CenturyLink Customer Service


877-837-5738 is How To Contact CenturyLink Customer Service

CenturyLink How to Contact Customer Service For CenturyLink

Do you have a list of all of Centurylink’s customer service numbers?

Internet Repair (24 x 7): 1-877-348-9005
Phone Repair (24 x 7): 1-877-348-9007
Prism® TV Repair (24 x 7): 1-866-314-4148
Account Billing & Support: 1-877-837-5738
Payment Specialists: 1-800-423-8994
New Services: 1-866-963-6665
Moving or Cancel: 1-877-803-8414
en Español: 1-800-564-1121
Small Business: 1-800-350-1044
General: 1-888-723-8010
Phone Number: 1-877-290-5458


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  1. We have phone and internet service in Florida and Indiana. This past April, 2015, we called centurylink and asked to have our phone and internet service put on vacation and to turn on same in Indiana. We have been receiving full billing from Florida and Indiana. We finally called for the bill due in Florida on the 15th of July and they said they were sorry for the problem. They rebilled us for vacation in Florida. I asked if we would receive credit from over payments for the months of May and June. The answer was, since you already paid the bill, you have to call the Financial Department. We thought we were doing the right thing by paying our bills in full and on time. If not paid on time you get a late fee. What do you do? We just hung up. We will try another day, we are so frustrated.

  2. Our phone service has been out since Friday 9/4/15. Cannot call due to there is so much static on the line that no one can hear me when I call. The website is a piece of crap…and the chat agents are not available when I am home from work. I have left 2 emails and no response. Can someone help me get the number for the FCC so that I can lodge a complaint? I have missed 3 very critical phone calls. This is unacceptable!

  3. Request service for phone, internet and TV – CenturyLink

    I contacted Centurylink on 07/31 to request service for phone, internet and TV. My installation date was scheduled for 08/04 the following Tuesday between the hours of 2:30pm-5:00 pm. I left work at 4:00 pm and contacted my son at home to see if the technician had arrived. He said no one has come to the house at all. So I contacted Centurylink to get an ETA on the technician, only then was I informed my order was currently on hold due to the technician supposedly coming out to my complex and realizing they were unable to provide the prism TV service. In which they send reps around in my complex and neighborhood to advertise and sign up new customers but okay. I spent over an hour on the phone with someone at Centurylink on 08/04, at the end of the call what was confirmed was that the technician claimed to have contacted my number but received no answer and that they would be mailing me a refund check, waive my deposit fee and overnight a modem to me for my internet service.

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