CitiFinancial Customer Service


How To Contact CitiFinancial Customer Service

CitiFinancial helps customers with unexpected expenses, debt consolidation, and hardship assistance.

CitiFinancial Customer Service Address


6801 Colwell Blvd.

Irving, TX 75039 1-800-995-2274


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  1. This is the EXACT scenero I have gotten…step by step and word for word I know your pain….Did you ever get it resolved? And if so….how in the world did you do it. We have a truck that is headed to the junk yard , but withoout a title ( Citifinancial Inc. say has a lien on it …we are stuck and stumped as to where to turn next. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. my loan with citifiancial was paid in full over 7 year,s ago ,however it is still on my credit report,s,i would like to have it removed,thank you

  3. OMG I thought I was the only one that felt this way about Sh***yFinancial man I have had an ongoing dispute about two missing payments for about 6 months I have faxed them the supporting documents at least 5 times and still not resolve even after they received the cancelled checks and that they have been cashed by them its not enuff its showing up on my credit report that I am behind its the most stressful situation that i hv ever experienced my next step is to seek legal representation its to see if I can get this matter resolved but theyr gona be outa more than nine hundred dollars

  4. This is a crock. 7 years ago I had a second mortgage with these people and paid it off by refinancing my home with a real bank. Now with interest rates at an all time low I am refinancing again but after approval and during the title search the new bank discovered that citi financial never took the lien off at the recorders office. Upon contacting citi financial with all pertinent info including acct # etc, they want us to jump through their hoops to take care of their mistake. Whatever happened to doing what is right instead of what is convenient. I would think they would do everything in their power to correct their mistake instead of giving me the runaround.It’s their job and obligation to cancel that lien.

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