Citibank is the banking division of Citigroup. The bank is one of the largest banks in the U.S.A. 1-800-756-7047

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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I have a credit card that I use only for Costco and I always use the automated phone number to pay. When I called today to pay My $149.93 bill it came up $159.93! What is up with that?


I received a refund from Department Stores National Bank paid through Citi Bank in the amount of $18.00. The check # 3300017023 was issued on 1/23/15. The check was valid for 180 days after issuance. Since that time period has passed & the check is not valid, I would like to have a new check issued for the same amount.

Please contact me for any additional information needed. Thanks

Gave me a card, no number to set up a pin–but I had 6 pages they gave me. I called 6 numbers…claiming to be customer service–not one could tell me how to get & set up a simple pin number so I could get my money…complete idiots…who are the num-sculls who can’t make a simple explanation for the most basic thing? After getting craped off at 6 phone morons w no answers…I was out…my money, my time, my patience, my phone minutes…you people are stupid ass heck. Why even put out 6 pages of info that does me no good when you have to set the god damn pin first…where’s the number to call?

My husband transferred some cash to my account. Can that be followed up as I haven’t been given any feedback

Been trying to talk to someone about the HARP program before I loose my home after loosing my job. I have have been able to talk to someone to get help, after months now!!

They set up appts to call me and do not call, they do not answer my emails!

Isn’t this program to help people like me?…

London Citigroup Center

CitiBank House GreenVille, North Carolina 28202, United States

Telefax: 1 940 343 7137

1-Bank Name Masshreqbank

2-Bank Address 72(B)El Mahad Elishtraky St, Heliopolis,Cairo,Egypt

3-Bank Telephone 202 2 24561444—202 2 -22569842

4- Bank Fax 202 2 22569850

5-Acount Number 052690010275

6-Acount Name Nasser Abd El fadil Ziadn Bakeit

7-Swift Code MSHQEGCA

We the authoritative board and management CitiBank, hereby acknowledge the good receipt of your vital information and bank account details in fulfillment of your fund payment requirement. The United Nations Organization in conjunction with other concerned world bodies has mandated us to effect your fund transfer immediately without delay in which the transfer is expected to be concluded within 2 Banking Days.

Right now your account information has been computed into our kit wire transfer system and your transfer has been subsequently effected today en-root the IMF reserve account in New York, U.S.A. This is part of the policy initiated by the U.N.O and other concerned bodies to eliminate and avoid every possible bureaucratic bottleneck and red-tapism that may arise to delay the timely reflection of your transferred fund into your nominated bank account .

Right now we have wired your fund via our corresponding IMF account, your fund was wired to your bank details listed above as provided by you. Your fund currently valued at US$8.3 Million has left our banking vault en-root the IMF bank, for final credit to your above account details.

In line with the set procedures, you are required to pay for the fund transfer processing and handling charges before your fund transfer mandate can be released into your bank account as computed into our data base computer kit wire transfer system.

Due to our tight occupancy and limited inventory regarding the timely remittance of fund before the mandated closing date of payment, your urgent attention in consideration of the above demonstrated fact and your timely co-operation is highly anticipated in order to conclude the final crediting of your fund into your nominated bank account on time.

Your transfer schedule is programmed to be effected and completed within 48 banking hours (Two official working days), this means that your fund will definitely reflect in your bank account as programmed by CitiBank as long as you meet up with your obligation to us within a realistic time period.

Kindly view the attachment for the Anti Terrorist/Money Laundry Certificate. Which you will take to your bank for transfer confirmation of your money in your bank account. This will only be possible after 48hours following the receipt of your handling and processing charge fee of us$800 payment and final credit by IMF New York into your bank.

Based on this you are instructed to send this mandatory fee of $800 fee via western union money transfer Moneygram system as soon as possible, to the CitiBank with the name of our receiving officer, Thornton E. Bazemore Once that is done, kindly email to me the western union MTCN NO, for proper confirmation of the fee.



AMOUNT: $800

However, the principle of deduction from the source does not really exist on this mode of payment.

We deeply appreciate your co-operation and understanding and be rest assured that the IMF will fully back you and monitor your transfer until you receive your fund properly .

We deeply appreciate your understanding and timely co-operation.



Remittance Director

CitiBank Groups,

[email protected]

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