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Verizon is the largest provider of mobile phone services and home internet services in the USA. Their competitors include AT&T and Sprint.

Verizon services include Fios, Wireless, and Residential Phone Services.

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Verizon customer service
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  1. look i cant even get ahold of verizon wireless customer service its been 2 days and even dialin *611 from my phone wont work what the hell is going on so fed up

  2. Too generous there web site sucks big time~ no wonder they don’t list phone numbers-

  3. Wow! So many complaints with Verizon! Obviously there is something/many things wrong with Verizon! Is Verizon getting this message? Is Verizon just out of touch with reality? Without customer’s, Verizon would go the way of the dodo bird! We’ve all seen corporations mistreat the hands that feed them, only to come crying later with promotions, promises to be ‘good’, and trying to project phony ‘customer-friendly’ images. Clearly, these lousy corporations are NOT ‘one of us’, and not our ‘friend’! Corporations never learn! These corporations are ruined by the CEO’s and the people towards the ‘top’, and these incompetent’s get to trash their company, create joblessness for their former employees, and they get to walk away (with undeserved severances) to spread carnage at other companies! A corporation is only as good as the individual’s who manage and operate them. Verizon may not be at the point of falling-apart, but there is always that ‘flavor of the month’ competition to test, and draw-away unhappy customer’s to their side. The message to Verizon – Pull you corporate heads out of your keister, and evolve! Evolve, or become a dinosaur with a walnut-sized brain! We all know what happened to the dinosaurs!

  4. I need some help with a Verizon wireless bill where the person has passed away. Please email me. Thank you.

  5. Customer Service

    VeriZon / Reachout Lifeline

    We have been trying since last Thursday (9/4/2014) to get our service switched to H2O as a service provider while still maintaining our current phone number of. You have until 10:00 a.m.PST this morning to complete this request.. Do not terminate services or bill us for an additional month, FIX THIS REQUEST! Please contact Gary Singh at Bakersfield Wireless City @ or at fax # (your company could take a lesson from him when it comes to customer service).

    Our current mailing address is : 9/ our original account address: our current residence address is

    We verify all this with you and you say it is on record. You still don’t provide the transfer we call back and ask why and you say our zip code is incorrect well, we already verified that with you and you said no problem. Get your act together. We have made more than 8 calls trying to get this done. If I were this incompetent I would not have a job. My father is terminal in TX and my wife is diabetic and has heart problems and the phone is essential to her health. If anything happens to them because of this you will have a huge lawsuit that I will be happy to “try” in the media first. Fix this NOW! Confirm @ my email address



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