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Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number for Support and Help

Amazon Prime customer service offers unlimited free 2-Day Shipping, No minimum order size, and One-Day shipping for $3.99/item. They are also offering a new video streaming and dvd service to compete with Netflix.

Prime offers unlimited free photo storage, you can watch thousands of movies and tv shows. Also, free shipping on 1,000s of items on

Amazon Customer Service: 1-800-201-7575

Prime is one of the most successful retailing memberships in history. Prime propelled Amazon to become the number one retailer in the world.  The CEO, Jeff Bezos has become the richest man in the USA because of Amazon and Amazon Prime. 

How can I cancel Amazon Prime?

You can just login to your Prime account. Go to Prime Central here. Then on the left hand side of the page there will be a link to end your membership. Or you can call Amazon Prime Customer Service at 1-866-216-1072

I was not notified before I was charged by Amazon for Prime.

The best thing to do is to set a notification to be reminded that they will charge your account. Either monthly or yearly they will charge you. Again, on the left hand side of your Prime account, click to set a reminder.

What are the benefits to subscribing to Amazon Prime?

The most obvious benefit is the free shipping on millions of items on Amazon. However, Prime has more benefits that just free shipping. Some of the benefits are listed below.1. FREE Two-Day Shipping on over 100 million items, FREE Same-Day and 2-Hour Delivery in select areas, and FREE Release-Date Delivery on eligible pre-order items.2. Unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV episodes. 3. Amazon Music offers 2 million songs – always ad-free. You can unlock more with Amazon Music Unlimited.4. Prime Reading has thousand books, magazines, comics, articles, Kindle Single.5. Twitch Prime offers monthly games and exclusive in-game content, Twitch channel subscriptions.6. Audible offers unlimited listening to original audio series and playlists handcrafted for every interest.7. Amazon photos offers unlimited photo storage online.8. Prime Early access give you first shot at sales and deals on Amazon.

Who is the CEO of Amazon?

Jeff Bezos is the CEO of Amazon.

Do I get a discount at Whole Foods®

Yes Prime Members get discounts at Whole Foods. There are exclusive deals for prime members and an extra 10% off sale items.

Amazon Prime Customer Service
Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number


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You debited 101.13 out of my account without my permission. Please refund that money back into my account. Cancel my membership.

I ordered a new printer and ink cartridges in June. Today, I was checking my credit card account and a charge for $104.94 as an Amazon Prime Membership appeared. I did not subscribe to this membership. Called Amazon and had the charge removed. My credit card number was manually keyed per purchase method on the transaction statement.

someone charged my netspend card 107.92 this was a matter of fraud and is being investegated i want a refund this was a fraud and i plan on doing what i can to get my money back your amazon prime is not to be trusted

I received a charge today for Amazon Prime and I did not order it!! Now this has incurred overdraft fees!! 106.92$!!

Amazon charged my credit card $99 for prime and I never remotely sign up for it nor do I want it something need to be done about this I read similar post and this is a scam

I noticed Amazon has charged my account for $106.00 for Prime membership. I was very upset and I couldn’t find a phone number to dispute these charges either. Now i was craped and was determined to contact them. Finally I found a way and I got their number they refunded my money with no problem. Here is the number if you have a unauthorized charge

lousy i got charged for this and i not want it plus there no one to speak to help me get it removed

If I can’t order through PayPal!!!! There was a UNAUTHORIZED!! the charge on my account for $99.00 for AMAZON PRIME which I knew nothing about until my money was stolen from me. Lord knows I would never order on Amazon again. I stayed on the phone with a rep for 10 minutes who argued with me about giving her the wrong address when I have lived at the same residence for 5 years. The rep repeatedly told me the only way she could help me get a refund is to give her the right address. I then told her that I needed to speak with a supervisor if she couldn’t help me. I waited 5 more minutes and a supervisor answered the phone. I explained to the supervisor the same thing I explained to the rep. The supervisor asked me if I’d ordered anything recently. I told her no, she replied, ” You didn’t!!?!” I responded, “NO!” The supervisor then asked me to hold and I waited another 5-6 minutes before I realized I had enough. However, IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU THIS IS WHAT YOU DO! Log onto your Amazon account and go to manage your amazon prime account. You will see on the left-hand side end membership. Click end membership and your money should be refunded in 2-3 business days. Suckers!!!

I just saw a charge for $99.89 on my credit card. I never ordered it. I called 1-866-216-1072 and got it promptly refunded. Based on the other comments on this site pertaining to this subject there is something sneaky going on. Not a good business practice.

First I am not signed for amazon prime membership , second I am not authorize you to take my money from my bank account,and totally I do not have interest on what you are taking about .In general the way you are doing makes me mad and also it is completely against the law. Now I want you to refund my money $107.17 automatically.

I found a charge for $107 and change on my checking account that I didn’t authorize. Thanks to this site and SueBelle for phone number resolved problem quickly.

I somehow got a prime membership ibn error and was charged a 99.00 annual fee I am a 100% disabled veteran and cannot afford this charge please cancel this membership and reverse the charge on my card asap respectfully Ronald J Kinniburgh please email with response

I guess I am one of the few who truly loves doing business with Amazon Prime. I have only had one issue with them in all of the years I have been a member and it happened today. Turns out it was not even Amazon’s fault. The vendor did not get the product to UPS in time to meet the 2nd Day delivery requirements. Due to the vendor, the product will not arrive until February 11, 2016, which is too late because I will be flying out at 5”35 am tomorrow morning to another state where I plan to use the product tomorrow afternoon along with the other fishing products I purchased with this item. I talked to UPS and they could not do anything about it nor did they seem concerned at all. They accused the vendor because the package got to them from the vendor too late to arrive at my home today.

I talked to an Amazon customer sales rep and she instantaneously took steps to investigate the problem magnanimously and professionally. I was very angry until she put me on hold and spoke with UPS and immediately started to working on a solution that I as a customer would accept. I am totally satisfied with the resolution Amazon came up with to satisfy a long time loyal customer! Team Amazon keep up the great work!!! 🙂

I just checked my Amercian Express Statement and I am hopping mad. I got charged $99.00 for Amazon Prime and I don’t even know what the hell that is. I tried calling the number given, 1-866-2-1-2072. and it is no longer in service, I need to go to the website and get all this fixed. I am so mad that I have to spend a lot of my morning getting this crap straightened out.

Found the $106.02 erroneously charged to my credit card… Called the phone number and within 5 minutes they reversed this charge and sent me an email confirming the refund. “So Sorry”… Always review every charge on your credit cards!

I have been looking for a phone number for amazon prime for an hour and I cant find one very frustrating.

I checked my bank account today and noticed I was charged for Amazon prime and I do not want it.

Dear, Amozon prim membership, I do not owe you $99.00. please refund the $99.00 back into my account.

To ,

Amazon Prime

You charged my credit card $ 107.17 on 09/26/2015 for prime membership without my permission and I never get about information of prim membership. I don’t want prime membership and I never sign for Prime , please refund $ 107.17 to my mailaddress in this week.


By Than Hmung Lian

Amazon Prime You charged my credit card $ 107.42 on 10/01/15

for prime membership without my permission

and I never get information of prime membership.

I don’t want prime membership and I never signed up for

Prime, please refund & 107.42 to my mail address

or credit card in this week.

i did not want AMAZON PRIME and was charged $ 107.79 please refund the $ 107.79 back into my account.

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