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Google started as a simple easy to use search engine. Google's simplicity made them the worldwide leader for internet search. Google has since grown with Video (Youtube), Email (Gmail), Blogging (Blogger), and Smart Phone Operating Systems (Android).

Google Corporate
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday

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Tech Support: Online Only
Corporate Number: 1-650 253-0000
Corporate Fax: 1-650-253-0001
Adwords: 1-866-246-6453

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11/16/2015 I would like you to take my personal information off Google
I would like you to take my personal information off this site. A stalker could look me up and murder me and my family. I do not want to die because you are publishing me on this site. Please remove me from this site.

Anna L. JohnsonRead More
11/13/2015 Google - For a week my e-mail acc. won't send messages.
For a week my e-mail acc. won't send messages. What can I do?

LillianRead More
10/26/2015 I thought google had smart people working for them
I thought google had smart people working for them, but I guess that is not the case. Please get your facts and names right before you publish wrong names on google map.As far as the whole world knows the name is PERSIAN GULF NOT ARABIAN GULF, again it is PERSIAN GULF NOT ARABIAN GULF. It has been PERSIAN GULF FOR AS LONG as PERSIAN EMPIRE ruled that entire part of the world. Every one calls it PERSIAN GULF except you bunch of Arab lovers at google map. Maybe you guys are getting kickbacks from those OIL ARAB nations. By the way In 1992 the U.S. Government made a medal that reads , Act of congress - 1992, PERSIAN GULF VETERANS NATIONAL MEDAL. Dedicated to the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces who served their country in the Persian Gulf conflict.

michaelRead More
10/14/2015 Google - Dear Lucky Winner.Your Award Winning Details.
Dear Lucky Winner.

Your Award Winning Details.

Code Number: GUK/3554749405GK

Ticket No: GUK/1008272745GK

Winning Number: GUK/99334353734GK

We wish to congratulate you on this note, for being one of our lucky winners selected this year. This promotion was set-up to encourage the active use of the Google search engine and the Google ancillary services. Hence we do believe with your winning prize, you will continue to be active and patronage to this company. Google is now the world leading search engine worldwide and in an effort to make sure that it remains the most widely used search engine, an online e-mail balloting was carried out on the 5Th Of October 2015, without your knowledge and has been officially released.

We wish to formally announce to you that your email address was attached to a lump sum of £750,000.00 {Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling} only.

A winning Cheque will be issued in your name by the Google Promotion Award Team, and also a certificate of prize claims will be sent alongside your winning Cheque.

Information's required from you are part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program. To claim your won prize, please contact the Google Award claims Manager (Mr. Kennedy Watson) neatly filling the Verification form below.


thomasRead More
10/13/2015 Google Maps just called my company to veify our
Google Maps just called my company to veify our address bcause there was a duplicate. The pre automation that was played was literally more helpful than the support specialist. She kept pronouncing simple words wrong which was just irritating and then she blatantly hung up on me without even confirming the address. She just said oh well it looks like you are where you need to be and hung up on me while I was still talking to her about our business's change of address. RUDE!

MeganRead More
10/6/2015 google I have had trouble with my personal information being stolen
google I have had trouble with my personal information being stolen, furthermore your google internet has blocked me from any access to the internet I would like to know why and as for my rating I cannot say because of the mess that is going on. I also cant create an email because according to your google network I have to contact your website, but how when I cant get on the internet anywhere not even in a library.

janice m. sotoRead More
10/1/2015 Google - I am very pissed, that your new updated photo app.
I am very pissed, that your new updated photo app. for my nexes phone has removed my photos completely ,unable to access to date.

davidRead More
9/17/2015 Google - My gmail account is being used by someone else
My gmail account is being used by someone else. I would like it to stop. Thank you

EllenRead More
9/7/2015 Google Your customer service sucks!
Your customer service sucks. I can not get into my google account. No one there to help me! Tried all day, no good phone nos. Reporting to attorney generals office, Shame on your company.

PatrickRead More
9/2/2015 Google customer service - Rude
I have never talked to someone so rude. I was asking about gmail password change the woman couldn't speak English she was extremely rude and hung up on me I would have thought Google would hire knowledgeable people to answer simple questions. I have gmail but was having a password problem. I speak English not some foreign language needless to say problem unsolved

MikeRead More
8/27/2015 I was appalled when I looked up my address in Google
I was appalled when I looked up my address in order to obtain the market value of my house and my name popped up with the following personal information (I have X'd out personal data). What is going on here? Please take steps to remove my personal data from this so-called company which operates through Google/Bing whatever and is probably fraudulent and should be deleted from your sites. Thank you, Loizos XXXXXXXX
See below:
"LOIZOS XXXXXXXX was born XXXXXXXXXX and he lives (or lived) at XXXXXXXXXXXX in XXXXX, XXXXX County, XXXXX, U.S.A. His voter ID number is XXXXXXXXX. He registered to vote XXXXXXXXX and he is registered in the Florida XXXXXXXXX Party. He is listed as White, not Hispanic.
This is a privately owned genealogy website using a purchased copy of the Florida voter list, which is public information. This is the 30 June 2015 data. The 31 July 2015 data should be on this site in September.
Use this website at your own risk. There is no warranty.
Visit our other genealogy sites: Colorado ... Connecticut ... Delaware ... Michigan ... Ohio ... Oklahoma ... Potenza PZ Italia ... Rhode Island ... Sorted by birth date ... Sorted by name ... Texas marriages
This is all unrestricted, public information. Anyone may buy the complete, State-wide CD from Tallahassee for five dollars. CLICK HERE for more information. Please do not bother mining data, just download the whole database. HOME PAGE. Note: A monthly data column is omitted if it would be sandwiched between two other columns with identical data. This site uses data for 31 May 2012, 31 May 2013 and monthly, starting with 30 November 2013. .......
.................We are testing a new feature which will allow you to request removal of your own data. Your IP address and the date and time will be recorded as well."

LoizosRead More
8/14/2015 Google - ZERO STARS- There is no excuse for not having
ZERO STARS- There is no excuse for not having employees to staff the play store on a phone bank. There are too many apps with too many different areas of expertise needed. I was basically in shock when I found out the facts of no phone bank being available. I believe that this is a GRAVE error on your part and that you are letting you people down quite seriously and obviously don't care about it as these letters have been written for years.
FOR SHAME!!!!! Everyone has to learn sometime, but I guess not in your world. Miss Mary Hansen

MaryRead More
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