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  1. Caremark cvs and ups… All bad and when I call ups I get Guatemala and they say the cannot connect me with anyone in the USA … Ups hung my mess on the trash can… Yup the well run trash company did there job and tossed them … Caremark cvs response… Tough luck! But ups is far far worse than cvs … Ugh! United healthcare is a monopoly forcing us folks into these situations

  2. If I could rate in negative numbers I would. Mail order for my husbands injectable medications was arranged like we were told to do, he asked NOT to have a signature obtained on delivery because we wouldn’t be home, yip and you guessed it. We got a call telling us they attempted delivery and no one was home to sign, go figure. The shipping company had enough time to call and get a signature release and didn’t before the pharmacy closed, but were too busy they said. Was given a phone number to the on-call specialty pharmacy. I called twice with an assurance from the regular pharmacy they would call me back and they lied. No return phone call. So now, a injectable medication that costs 2,000.00 is sitting in a UPS warehouse until Monday, and his medication is due on Sunday. I wonder what the FDA and the Board of Pharmacy will say about this when I call them.

  3. I closed my account with cvs due to the very slack people working there at the 401 s,main st. in graham nc. I am now at walgreen’s the people working at cvs in graham should be fired.

  4. There is nothing good to say about this company, there computer system is either screwed up or the people who work or should I say chew bubble gum and listen to there radio all day don’t realize how important people’s meds are. I gave had 1 good order out of maybe 30 times that I have ordered that I have been pleased with the process. I’m very sorry to say but this company sucks big time and what’s bad is that the CEO’s have to be aware but as long as that almighty dollar keeps coming in, that all that matters. What a shame.

  5. i was at the store on mcdowell ave in phoenix az and i had 100.00 bill and the sales clerk told me that she on had 80.00 dollars in her draw and that she had broke three 100 bills already.I stated that was not my fault and i had to leave there store and go to another store to buy something to brake the 100.00 and then came back to pick up what i bought from there store .I need a manger to contact me about this .I have been a cvs customer for a long time i felt that was very rude and inconvenient to me as a customer ,.What kinda store does not have change for a 100.00 dollars i know they make drops but she was complaining about her draw not having money in it after she would have given me my change.I called when i got home some one in technical support as me what happen i told him and he put me hold for about 3 mins and then can back and stated he would transfer me to tell what happen and i have been waiting on hold now about 20 mins.For a customer support person to take my compliant and do something about this.I am very upset with CVS at this time . I need something to be done about this right away.If you would have a manger contact me at 602-275-6085.This is not how you treat customer who spend there money in your establishment. Still on hold as i wrote this.

  6. if I could rate this company a zero I would. People on phone have zero answers. They can’t answer any questions about why a rx is covered or denied. This includes supervisors. All they say is…..that is up to prior authorization board. Well they don’t let you talk with them so hold your breathe. Even with my dr pre authorization, which they denied, and a follow up “appeal” still denied rx for my 6 mon old. Prev insurance covered the rx from the beginning, no prior needed. Nice to know that I am paying for the crappiest pharmacy coverage out there. If you have the option do not use this company for pharmacy coverage.

  7. Calling customer care a waste of time. Called three different times three different people and all they could say was sorry. Sorry doesn’t get me my meds. Now I am out and pain from nerve damage setting in. SORRY describes Caremark to a T!!!! One star only because that was the lowest I could go.

  8. This web site is terrible. Needed to change credit card info. Just needed to give you new card number. Very irritating getting through. Hung up on the automated voice.

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