Experian promotes financial health of their customers by enabling them to manage and protect their credit reports.

Experion USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
475 Anton Blvd.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Experion Corporate Phone Number: 1-714-830-7000
User Provided Phone Number: 1-800-203-7843

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75 Replies to “Experian”

  1. Experian have charged to my Discover credit card account $21.95 on Oct, Nov and Dec, 2018. Please credit back or refund $65.85 for credit report which I did not order nor I wish to have it.

  2. ok tried calling to let experian know they may be hacked by another source. I called a number 188772849788.

    automated requested same info as the real experian number. when asked why i was calling and said fraud freeze the call was disconnected.

    Shame on you experian! A company that truly cared about there clients would have a way to report a potential hack. Isn’t one hack enough?????

  3. You people are a bunch of idiots . All I am trying to do is check on how you list my name. I have contacted Trans Union and Equifax with great success, with not one problem . I believe your company has me listed as a Jr., which I am not. Junior was still born on Feb. 14, 1945 .

  4. Experian: Worst automated phone system I have ever encountered. No way to reach a live person, and the system never allowed you to complete the request that you called for. Just wanted my personal security freeze lifted for 48 hours, and the system had no way of routing you in the system to allow you to do so.

    HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. All phone numbers connect you to the same automated system. Extremely Awful

  5. Was trying to get a copy of my credit report and score due to a credit denial. Waste a lot of time finding a phone number, then you have to go through loops to get correct number, then a referral to another number. Be prepared to a lengthy wait, and hope you like the classical music in your ears while somebody finally answer the phone.

    Secondly, a credit denial gives you the telephone numbers of the three credit bureau to contact. I’m seeking a CREDIT SCORE the three digit numerical numbers, not spending time reading 4 or 5 sheets of paper. If the report is free, why do a consumer have to pay for the score???? The bureaus spends lots of time soliciting other products which I made no inquiry or need. I would think the score is derived from information contained within the credit report, not a random selection of meaningless numbers. When talking to a representative, basically my question was replied with same question I had asked. There have been isolated instances where the creditor would furnish you the score FREE and reason for denial. Enough said>

  6. I just submitted a complaint review. I simply asked for my credit score and NOTHING else. I DON’T NEED, WON’T NEED, and will NEVER NEED any unsolicited products for you. I DID NOT subscribe to anything, and if my bank account shows any debit transaction from EXPERIAN, a lawsuit will be forthcoming with haste. I can’t believe all the negative comments you have.

  7. Poor Poor, company, unable to reach a customer rep. called all numbers listed here and unable to talk with a rep. they want personal information I am not willing to give.

    They are reporting that MY information is already on the dark web, why would I wish to give my S.S number to them again for them to lose again.

    These company officers should be prosecuted, and all officers of the company sent to the dark regions of the prison system, and never see day light again.

  8. A few months ago i purchased the X-Hose (25Ft. length) Recently it came the hose part separated from the rest of the connector that connects to the faucet– don t have my paperwork but you should have record of the sale –Yhe name is Jerry Garris at 1735 Aster Loop, Lakeland, Fl. would appreciate a response and or a new hose please–Thank you in advance for you expediant reply…

  9. Check was submitted to me in the wrong name, but correct address, Would like to return it and get it corrected. Thank You. I need to know the correct department to send it to so it can be corrected. This is the first time this has happened. Otherwise everything has been super!! NO PROBLEMS WHAT SO EVER . Just this one mistake in all the years I have been with Express Scripts.

  10. It amazes me how it’s so easy for someone to damage, duplicate or make up a fraudulent credit report. But when it’s time to review, dispute or update an actual credit report you can’t a human to save your life. It really amazes me how the automated systems are taking over and leaving the humans out in the dark when trying to clear and/or repair what they work so have to have as a backup to their name. No need in saying my word is bond, when the credit reporting agency won’t help you keep your name solid.

    Poor customer service and kudos to the automated system for being the best gate keeper around. #iWorkHardForMyCredit


  12. I have been trying to candel the charges they keep dinging me for monthly. Everytime I call them, I keep getting disconnected. This is horrible, what is my recourse?

  13. I to am caught in this struggle to cancel credit score charges from experian.

    i did not order this service nor do I wish to have it. Please credit my account

    the monies you have charged to my account. Thank You

  14. I just called customer service today and spoke with a representative named Sarah. She was very helpful and provided me with excellent customer service. the number I called was 1-877-284-7942. I was getting discouraged because i also called another and it was completely automated and could not get any response at all. If you really want some assistance call the number I just posted for positive results.

  15. This company is worse than horrible, don’t use them. No one in customer services ever answers the phone. They keep charging me monthly when I did not want the service. Beware!!!!!

  16. I just called 1 877-284-7942 and was able to speak to someone an cancel my account. It took about 5 mins if them trying to give me a “special offer!” To stay until it was finally cancelled! Hope this helps!!

  17. Absolutley the worst company! cant even get a rep on the line so I can get my money back. Im sure you all know what im referring to since everyone on here is saying the same thing. GIVE US OUR MONEY BACK EXPERIAN!!

  18. I live in Portland OR too. I’ll join anyone in a law suite. I called for the charges to stop and they keep doing it on the 20th of ever month. This means war!

  19. 5 weeks ago i was refused a credit card with tesco,on contacting them I was given the name of Experian who they use for credit checks. I posted off a cheque for £2.00 with a letter requesting THE REASON FOR MY REFUSAL. I am still awaiting the answer despite emailing 3 times They state answers will be given within 7 days.Is this a joke or what, do they monitor these comments to try and improve? I suggest not. How does Experian arrive at the conclusion of bad depters. I own my own house I let out 4 flats, have a good bank account. I am with no depts, what does it take for Experian to give a good reference. I am at a loss.

  20. Once again I am being ripped off. I got scammed and not cant get thenm to credit me the charge, talked to my bank and they said they will work with me

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