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Lyft is a popular ride-share app and service. Drivers connect with riders through a smart device app. Their main competitor is Uber.

Lyft Contact Information

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Lyft Corporate Offices

185 Berry Street

Suite 5000

San Francisco, CA 94107

Corporate Phone: 1-415-230-2905

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Lyft customer service
Lyft Customer Service

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  1. I want to know if your having a navigation problem. I have been routing in circles trying to pick up a passenger. example i was navigated to L/ 18th ave. R/ eaton L/ 19th dr, L/ mellani L/ 19th Ave. R/ mcDowell make au-turn to L/ 19th ave, and repeated this 3 times until it was cancelled. this morning It kept repeating to pickup issa only to put me in a an accemptance 4 times and routed me in the wrong direction in a circle to finally getting to her address and there was no one there. My phone went to lyft mode without any cancellation notice, I also arrived to pick up a passenger and they said they had cancelled.I was never notified this happened twice.This morning I tried to log in and it wouldn’t send me a code. WHATS GOING ON?

  2. I have attempted to simply activate an account with LYFT and never get past the screen where I`m to receive a code via a test and proceed from there. I went through this process unsuccessfully over a year ago and just now retried to no avail.

    I left a message for a response. Based upon what I read here, it does not look good for getting one.

    Anyone have an idea other than using Uber?

  3. Lyft says first ride is free but its not and no response from customer support.

    They charged my card.

    UBER is true to what they say.


  5. No such thing as speaking with a human — typical CARL ICAHN operations. Driver, guest, or outsider — never a response beyond a text to the tune of: “We’re sorry.” or “We will get back to you.” Customer Service and Driver Support MUST improve greatly even to be unsatisfactory.

  6. my name is Carolyn I allowed my son Jeremiah to use my bank card for one time to get home he said he had a promo code it wouldn’t charge my account but it has an its continuing to make transactions i have not authorized he lives in texas and it in ms my acct has been charged 196.00 a now I’m overdrawn in on we and that’s all I have u may contact at I would like all my money returned to me promptly please and I would like a call today are an answer to this matter today

  7. I am a passenger, and I left the phone that I called the Lyft in the car. Since I can’t pay the bill without the phone, I’m not getting the email where I could report the phone lost. Even worse, the phone is probably already dead so even if the driver finds it they won’t know how to contact me. How can I access my ride history or report the phone missing?

  8. Still checking who’s best in the Phoenix area….lyft or Uber…….I understand that lyft has poor customer service. Is this true. Also confused if I can use my Android Lg Optimus 70 or need to upgrade

  9. I have charges to my credit account for rides I did not take. I live in Illinois and the rides were in California

    Can’t reach anyone by phone. My credit card company is going to automatically dispute any future charges to my account.. My credit card company told me to call your company and tell them to cancel any future charges, but, you can’t get anyone by phone.

  10. Last night I was directed to a pick up that was extremely difficult to get to, but knowing this going in and knowing the area, I made the pick up. The person I picked up, Michael, did have to direct me out of the maze, but we made it and I delivered Michael to “Bone-fish Restaurant”, as soon as he got out, I started to ‘tap’ the area on my phone that would tell you that I had delivered Michael, and before I could do that, a message flashed saying Michael had cancelled the ride. (Could this be a ‘scam’ by him?) Since there seems to be no ‘live’ human in your organization, I tried to call to alert you that the passenger had been delivered, so I called again using another option, and got a person who’s only responsibility was to handle a wreck or car trouble. If, at the delivery point Michael, your system assumes he had cancelled, then both you and I do not get paid, and I would guess Michael’s card would be debited. If you need people in a call center, please consider me as I have the needed experience. Please respond to this email one way or another.

  11. I am not a customer but started getting pop ups on my phone asking me to COMPLETE downloading their app, which I never selected. Even worse was that just previous to that message a pop-up of a naked girl would show up on my screen. I’m a grandmother who can no longer let her grandkids use her phone because I never know when this will happen

  12. I’m a Lyft Driver & my driver app and my dashboard in the website suddenly disconnected. I have been in touch with the critical team for emergency’s daily. They daily send out an email asking support to reach out to me. And ask me to send out another email. They say I must be patient & continue to email the Technical support team. I have been doing that with daily calls for 9 days now. I have performed all of the trouble shooting on the website plus taken the app off my phone and reinstalled it several

    times but that doesn’t help. Does anyone know what to do????? Or how to correct this???

    Does anyone have a phone number for The CEO Logan Green. I’d like to see if he is aware of these issues

    & if he can help resolve this. Professional courtesy to return a call is 24 hours at worst 48 hours. This is unreasonably inefficient.

  13. FRAUDULENT COMPANY….i HAVE NEVER USED YOUR RIDE SERVICE OR ANY FOR THAT MATTER. Why even after countless emails do I still receive statements from your ride service? I now have to cancel my credit card because of YOUR COMPANIES failure to prosecute or even investigate fraudulent use of my credit card. I see no reason why there is absolutely no consumer hot line to voice any complaints to a real representative on the phone. Highly doubtful this comment will be posted. 2 thumbs down

  14. I had a ride home last night and was charged a total of $57.47 for a probably 10 mile ride. Plus tip. My fair that I paid last night was just $7.47 and when I got to work this morning I checked my bank account and I have two separate charges from Lyft for $25.00 Is there a reason for these charges or a way to obtain a refund?

  15. I have applied to drive for Lyft.i am still awaiting to go on the road.i have a 2007 lincon town car.please contact me my email.

  16. I dont think this company really exists. No one replies to phone or email…cant get the app activated…I keep getting sent invalid codes. This has got to be a hoax site. I’m done!!! BTW this is my 2nd post.

  17. I am trying to sign up as a driver and I have not been successful. I got a text last week something went wrong. I am still interested. Please contact me and let me know what to do next. Edward

  18. I live in Louisville Ky and the drivers name is Ashley. My car was parked in front of my house. When she brought her riders home she passed their house, then she backed up and hit my car.When the riders got out to look at the damage she just took off. I hope this is a company that has integrity and will respond in a timely fashion to my concerns. If not then I will have to go on facebook and see how many of my friends have had simular experiences.

  19. I used Lyft on Thursday 5.22.14 the charge was $11, why did the same ride cost me $35 dollar today 5.27.14? I’m done with lyft if the drivers are going to be ripping us off like this..

  20. I have applied to drive for lyft.

    I am still awaiting to go on the

    The road. I have a 2011 Toyota camry.

    Please contact me on my cell

  21. I had a driver name Richard Bird. I was his customer for one ride. After that he drove me around for 4 days all over the place just to get money from you. I had like 50 free rides but went nowhere except driving around cancelling and then starting new lyfts. He was stealing your money !!!!!!!! He gave himself his own tips and ratings for me n himself, 5 star ratings. He works in Corpus Christ, Texas. You need to take care of this issue. He met me on an internet site and is probably doing this with others. My name is Margaret Kelly. Aslo I appreciate the free rides you have given me. Although I want use your service I am afraid to. Not only because of this issue but there are never any drivers available. I thank you in advance for your concern in this matter. Margaret Kelly

  22. OMG…..the worst customer service ever. As a driver, it’s hard to speak with anyone,but, when I do, the service sucks. People beed answers immediately and that doesn’t always hspoen.

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