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  1. There is a pair of shoes hanging on your wires at 3674 Lentz Ave, in Louisville Ky. that is starting to drag down the wires. Can you please remove them ASAP?

  2. Ever since December 4th I have had nothing but trouble from Charter..Then is about the time they started the all digital transition and they kept saying they could not or were not allowed to send out a tech..My service continually went in and out but my bill stayed $200 without service most nights.I even had 3 nights in a row when all three services were out all night and I could not even call because I had their shoddy phone service.They finally agreed to send out a tech at the end of January,an appointment between 5-7 pm..He did not show after 7 so I call and he is on his way..Call at 8 on his way call at 9 oh we changed your appointment to tomorrow..and apparently forgot to tell you..Reschedule for that Saturday 3-5 and to make a long story short they never showed up even after 9 when I was talking to customer support for the 5th time and still said he was on the way..Finally got a guy out on Sunday and it is still messed up..BOTTOM LINE..If you are still getting screwed by Charter during or after this transition and they are taking your hard earned money and not providing proper service then I want your story and want you to help me start a lawsuit against this mismanaged,corrupt,money hungry company that treats it customers like trash instead of the hard working people that are paying their salaries..Hope to get your names for this petition !!!!!!!! THANK YOU and I hope to get enough to take it to my lawyer !!!

  3. Have had no end of trouble with outages for 6 years! Nearly impossible to get any resolution at all from Charter. Filed complaint yesterday with NC Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division. The area in which I live has continued trouble due to an overloaded node!

    I would rate the company, but there is not a negative star. The service people who have come recently advised that installing a new drop line and connection onto my house would most likely not fix my problems, since the local division is not willing to spend the funds necessary to upgrade existing equipment. Their predictions have been spot on! Lost phone service for over 12 hours yesterday.

    Would rate Charter’s service as unacceptable. Very frustrating to deal with & the prices are too high, especially for the lack of service I am continually receiving! They should be required to pay my cell phone bill, since I can’t give the mobile up due to questionable,@ best, service!





  5. Charter communications customer service is a JOKE. I called about ordering the Digital Box so we could receive Digital channels on my sons TV. The lady was nice and said that saw where if SHE upgraded us to the digital box, she could ADD 50 more channels and Double our internet speeds and send out a FREE Modem for our Internet and SAVE us $10.00 a month. The Digital Receiver box and components came within 3 business days. The Internet box never came so I called today (1/21/2014) and spoke with MIKE. None of what she said was true and that the Upgraded channels and Internet Speeds were $12.00 MORE a month and then in 12 months the Digital Box would cost me another $7.00… I argued with him 15-20 minutes over the bill cost and the so called FREE upgrades to no avail. I know the lines are recorded so I told him to have the Ladies supervisor to look into the matter and I wanted this fixed. THIS IS VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE TO “LIE” OR “MIS-LEAD” THE CUSTOMER OVER THE UPGRADE WHEN ALL I CALLED FOR WAS THE DIGITAL BOX I NEEDED… Do not sign up for anything with CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS without recording things on your end…. Just my suggestion……..

    1. I got another bill from Charter Communications right after I paid the bill and I have no idea why . I went to a local Spectrum office and asked them in person but they said I had to “CALL” Charter directly . This is not a user friendly company . Iam hearing impaired and depend on technology to communicate. Now I have to wait til I get hearing support to make the phone call . This is crazy . Iam not happy about the complications they caused me . I hope someone stops them from taking advantage of the hearing disabled.

  6. The “customer service phone system” is nonexistent. How can a company which offers telephone service have a phone system that is very difficult, slow, and almost impossible to use except after at least five minutes.


  7. Terrible Service. Poor Customer Support. Awful Pricing Structure. Extremely Limited Channel Selection. Barely any HD Channels. Outdated User Interface & Control Software. Inconsistent Data Speeds.

    This is what you get for $183.54 a month. I have the Basic Package with Internet. No extended channels. What a rip off.

    Direct TV is better, and their pricing is ridiculous as well. Dish network is better and their service blows as well. Just get internet and use Netflix and Hulu. With those including ineternet you pay a grand total of $49.50 a month.

