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  1. Is Charmin Basic still being manufactured? Rite Aid doesn’t carry it anymore only the strong and the soft. I like the Basic – not too soft and not too heavy.

  2. Like everyone else I am disgusted with your toilet tissue these days…It’s smaller rolls which makes me unhappy

    plus last week when I purchased a new package it feels like sand paper…I always buy the Mega rolls and for years was very happy with the tissue….But no more, I couldn’t believe it when the rolls got smaller and now it feels like a corn cob. What’s with you people it’s high enough in price and then you do another number on us.. So in the future I will be looking for another brand it’s just pathetic how these corporations are doing the American people these days and you included….

  3. I was changing rolls when I realizes that the roll was shorter.

    I measured, and the roll has “shrunk” 3/8 of an inch…but the price keeps getting higher….Can you say deception!

    I’m buying at Costco from now on …a 40 plus relationship is OVER!

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