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Paypal is the revolutionary internet payment system. Paypal started with Ebay users and has since been purchased and added to the EBAY family of companies.

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  1. I ordered an item(s) from Woot and paid with a valid credit card. Thereafter I was notified by Pay Pal that they were charging my checking account but fortunately that account had been closed quite some time ago and they were still using that account number from years ago. I did not authorize this and did not want anything to do with Pay Pal after they withdrew $1200.00 from my account without authorization. It took forever to get the money back and I thought had cancelled my account. Obviously Pay Pal is like the living dead – you can’t kill it!

  2. I received an mail stating someone is billing my pay pal account. I do not have an account currently. I do not want to be charged for anything

    1. Got 4 days pay pal have had me running around in circulation I no longer trust them please let me cancel my account urgently it’s driving me mad
      Rose Doran

  3. I had an unauthorized amount on Pay Pal , wrote an e-mail to pay Pal and they sent me back instruction of tow to stop the transaction and I did just like they told me to do . I went back later just checking to see if it had been stopped. There was another unauthorized amount on my account from same company. I did again what they told me to do . I went back in to check on how things were. Both were listed as pending . I again did what they told me to do . Later I went back in and it showed they had paid both of the amI tried to talk to someone at customer service and did not get any results at all. They acted like they didn’t know what I was talking about. Said I had nothing showing any action in my account. Makes me think they post things on peoples Pay Pal account and then are taking the money for themselves. Paula

    1. I took had unauthorized money being sent to someone I don’t know Paypal investigated and determined it was not me making these transactions. But when you try to contact someone you cannot get any live person or an email to send your question, especially since I closed my account, there is not one person that can help you resolve your issues. Now I get an email to see my june statement when I closed my account.

  4. Attempted to resolve an issue with a defective item that I purchased as a guest on E-Bay, which force my credit card transaction through pay-pal. I signed up for an account as described in my e-mail receipt, but could not get anywhere. There was no place to enter the transaction number as described in the E-Mail. Called the customer service number several times and was cut off after waiting several min. Now I am suckered into providing them with my CC number and still can’t resolve my issue. Online shopping is not the way to go. Give me a real store and person to talk to!!!

  5. While PayPal is great, this Clickbank is just impossible to navigate and to get anything accomplished. I want to cancel all connections with them and for them to stop charging my PayPal account monthly.

    1. I agree that my experience today with two customer service reps (including a supervisor) was the WORST customer ever. My experience is why people cancel their paypal accounts.

  6. this is the worst customer service i have ever experienced, i have been ON HOLD for 1 hour 45 minutes AND COUNTING, i hang up call back, tell them ive been on hold, then they say oh wait one minute we have to connect you to fix your issue, and then im on hold again

  7. Trying to get a person for an hr @ pay pal=placed and order today with best buy (merrillville, In) for printer ink–used pay pal and the order was accepted/price shown. However, Best buy says they did not get the order and I did not get the pay pal confirmation email like usual–Q=does Pay Pal show the order or not??!!

    1. I have the same problem but it is $372 for an Apple watch Transaction ID 9041067342-67107 location Trinidad and Tobago I have spent an hour wrestling with your computer operator and waiting to speak with a human being.. Your customer service stinks

  8. I have an email that says you are approving an automatic subscription to a quilting magazine and family circle from the Meredith Corp. Several months ago I wrote a complaint that I do not approve ANY automatic withdrawals for anything anytime. That was not followed through. I cancel ANY automatic payments to the Meredith Corp. Thank for attending to this. Please send me a confirmation so I can keep it in my records.
    Jeanne Apgar

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