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How To Contact Blanco USA America Customer Service

Blanco is a world leader, since 1925, with more than 40 million sinks produced in five factories world-wide. 1-609-914-0825


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  1. Looking for just the basket strainer section for my kitchen sinks. I have been to numerous plumbing stores and cannot find just the removable basket for the sink. This basket either allows the water to go down or holds the water in the sink. Thank you.

  2. no rating I have called 4 times and left messages and no one has returned my call I have a Blanco Napa pulldown ss Faucet and it leaks at the black buttons I need it replaced

  3. Called about warranty for my faucet, was told it’s on warranty told them the problem I was having with it. A very nice lady told me she would send the parts I needed to repair it, well after 10 days I called back told them never received the parts, was told by a very nice gentlemen they didn’t get sent for some reason and that he would send them out over night air two days I had the new parts.Now that’s good customer service thank you.


  4. Informed Blanco of my faucet problem on 11 Jan. 2016. Parts needed for repair arrived 13 Jan. 2016. (Gratis by the way). Repair completed 14 Jan. 2016.

    Many thanks.

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