TO THE CUTOMERSNEED TO HAVE THEIR MEETINGS BEFORE OR AFTER STORE HOURS. IT IS CALLED ‘ GOOD USTOMER RELATIONS’ THIS STORE DOES NOT HAVE ANY I AM PRESENTLY ON THE PHONE NOW WITH A CHRIS AT THIS LOCATION TO SEE IF THEY HAE THE TV I HAVE paid FOR AND PROMISED TO ARRIVE ON SITE ON DECEMBER 10, 2015. IT IS GOING ON 28.46 MINUTES. So far no success. I would not recommend this site to anybody.

  • they do not sell the whole stuff when you bye from them I bought a car canopy from them and it didn’t have the top or the polls and they want to charge me a cost of 129.95

  • website just does not work! They cancel orders and give no reason, You spend hours talking to customer service, they apologize, say they corrected the problem, then the order is canceled again!

  • On line shopping with home delivery HORRIBLE..I placed an order and was delivered by FedEx. 4 Items were broken, packing was horrible. Tried to contact Walmart but impossible. Never again will I shop online with them.

  • I ordered a twin air mattress in April. It was to be delivered to my cousin in Silverdale Washington but it never arrived. I had to track it down and it was actually shipped by a company called Imovations. They would not credit my credit card so the only way I could get my money back was they gave me a credit from them. I had to order directly from them and the choices were few. I ended up ordering something I did not want rather than lose my money. I was very unhappy with the way it was handled and I felt like WalMart should have been the one refunding my credit card. I was not happy with the way it was handled.

  • Just partially received an order and was told that Fedex lost the other part. Now, I will have to wait for another shipment for the complete order.

    I would appreciate if Walmart starts using USPS that seems a lot more professional than Fedex and they deliver on Saturdays.

  • I, Bernice ordered 2 air fryer cookbooks,On the last Oct.2017. I received 1 cookbook titled 300Airfryer Recipes

    by Fed EX on the 4th. of November. Iwas suppose to receive the other cookbook 2 days later. .As of today’s date

    Nov.26,2017 I* still have not received the other cookbook..They were both ordered at the same time.. pLEASE


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