At The Beach


At The Beach Corporate Office Headquarters
1603 West Memorial Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73134
Corporate Phone Number: 1-405-843-8787
Fax Number: n/a 1-866-690-9080


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RushCard Customer Service

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  • “I belong to your organization and go to the store at 101st and Elm in Broken Arrow. Someone needs to get in there and get the place working again. One of the three toilets has been out of order forever and this week a second one is out of order. The third one is not always working properly either. You have to hold the handle down to get it to flush away. If this third one goes, you will have a REAL PROBLEM on your hands.

    Just thought you ought to know.


  • I’ve been coming here forever. Your Versa is always down. It’s ridiculous! To stand here for 40 minutes because there’s only one working is a joke. I’m sorry, for, the amount of money everyone pays per month, this is unacceptable.

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