    NOTICE: This is not a tech support page for CHARTER. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PERSONAL ADDRESS AND INFORMATION HERE!!!! Use your head people.

  8. Our service is so intermittent, Charter Customer Support asks us to use a non-bundled phone to talk and complain about the flaky service!Charter comes out, checks inside the house, verifies the internet, TV and phone get loss of service from OUTSIDE. For the past two years it has gotten worse. I am still waiting for this to be corrected, weeks months..we wish we had not bundled our phone, it does not work well. Thats a life line in an emergency. I wonder if the DISCONNECT and issues are caused by the NSA data collection /tapping of our internet/TV and phone? ALSO..I wonder if we are PAYING Charter for the costs of this ‘collection’ requested by the US Government/NSA! If so, its taxation without representation, and since the collection was just deemed unconstitutional, wonder if any costs we might have been charged by Charter can be refunded???

  9. You suck so much.

    1 your policies are harassing people

    2 you are crooks

    3 you have wasted hundreds of hours of my time

    4 you charge ripoff rates

    5 your computer programmers are weasels

  10. Good day Mr. Rutledge,

    I’m a current client and today I got audited by charter. And I was told I was a thief by your tech. Last year I had dish for my home service. I got a flyer in the mail stating your company would beet dish out. So I contacted Charter and explained I have two homes on one property with only one address. They told me they would send a person out to my home to check out the situation. They informed me that because I only had one address for these homes they would make me a package deal on my phone, cable, internet and include cable TV for my mom. So I agreed paid an early termination fee and switched to Charter. Today Tracy Robbins came out to my home and accused me of stealing cable from you. I told him the agreement we had with Charter and he said I have no record and I was stealing cable from you and they would not honor the previous agreement. I’m a honorably discharged disabled Vet and my mother is a disabled senior. I don’t like to be called a thief, neither does my mom. I called your assistance line and they said they would reconnect our service. Tracy Robbins stated he did not care what corporate says. And If I don’t like go back to Dish. I’m going to file a complaint with Disabled Veterans and senior complaint department. I just wanted to let you know how your employees treat people. I really don’t like being called a liar and a thief. I think I will seek legal counsel on that part. Thanks for your time Ted

    Ted Conway- Broker

  11. Many years ago I had Charter and the service was not good in my area. I have reconnected as of September in a bundle arrangement and as of now am completely satisfied. Initially I had a problem with sloppy installation due to time constraints that the tech’s were under. They had driven about eighty miles to solve our installation needs. The tech’s were from Texas and could not have been nicer but did not have time to wrap up the loose ends.

    We had a tech come yesterday to clean up the mess and I cannot tell you how fantastic he was. It was zip zip and he was finished and the job was perfect.

    Things do get better over the time and I believe that Charter is finally getting to where they can be the best service provider.

  12. It is amazing that everytime we lose our phone system I call in to charter and they tell me the same thing everytime. There are no outages in your area. Well obviously there is. When you lose phone service at both your businesses and they are 20 miles apart something is wrong. Never get any satisfaction from Charter or answers. Phones just magically come back on. Very Frustrated!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I was offered a deal w Charter to switch my DirecTV to them which sounded pretty good. I told the rep however that we were planning on relocating to a different state and he assured me that there was Charter service offer there. After we moved and brought with us all our boxes and more, I called Charter to get our service installed. To my surprise, I was told they did not offer Charter here, so I was referred to a cancellation specialist who looked again to make sure we did indead have no Charter coverage in this area. She then told me that we had to cancel, that she would send the boxes for us to return our equipment and to wait for our final bill once they have received their equipment back to pay it. A month later we got our final bill and to our suprise, not only did the bill show over $600 more than what we had been told, but when we call to find out why, we were told they had sent us to collection for not paying our bill!!!! We feel we were lied to twice!!! And now we have to deal with them removing that account from our credit report, which they say, there’s nothing they can do about!!!! I HATE CHARTER!!! DO NOT TRUST THEM!!!

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