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How To Contact Avast Customer Service

Avast is Free Antivirus software with anti-spyware technology or paid Avast provides Internet Security with a firewall for full desktop protection.

Free Avast Users Call: 1-877-877-9362
Paid Avast Users Call: 1-877-314-5079 1-877-877-9362


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  1. Trying to reach you concerning internet security. Concerned that numbers listed on site are “not allocated”.Hope this is not a scam. Will provide contact information. Please contact me. Need internet security badly and soon.

  2. I received a unsolicited charge on my credit card. I do not use your service. CANCEL this charge of $96.74.

    Billed on Dec 25 and posted to my credit card on Dec 27, 2016. Line item on my bill was DRI*AVAST software 952-9084089. I have not used your service in 2016 and do not want it in 2017. (I’m 83 years old and don’t use computer)

  3. Have run into the same problem. It has been >3 weeks and no refunds have been sent to the account which I used to pay for it. Like others, I also had initial problems installing this program on my computer and called for help. Dingbat on the line

    suggested” I had a virus but avast could fix my computer for $400..There are legitimate problems with the ethics of avast and will never recommend it to anyone. Avast is corrupt and customer service is a joke.

  4. I charged 39.99 to upgrade from free to one year coverage. My PC cannot download it. All phone numbers are out of service. Feeling screwed over by A vast. Any help out there

  5. They charged my account and every time I call they hang up on me. It’s been going on all day long. They even cut me off on line.

  6. i think that all avast users, that sooner or later are going to have the problem of this users, or worst, I can testify that it is like that, should sue the company

  7. I just ordered avast. Wish I had of found out about these complaints before now. Because they are definitely a RIP_OFF. They treat you like dirt. You get someone whom you can hardly understand. They do not walk you through the set-up. The numbers above are no longer in service.Glad I didn’t use my bank card.But I will keep trying if I get my money back. I will post it here. AVAST is bad NEWS.

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