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Verizon Fios Customer Service Department
Verizon Fios is Verizon’s bundled broadband package. The package includes broadband dsl internet service, digital voice phone service and hd television service. Fios is now available with Quantum, their new super-fast internet package. Fios and Quantam are avaliable in limited areas, so check with the company by calling their sales line to see if Fios is available in your area.

Verizon Fios Customer Service Phone Numbers and Hours
Verizon’s Fios customer service hours are 8 am to 9 pm. Monday through Friday and 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday.

Fios Outage: 1-800-837-4966
Fios Internet and TV: 1-800-837-4966
Residential Phone: 1-800-837-4966
TTY: 1-800-974-6006
Online Support: 1-866-326-7937
Payment Information: 1-800-698-3545

Fios Address Information
Verizon General Mailbox
P.O. Box 6000
Hayden, Idaho 83835 USA
Verizon Fios Payment Center
P.O. Box 920041
Dallas, Texas 75392 USA
Please check your statement, because billing addresses may have changed.

Verizon Fios Official Online Website
You can visit Verizon’s Fios Website at VerizonFios.com for more information about availability, features, and prices. Also, on the Fios account page you can login to make payments, change service or get online help and support.

Customer Service Email
Verizon does not publish customer service email addresses. However Verizon does have a contact page where you can submit your customer service issues through a form. You can access that form through this link.
Verizon Fios Help and Support Email

Social Media
Verizon Fios is a very progressive company and they maintain several social media accounts. Verizon updates these accounts very frequently. They use social media to , offer promotions, show commercials, offer contests to highlight their brand. Also, they will handle difficult customer service issues using social media. Links to The Verizon Fios social media accounts are listed below.
Fios on Facebook
Fios on Twitter
Fios on Youtube

Hints to Reach a Live Person
To reach a life person at Verizon Fios customer service, call their custome service phone number and then just do not say anything or push any buttons. Eventually, you will be connected to a live person at Verizon.
Verizon Customer Service Review and Complaints
Verizon Fios customer service is about average for a communications company. They offer customer service through a their phone numbers, email and social media.

They show all of their contact information on their website and they make their phone numbers fairly easy to find.
However, they are not perfect and they do make mistakes. Please review and rate your customer service experience with Verizon Fios below. Looking for Verizon Wireless Phone Number? We have that here.

Verizon Fios Customer Service
Verizon Fios

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  1. These reviews are not good I am suppose to get Fios in 2 weeks almost does not want to get it.

  2. We have been Verizon customers for many years. We are not happy with the extra charges that are being applied to our bill. Unfortunately it is time to end our service with you.

  3. I have call at least 7 time on redeeming my eco promotion no one Helped me out and yet every time I call and switch to another department I have never been so frustrated in all my life I keep on saying you don’t have this problem resolved and we will call you Wednesday Wednesday passes nothing The whole time is approximately at least 20 minutes

  4. So! I was leaving Verizon because they sent me an email saying that my bill would be hiked from $155 +/- to 210. As their service is not as amazing as they advertise -all the time- I wasn’t willing to take the bill increase. I chatted with a customer representative who told me that they had a great deal for me … the way she showed it.. it sounded good. So I took the bait…. in the end the contract turned to be different than what I signed up for. Yes! Verizon playing “bait and switch” game . So dishonest! When they get you lured to sign a contract they are nice and make everything quick and easy. Then, They make a nightmare to get out of it even when they didn’t honor their side of the contract.
    Called them to get this done right but they were unhelpful and rude. Please, please PLEASE stay away from this shady Verizon Fios… I have no idea how they stay in business…. hidden fees, shady contracts…. and on and on the list goes. My cellphone service with Verizon will end soon and also we will get away from this company we trusted for so long….

  5. Just had the worst customer service I’ve ever had in my life Verizon Fios is utterly embarrassing for a manager to be so rude and impatient from the time she answered the phone until the end I’m so upset I ever signed up for Verizon Fios and the first chance I get to cancel I will I should have signed up for Directv

  6. I was promised a $200 gift card for switching back to Fios last Aug. 2018. I never received it and was told today the offer expired ” last month(of course). The rep “Kerry” was abrupt and of no help. No supervisor would speak with me even tho I requested one.

  7. I left Optimum to switch to Verizon because of their ridiculously fast speeds as advertised on TV. Turns out they provided ridiculously slow speeds. Internet is extremely slow, TV is extremely slow and terrible channel lineup, Phone is extremely slow and connectivity is poor. Big mistake on my part, false advertising on Verizon Fios part. Very disappointing, stay away from Fios.

  8. i lost internet and phone service 1 week before thanksgiving.I called verizon some body came after 3 days to fix. He had to bring new cable as the old cable connected with a pole in the back of house was pulled by slanting pole. He left the cable hanging from the back of house going through the backyard and hanging to the rail next to the house lying in front of the entrance door to the kitchen. we have called few times we are told construction crew will come sand fix it. Now it is Dec 15 2018.Nothing is done

  9. I have been a Verizon internet, tv and mobile service customer for over 15 years. Nov 28, 2018 I called customer service and was told I needed to look elsewhere for service. Asked for supervisor and was told they were unavailable, all in a meeting. Later received call asking me to rate my experience which I did and received a callback asking to help me. I will terminate all Verizon services as soon as possible. RUDE, difficult to understand their English and totally unconcerned with any problem you may have. Must be graded on number of calls they handle. DO NOT RECOMMEND Verizon. After 15+ years, they make anything or nothing attractive.

  10. We were at the Verizon store at the fresh meadows Queens location , on Saturday for a free upgrade..

    Needless to say there is no free upgrade, spent over $700.00 for a new phone, and felt so pressured by one of the experienced sales associate to get the tablet that he said was for free, we will only pay for the Netflix each month…and also pressured to purchase a device that would enable network at any location.. we refused both,since it was not beneficial…but felt exhausted from this individual.. A young man who did the the tedious job of transferring data to the new phone was extremely polite and quite helpful….will not be going back to that location and thinking of switching to another carrier. Please educate your associates on not to badger consumers..disgusting !!!!

  11. I left Comcast for fios, Big mistake! Contract is up and will be going back to comcast. I have called three times for a return kit for equipment,I’m still waiting for one. No fios return centers in my vicinity….. and 30 days later they want to bill me for the equipment!! This is by far the worst company I have ever done business with.

    1. Same issue I am having and I am done speaking with rude, unprofessional people. I have been promised the return boxes and even a shipping label by email and again, NOTHING!!! Now you want almost $600 for the equipment and threaten to suspend my service!!! So done with this company.

  12. We are definitely leaving Verizon Fios !!!! We can not watch a movie or any show on Amazon , Netflix without buffering!!! It’s so annoying that it takes 2 days to watch a 2 hr movie!!!!!! TOO MUCH BUFFERING VERIZON !!!!!

  13. I have been on the phone 1hour and thirty min. on one got on the phone yet. im calling about the programs for Tv. all the have to watch are OLD OLD OLD programs and the rest is sports 76 channels of sports WHY!!!! I do not watch sports like that and the rest is channels trying to sell you something. I should’nt have to pay for this horrible line up, I left comcast i think i’m going back.


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