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Ann Taylor, through 346 store locations, competes in the “better” priced category and caters to the successful, relatively affluent career woman, who needs appropriate, fashion-conscious attire for her professional life, and prefers stylish, coordinated looks for her leisure activities.


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  1. I have exactly the same problem . All of my t shirts from Ann Taylor and loft get little holes? It is frustrating and a Waste of money because nothing can be done about it. The quality of the cotton is not good.

  2. Every t shirt I have purchased at Loct have gotten small holes in the front . Same place every time

    I have read a lot if garbage about seat belts and kitchen counters causing this but that is garbage. The quality is not there aim and simple. Same place lower front every time. I will not purchase from there again I have probably wasted $500 dollars or more on shirts I have to trash after wearing once

  3. This is so frustrating! I love Anne loft clothes and styles. I always justified paying a little bit more for this line of clothing because of quality. Even if I get my t-shirts on sale they are no bargin because I end up having to throw my t-shirts away. You can not miss the holes there right on your belly! No more Anne Loft t-shirt for me! I wish they could fix this problem because they have such cute t-shirts.

  4. I am glad to hear I am not alone in this. I love the style but they only last one or two washes. They develop small holes in the cheap material. I am not wasting my money there any more.

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