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How To Contact AbeBooks Inc. Customer Service

At AbeBooks.com our mission is to help people find and buy any book from any bookseller anywhere.
AbeBooks, the world’s largest online marketplace for books, lists over 110 million new, used, rare, and out of print books from 13,500 booksellers. This great selection delivers value for all: readers find bestsellers, collectors find rare books, students find textbooks, and treasure hunters find books they’ve been seeking forever. 1-800-315-5335


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  1. your website is difficult . It keeps telling me that my password is wrong. you promise a telephone number and there is none. If you can’t do better, I will go back to amazon

  2. Abe books did not get my book to me in the time they said they would. They did not want to give me a refund when I never received my book. The only reason I gave this site any stars was because of the person on the phone who finally fixed my problem. I had asked for a number by email and was not given one or a solution and there is no number on the site. I was lucky enough to find this number for that lovely lady to fix my problem. I won’t order from this site again though. Too unpredictable.

  3. Love this organization. They make life affordable for teachers like me who need to stretch our dollars. When I have had issues they were always resolved quickly in my favor.

  4. I ordered a textbook from this site and no where in the description was it labeled the teacher edition. I received the teacher edition and the company is claiming it is indeed the book I ordered. If it was the book I ordered why would I be so unhappy and want to return it?? If indeed it was the teacher edition why was that not included in the TITLE as well as the description? I also found that you can’t deal directly with Abe books they pawn you off on whoever shipped the book with no backup. Not happy or impressed with this company or how they handle returns and customer service!! BAD way to treat customers and BAD SERVICE!!!

  5. Well, I too have ordered many books from ABE but, it’s probably time to change. I had a terrible time cancelling a book that I did not want because it was an “advance reader copy” or “pre-release copy”. It took 3 e-mails or more to finally get a response. I even indicated that I would re-order the book but, not a pre-release, etc., copy. I finally was successful with the cancellation and finally got my money back. True to my promise, I re-ordered the book. Yeah, you guessed it; they sent me another advance reader copy. ABE has been successful in selling me a book that I did not want. ABE only wins once. (Guess I have to find the address of ABE’s CEO.)

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