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How To Contact BPI Bank Customer Service

BPI Bank has consistently been cited for its above-average profitability, sufficient capital/assets, low cost funding base, and manageable non-performing loan levels. 1-800-188-89100


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  1. I closed my savings account with BPI because they took more than 30% of it, while their staff told me that my money will stay there even without remittances coming in for a month or more.

    She computed the remaining amount so that it will stay on the maintaning balance and I deposited such amount. Then she said no deductions will be charged anymore even if no remittance received.

    I was shocked when I visited the bank. Instead of earning a little for the amount I entrusted to them, they took my money.

    My problem now is that their giving me a hard time to close my time deposit which is tied up with a credit card.

    The credit card has a little over payment because I only estimated the amount when I was on the bank and paid it over the counter, hence I exceeded a little overpayment.

  2. Good day sir/madaam ,

    I just want to ask I opened an accnt from bpi her in dubai,is it possible to widraw my savings here in dubai?

  3. hi good day. i just want to complain regarding the treatment of bpi boni branch. I was applying for a payroll account since i dont have anu existing account on bpi, i wait for almost 1hour just to find out that they will not allow me to open an account in their branch. I have an endorsement letter from my new employer stating that they want me to open a payroll account but unfortunately they were looking for my billing proof which i dont have since i was applying for a PAYROLL ACCOUNT and i was advised that it is not need. I just feel bad that they did not even give any consideration since really need it asap because i was a new employee and they will deposit my allowance as soon as i open an account. I hope that you take actions for this matter the branch manager is Ms. Aileen C. Pel. Thank You.

  4. To whom it may concern,

    My inquiry is about my BPI account in Zamboanga city . I live in abroad . It has been five years since the last time I visited Zamboanga City . As to my understanding I have left 25,000 pesos in my bank account . I was hoping that you could tell me on how to update my account online .

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,


  5. hi, just want to ask, how to remove my online account to automatic log in? the moment i type my account name, the system automatically supplied the password…


  6. good afternoon..My elder brother is now in the US…He told me to activate on his behalf his account that he failed to do so when he was still here in Manila so that he can transfer funds to us….I would just like to know the requirements so I can activate his account ….Thank you

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