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How To Contact Cymax Stores Inc. Customer Service

With Cymax PERFECTION is the philosophy of our online furniture business. We take the time to process your order with the utmost care, to ensure that your furniture needs are met to your satisfaction.



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  1. I placed an order on December 3. 2014 and was told that my order would be on back order until Jan. 7, 2015. It is now January 22, 2015 and I have not received my order as of yet. As previous post has stated, when you call in they never give you a direct answer. I am in need of my merchandise or a refund as soon as possible. If anyone can assist me in this matter, please e-mail me You help in this matter is very much appreciated.

  2. I ordered two Pulaski dressers. The delivery truck only brought one dresser and it was a cheap Korean copy of the ones I had ordered. The dresser was refused. I called Cymax and was told that they had accidentally advertised the dressers that I had ordered wrong. This was a classic Bait and Switch scam.

  3. I have never had such runaround with any company before. They keep coming up with all kind of excuses. last response said they were finally shipping my replacement part. never received !!! Order has been stretched out so long that paypal or google can do nothing to help. That is how they do business. keep putting you off until it is too late. This company is garbage. People Check out this company before buying anything. It is a nightmare!!!!!!!

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