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Direct TV is a Satellite TV Provider in the U.S.A. They provide multiple HD channels to viewers..

DirecTV Corporate Office Headquarters
2230 East Imperial Highway
El Segundo, CA 90245
Corporate Phone Number: 1-310-964-5000
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-531-5000
TTY: 1-800-779-4388
Sales: 1-888-777-2454

Phone Number

1-800-824-9081Dont press or say anything.


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8/11/2017 DirecTV - my tv keeps going out whenever it rains
my tv keeps going out whenever it rains

williamRead More
7/3/2017 DirecTV - We are being charged for Direct TV and equipment
We are being charged for Direct TV and equipment that we do not have. This was cancelled mid December due to moving from the area. I will not pay this bill as we do not have your service or equipment!

David Read More
6/27/2017 DirecTV - Apparently, it is impossible to get someone on the
Apparently, it is impossible to get someone on the phone who speaks English in a manner that is understandable. Then, they hang up on you. I don't want to talk to someone from India. There should be 24 hour customer service available, with a person that isn't a complete idiot. Do not sell my information.

DanRead More
6/6/2017 DirecTV - Your monthly newsletter comes after the month

Your monthly newsletter comes after the month has ended and the special listings are already over. It has interesting news items if one would receive them when the month begins!

The original package I signed for said up to 4 receivers were included in the Select package. I have been charged $14.00 monthly for the 2 receivers in addition to the original fee. Your advertising is very misleading.

DorisRead More
5/26/2017 DirecTV - Well the above star does not really represent how
Well the above star does not really represent how I feel about Directv - IT SHOULD BE A MINUS 5 STARS. Every time I call I end up in the Philippines. I have nothing against Filipinos, but I live in the US and I expect to talk to someone in the US and receive service from someone in the US. I don't know I thought Directv and now AT&T was a US company. With all the people out of work in the US you would think they could hire those individuals to work for them so that people here in the US can communicate with someone who understands english. I really get irritated when they tell me that can't transfer me to someone in the US. HELLO!!!! You are part of American Telegraph and Telephone (AT&T). Now because the tech's truck broke down last week and they wait until the last few minutes of the window for them to show up at my door to tell me to reschedule, this week coming up on the last hour of the window and still no tech. What a joke. I can take off 2 days of work to accommodate them, but they couldn't be considerate and put me in first appointment for the window. They are truly a horrible customer service company anymore.

BTLXRead More
5/19/2017 DirecTV - They get you hooked up with the big Costco
They get you hooked up with the big Costco promotion (and a $300 gift card), then your automatic payment starts to quietly creep up. When I checked mine today it was over $150.00 for one flipping month. What a bunch of crooks! I'm dumping these guys as soon as I get off work.

GatesRead More
5/16/2017 My Directv started going out on Thursday 5/11/17.
My Directv started going out on Thursday 5/11/17. I have tried since then tried to contact a repair person for Directv. There is no such thing. I have one HD received and one standard receiver. My son is the Production Manager for a local TV station. He and I worked trying get the system to function. Sunday we managed to get the HD receiver to work. It stayed on for about twenty minutes and then went out again. The screen menus come on and the reset process goes to completion then the error 775 message comes up. No one at DIrectv is capable of interpreting the problem and the one foreigner my son talk with informed him that Direct would charge me for replacing their receiver. The service call alone would b $99.99. I pay these people nearly $140.00 a month in order to have a TV service I can depend on. I have a number of recorded music concerts that I will also lose when I change services but that is the only solution. Their site says to e-mail them but no e-mail address if provided. I'm tired of talking to indosians and robots. Directv does not care enough to provide an American to speak with concerning such problems. I do not believe anyone at
Directv reads these comments or cares about the problems their lack of service generates. If they cared the
comments would no be posted.

TomRead More
4/19/2017 DirecTV - direct tv refuses to properly address a refund
direct tv refuses to properly address a refund problem of $273.00 plus by constantly telling me that the refund has been processed and case is closed. But I never received the refund. They send me to Citibank who does not know what I am talking about. To even reach a live Citibank person, i need to enter a 16 digit number which i do not have.
I cannot see any solution other than small claims court.
Direct tv customer service is of no help at all

my account number was 24599212

MelRead More
4/13/2017 DirecTV - I have never had Direct TV and I don't know how
I have never had Direct TV and I don't know how they got my card numbers, but they did, and the withdrew $450.18 from my SS. I only get less then $1000 a month. I can not pay rent , elec. phone, insurance and groceries because of these thieves. I have turned them into US Bank Fraud and Dispute. but that doesn't help now with so much to pay into everything. I'm 82 yr. and I can't go out and get work.
What ever you people do, DO NOT LET these crooks get their hooks into you or your family.

MarilynRead More
4/4/2017 DirecTV - I thought I was the only one discussed with
I thought I was the only one discussed with DirecTV and AT&T. I have been fighting with them for 5 weeks. I was lied to by ATT and told I could get Uverse. I asked 2 or 3 times if he was sure I could get it in this rural area. He assured me I could. When the tech came to install it, he said I was too far away. I have been a DirecTV customer since 1995. In 1999 they did not offer local network channels so I had a waiver for the east and west coast. When the order for the Uverse was closed, they turned my TV off. I called them and got it turned back on, but it was a different package than my old one and No east and west coast. After fighting with them for weeks, I finally got my old package back. Now they are telling me I can not have the local networks because it was not in my old pkg and it is not offered any more. More calling and fighting, they said they would send for a waiver and let me know but it may take up to 45 days. I called on April 1 and they said they had not heard, but would send a follow up and tell them why I needed the waiver. I called today and they told me it had been denied on Feb 28. I am going to call the local stations myself and see if they will give me a waiver.

As others in the prior post have said, when ATT bought DirecTV I said they were going to really mess DirecTV up. Our landlines in this rural area are horrible. They go out all the time for 3 or 4 days and cell phones don't work in this rural area. Sorry for this long post, but thanks for letting me vent as I am so fed up with them.

MarilynRead More
4/1/2017 DirecTV - Thought it was great at the beginning. However,
Thought it was great at the beginning. However, had a new roof installed on my house and they had to take the dish down and put it back up.; My roofer told me to call Direct TV and have them reconnect it, however, it took many phone call and arguments to finally talk to a supervisor who had someone out in three days. However,l was without service for over a week

Things went well for a while. Then I had TV service last night Friday, March 30. This morning I had no service and was informed that there was no server connection. We had no heavy wind or rain last night so there is no reason for interruption of service. Tried three numbers and got the same runaround as I did the last time. Am done with this and am terminating this service if I can get to talk to someone with a brain.

AnnaRead More
3/27/2017 DirecTV - About a month ago, I completed a disconnect
About a month ago, I completed a disconnect transaction. At that time, I was told to send the three receivers we have back to your company via a prepaid FEDEX BOX RECOVERY KIT THAT YOU WOULD MAIL TO US. As of 3/27/17 we have not received said kits. PLEASE SEND THEM TO US ASAP AS WE DO NOT HAVE ROOM TO STORE THEM.


FelixRead More
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