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1-888-780-3964 When prompted for phone number, say "Operator." Repeat if necessary.


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11/16/2015 Verizon Billing - Verizon customer service is lousy, lousy. hard to reach
Verizon customer service is lousy, lousy. hard to get thru,

Delite Comacho Read More
8/12/2014 Verizon Billing - Sept 2013 my son sent a broken phone back to
Sept 2013 my son sent a broken phone back to verizon. The phone was lost and they expected my son to pay for the phone. We are on a family plan with my son so when they did not receive the phone all our phones, 4 in total, were shut off. I called and was on the phone for almost an hour, when most of that time was waiting for a person to find the tracking number. They could not find the number. The did turn our service on until the next month and then we were shut off again. My son called and the exact same thing happened. This continued for months. In order for this to clear up my son had to pay the bill in full. May 2014 my son received a call saying that they found the broken phone that had been returned and it was placed in a wrong area. They apologized to my son for their error and promised that they would send the money back to him. He called them in June and July to see why he had not received HIS money. Again an apology and a promise that a check is on the way. Well, now it is Aug 2014 and still no refund. nothing. We feel that they are so big and the customer service is full of liars and there is nothing more for us to do. I told Verizon that I will tell everyone I know how HORRIBLE they are and I will never go through them. My son is now done with school and is going to switch to a different company. This is sad because we have been with Verizon for almost 10 years and we basically got an "oh well" when I told them I was going to smear their name. So, I advice everyone to avoid Verizon.

Pam Read More
7/30/2014 Verizon Billing - We now have FIOS service available where we live
We now have FIOS service available where we live and was trying to get it because we had previously had it and liked it. When we moved I disconnected service at the old address and transferred service to the new address. That was 2 years ago and as I have said we now can get FIOS so trying to set up the account I find out that there is a balance due. I paid the bill in good faith and "attempted" to dispute this and get my money back and was informed through the customer service rep that i was speaking to that her supervisor said they do not do any adjustments to bills over 6 months old, I call BULLSHIT.When i asked to speak to the supervisor guess what there is no supervisor available to speak to me. I was also informed that the amount due was for 4 months that we did not live at the previous address. I was also informed bu the young lady I was speaking to about disputing this bill that they had a high volume of calls, keep in mind this is the dispute center, that was why no supervisor was available.

Dave Read More
4/2/2014 Verizon Billing - I have internet with Verizon more than 10yrs. I
I have internet with Verizon more than 10yrs. I called any promotion and tech said: With the same price i paid but for the promotion twice fast for internet but i will paid the same rate. Sound good to be true, i had confirmation # and the date to talked to customer service. But the bill come, completely different with the customer said. i called back, they said customer service made mistake. Now they told me must paid or you will be bad credit and send to collection. BEWARE OF THIS SCAM

Leslie Nguyen Read More
12/28/2013 Verizon Billing - I am looking to find out how much my past phone
I am looking to find out how much my past phone bill is for and how much I owe when I lived at 188 Washington street apt1 in Lynn Mass.

Stephen F.Maloney Read More
10/8/2013 Verizon Billing - T H E W O R S T !!!!!!!!!!!! COMPANY EVER
T H E W O R S T !!!!!!!!!!!! COMPANY EVER

JC Read More
8/9/2013 Verizon Billing - I had Verizon from the time cell phones first
I had Verizon from the time cell phones first became "the thing"I moved to Ky. and there are NO towers for Verizon in my Area, Thus my husband and I could not make many calls , they would be dropped calls. I contacted Verizon and the " repair report" was made. WHAT repair????? Yeah, they covered themselves, how-ever I am suppose to pay 130.oo a month for a phone I can't use??? Well the contract ALSO includes service to me. They actually called me on Christmas eve wanting my husband to go to his job, drive 70 miles in the snow to see what the phone did, NOT going to happen. Then called for the same thing Christmas day!!!! So next business day, I called and they dropped the" repair ticket" because he he didn't go to do this on Christmas!! I finally got ahold of a supervisor, he apologized for all of it. I only had 2 months left on my contract,and they closed it. All was well. NOT.....after all this time I get a bill from a collection agency for the 2 months!!!!! How dirty is that? Gonna go all the way with this, just because your a big corp. doesn't make you right, you can't buy a reputation, or morals. You apologized to me, and dropped it all, now you want to sneak in and rob me and ruin my credit???

Extremly angry Read More
1/3/2013 Verizon Billing - I worked for Verizon (C&P Telephone/Bell
I worked for Verizon (C&P Telephone/Bell Atlantic/Verizon) for 45 years and can tell you what the problem is. The company is now being run by people who don't even know what the Bell System was and are totally oblivious to the importance of customer service. These "jet jobs" (Those hired right out of college with an MBA) have been slowly destroying the company since 1984 when our brilliant government broke up the greatest "customer service" company in history. The people running the company are arrogant, hypocritical, naive and just plain stupid.

MrTelco1948 Read More
12/21/2012 Verizon Billing - I have been trying to pay my bill online for 3
I have been trying to pay my bill online for 3 days. I even went to the Hanover, MA Verizon store to pay my bill in person and the computer that I usually pay by check with, did not allow me to pay my bill either. I have tried to access my bill and account to pay through both Verizon Wireless and My Verizon. Nothing is working.

Jeanne Read More
11/26/2012 Verizon Billing Customer Service Review 11.27.12
Let me add my voice to the ever-growing chorous of angry, frustrated Verizon customers!! I get a call notifying me of an overdue payment and have spent over an hour trying to pay even more that's required!! Not even my 12-digit assigned account number -- that is verifiably correct, mind you -- is being accepted online. A "14-digit number is required" even though 12 digits appear elsewhere as my account number! Ditto paying by phone! You'd think that the "urgent reminder" phone call from Customer Service would include a phone number whereby one could simply pay by phone. But no... Verizon's mis-named "Customer Service" reminder simply suggests paying online, which, as we all know is a joke! Shame on you Verizon for being a giant "communications" disaster of the first rank!! Bring on the competition!!

Jackie Read More
10/17/2012 Verizon Billing - Complaints about Verizon "customer service" are

Complaints about Verizon "customer service" are vastly understated. Verizon is the WORST I ever encounteresd. Today, Oct. 17th, 2012 is Liberation Day and I will celebrate it every year. Today I switched all phone service to another server. I feel like a cancer survivor.

BOB Read More
10/11/2012 Verizon Billing - I have been trying to pay my bill now for the past
I have been trying to pay my bill now for the past 4 days and nobody in the whole of verizon can help me. The on line payment system could't work,the system says my number allotted to me was wrong, the system says the account number attached to my bill was wrong. Prior I have spoken to an employee at the technical service departmen who couldn't help me with anything, couldn't even connect me to the billing department, but instead opted to text me a site where I can go to pay my bill of seventy-eight dollars/99. I did not receive the text until the next day. When I went to the site to pay my bill the experience was a nightmare. MY genuine surprise is how can a corporation like verizon as mighty as it sounds, manifest such incompetence? Also, it sounds negligent on the part the Government regulatory body to ignore such blatant abuse of the citizens of this country. Verizon should be held to regulatory standards like any other company.

Abdul Read More
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