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Maryland MD EZ Pass allows you access to the EZ Pass lanes that automatically charge your account. The lanes are quicker and less expensive than the cash only lanes.

Hours: Monday – Friday: 7am – 6pm

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  1. the customer service phone number does not work. I’ve been trying to pay some toll bills and it’s a pointless exercise. The website is slow as molasses. I’ve been trying for an ghour and half to just see the damn toll violations and I’ve received NOTHING from the site. It’s very frustrating! High schoolers with a little IT knowledege can run circles around whoever is manning this site! Please get it together MDEZPASS! this is a disgrace!!!

  2. I have experienced the same problem with Delaware and being charged $66.50 for a $4.00 toll when my account had sufficient funds to cover the toll. However even if it didn’t shoud Maryland residents be charged such an outrageous fee. Sanlly

  3. The State of Delaware Department of Transportation have sent notices with poor photos and my tag number alleging that a $4.00 toll should now cost me $66.50. Their only reasonable option (for me) is to prove that at the time of the alleged violation my account was paid up and in good standing. I spoke with a supervisor at Maryland EZ Pass and did not pursue the matter. I wanted her to send Delaware D.O.T. that verification that on the March 2013 date in question my account was in good standing. My business with Md. EZ Pass goes back many years and has always been paid by the same credit card at the end of every month. I am considering canceling both the credit card and the EZ Pass account. The Delaware D.O.T. has denied my initial appeal and pursues month after month with relentless, mercenary greed; enough to threaten collection agencies. Can you help with action beyond the niceties of customer service language?

  4. i got a negative point in my credit for a ezpass debt i never knew i had.. they never send me the stupid letter and now they mess up my credit , where i can go or call to fix this? i dont remenber passing for those stress they talk about it and is a long time ago! if i would knew i would paid, i need help, this is not fair. by the way i knew about the debt becouse i have a identity thief tracker with my discovery card.

  5. I had to close my ezpass account. The office at the key bridge is only open one evening until 6:00, the rest of the week they close at 3:30. I wish i had those hours. I was told the transponder was mine to keep. I was also told that the balance on the account (which is a pre-determined amount by them, and deducted from my account when they chose to put more money on my account)would not be refunded, quote “use it or lose it.” So I am suppose to keep track of my trips so I use up the balance on my account, and when it is close to 0 on my account go to the office at the key bridge (which is only open one evening until 6:00) and close my account. Wow did not know they do not have to refund the balance on my account. I should start a business and follow those policies, will never have to work again.

  6. Why must I pay administrative charges if I only use my pass several times a year? You have my money in escrow…..you are using my money at no interest. In addition, I am paying taxes for the highway system which I cannot use unless I pay more money to be charged (taxed) again for not using it!!! All this because years ago our “leaders” would not make a committment to build the ICC

  7. This is the worst website i have ever seen there is literally nothing easy about it. It is compleatly useless. The only thing more useless than this website are the customer service department. This whole system is a joke. I will rack up late fees because it is impossible to get a hold of anyone to make a payment. Whoever is in charge here must have the iq of forest gump. The entire system set up here is a scam

  8. My positive experience with EZ Pass personals is worth mentioning on 5/23/2012. The customer representatuve, Jennifer asked the right questions and listened to my misunderstanding. She then consulted her supervisor at non-revenue department and credit into my account promptly with outmost professionalism. Thank you EZ pass staffs for making my commute experience less expensitive and much easier.

    Ahmad, State Chemist

  9. Please i received unpaid toll on tuesday and i am trying to pay right now, but i was asked to enter my UTC number on the document i was given. There is no such number on the paper i was given at Fort McHenry tunnel. I have to make this payment before tomorrow.please help!

  10. Used our MD issued EZ pass on a highway somewhere around Houston last month. Overhead sign said EZ pass lanes. Returning home and found a toll violation invoice for $35.50– $2.50 for tolls (three successive transgressions minutes apart) and the rest for “Administrative Fees”. Turned out to be an EZ Tag (not pass) system. Would one not assume, particularly thinking quickly at a 65+ miles an hour pace, that the EZ system has spread nationwide with reciprocity extant among the participating states? Its good for New Jersey and several other local states. No mercy, however,from phone operators in Houston. I will now take whatever time necessary to make the case to MD EZ pass administrators that we MD folks should have a thorough orientation via e-mail or mailed notices on exactly what US states (or individual counties) are involved in reciprocity agreements. $35.50 buys a lot of groceries.

  11. Yesterday afternoon, Feb 1, 2012 I drove thru the Baltimore Tunnel toll but couldn’t pay the $3.00 fee because I couldn’t find any money in my wallet (I had the money in my pocket but had forgotten) the worker gave me a No Toll Payment notice and told me I could pay the fee by phone using my credit card. I have called 1-888-321-6824 but all I get is a recording. One recording says to mail a check or money order. I couldn’t talk to a human so I could make the payment (faster) by phone. I guess I will mail a $3.00 check to the EZ Pass Maryland Service Center. P. O. Box 17600, Baltimore, Md. 21297-l7600.

  12. I opened a account around October of 2010 and now I would like to know if the money that was left over in my account is still available to me or do I lose that which was left in my account #. I am planing to make another trip around August of 2012.

    Also please send a price list of tolls where I will be able to use my E-Z Pass. We will be heading in and out of New York City. Thank you for you cooperation. Sincerely yours,

  13. Have tried three times to purchace an ez-pass with my computer .the last time was on the line with the woman she had me download a new web browser told her we been on an hour now am going to bed tired and have to get up for wortk at 2a.m. she said she could have done it for me an hr ago but thought most people like to do it themselves .told her wrong why couldnt you have sugessted that an hour ago?still trying to get one can someone please help me?

  14. I am having a similar problem where they sent me bill for over $2000. a year after the free trial period.

    I would like to know what I can do since I cannot get a court case any morre

  15. just trying to find out if there is a special booth required to pay toll if driving a, rental, truck for EZPass?

    Transponder # 9555Fsss7D04355

  16. This writhing is for MR. Marques, a GREAT customer service repesentative at E-Z pass Maryland!

    I still have problem of paying unfair penalty of $100 for somebody who drove the car! This guy, Marques, answered all my question patiently and accurately, however my English is poor and my accent is hard to understand!

    Thank you Marques!

  17. This is insane. I have received an email saying I owe a toll fee (and I probably do) but the email has no information in it on how to pay or contact anyone. It only has a zip file attached that will not open. When you try to reply to the email, it is returned to you. How the hell do you pay if you don’t have the ticket#’s the automated system asks for?

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