CuddeBack Customer Service


How To Contact CuddeBack Customer Service

The Cuddeback name is synonymous with state-of-the-art digital scouting & hunting cameras.

Cuddeback Customer Service

Non Typical, Inc

PO Box 10447

Green Bay, WI USA 54307-0447

Phone: 1-920-347-3810

Fax: 1-920-347-3820



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  1. I received a Cuddeback Extended Range IR camera for Christmas from my husband. I always go with Moultrie, but he knew not to spend to much so he bought one of these (on sale) just recently could I get up to set it up, due to snow.I went to download pics and all it had was question marks on it. Am I suppose to format the SD card? It doesn’t say anything in the booklet, course your instructions couldn’t be more complicated. If I’m paying a lot of money for a camera, I should be able to just put batteries in, turn it on and go, unless I want special items on it. So what do I do about the question marks??????

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