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How To Contact Apria Healthcare Customer Service

Apria Healthcare is a leading provider of home respiratory services and medical equipment. The company’s customer service team is dedicated to providing excellent support to patients and caregivers. They offer a variety of services such as equipment rental and delivery, insurance billing, and ongoing support for patients. Apria’s customer service representatives are knowledgeable and trained to answer any questions and address any concerns that patients may have. The company also offers an online portal where patients can manage their account, view invoices, and track delivery of equipment.

Main Apria Healthcare Phone Number: 1-888-492-7742
Prescription Fax Number: 1-888-492-0010
For Veteran Patients: 1-866-509-7732
For CareCentrix Members: 1-800-901-3566
For Kaiser Members: 1-888-452-4363
For Humana Members: 1-866-689-8098

Apria Healthcare operates in a highly competitive industry that includes other companies that provide home respiratory services and medical equipment. Some of Apria’s main competitors include Lincare Holdings Inc, Rotech Healthcare Inc, Inogen, Liberator Medical Supply, ApolloMed and Medtrade Products LLC.



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  1. I have been trying to get a knee Walker for my surgery tomorrow for almost 2 weeks. First they put my cell number in computer wrong. Then they keep telling me they have to process it first. And I will have it in 7 to 10 business days. Well it’s been over that and they are telling me the same thing today. I ask for a supervisor. They tell me they can’t find the supervisor. WTH is that. This is the worst experience I have ever had. And still waiting on knee Walker.

  2. Been over 40 days and still no email back to me regarding service on my health care home service.I need a phone number and a contact so I can tell and ask for service.I do not need to be put on hold for 30 minutes and more.I find your customer service not helpful at all.My service is for the graham wa area.(98338) I need a contact person in my area.Hopefully this time I may receive a answer.

  3. My last oxygen supplier was GREAT! Apria, not even one star. They have to travel over an hour and a half to my house, and today for example, my oxygen concentrator is due for maint. and I’m supposed to sit home all day. I’ve been hung up on and if it was up to them, they’d just send things in the mail and avoid their customers altogether. Also the canula’s they use rub my nose raw sometimes when I NEVER had that happen with the other company, so rather than have a service rep come to my house and let me find one that fits right, has a ONE piece foam ear piece instead of one you have to tape on to keep it from falling off when I’m asleep, they just sent a box of different ones except the one that’d probably be the best…the kind that covers the nose AND mouth. Customer service is totally absent with this company and they need to get people that speak ENGLISH in dealing with an English speaking majority!! The only choice I have is to put up with them or completely change insurance companies because the GOOD one is “out of network” so they can save a dime and add to their bottom line while the customer/patient comes LAST!!!

  4. I love Apria!! the reps from the Philippines are so polite and definitely knows what they are doing! I would recommend this to everyone.. keep it up guys!!

  5. The company is a total mess and puts its patient health at risk by not being able to process simple medical doctor orders, leaving patients out in the rain waiting for equipment that never shows up.

    Avoid at all cost!!!

  6. I called April to get information & not only was the representative uninformed on their billing procedure, but I was disconnected! (or hung up on). No wonder my doctor strongly advised against using them for my Ccap needs! I am glad I figured this out before it was too late!

  7. I had been a customer with Apria for many years, I had great service because I would always call to speak with one rep Selina. She was always so helpful, I learned a couple months she was fired, the person who told me she was gone Davida acted as if she was proud to say she was fired. Selina provided me with the best help ever. She was always kind and would go the extra mile to ensure I would receive the best care. I really miss the courtesy the rep showed me, she actually knew her job and wasn’t satisfied until I was satisfied

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